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    If you're looking for some discounts for your gaming needs Eternal has some sale prices for Black Friday.

    Quote From Dire Wolf Digital

    The countdown is on! Black Friday is nearly upon us, and we’ve got week-long deals no merchant would pass up!

    The bargains get started early in the DWD Store and in-game in Eternal®, from Wednesday 11/27 00:01 am MST (07:01 UTC) to Saturday 12/7 00:01 am MST (07:01 UTC).

    Kick off the shopping season with a new alternate-art Red Canyon Smuggler!

    Smuggler’s Bundle – $29.99
    The Smuggler’s Bundle will be available from the Dire Wolf Store, or in-game*, and includes:

    4 alt-art copies of Red Canyon Smuggler
    1 box of The Flame of Xulta
    1,200 Gems
    1 Draft ticket
    …plus, players who help support the devs by purchasing directly from the Dire Wolf Store receive:

    500 extra Gems, and 1 additional Draft ticket!
    We didn’t do the math on this, but it sure seems like a great deal! Grab yours before we realize just how badly we messed up!

    * Due to platform restrictions, the Smuggler’s Bundle on Nintendo Switch does not include Gems.

    Box Discounts!
    We’re clearing out older inventory to make room in the warehouse for all the new stuff coming in 2020! During the sale, boxes from the first four Eternal sets will be available in-game at their lowest prices ever!

    The Empty Throne — We hear some of these are still good!
    Omens of the Past — Does your Heart rest in the Vault, or are you ready to roll dem Bones?
    The Dusk Road — For when you’re looking for a long Night (or a short game).
    The Fall of Argenport — Always great, but even better with friends!
    Select Boxes will be available in-game for 2,000 Gems each — a 31% discount!

    Games & Merch!
    One-Day Flash Sales!
    Black Friday: Buy two playmats, get one FREE!
    Plus: One pack from each set of Eternal and a bonus Draft ticket!
    Cyber Monday: Buy two t-shirts, get one FREE!
    Plus: One pack from each set of Eternal and a bonus Draft ticket!
    — and even better, the Flash Sales are eligible for Week-Long Savings!

    Week-Long Savings!
    We get it: People are busy. That’s why we’re extending Black Friday with week-long deals that apply to all physical games and merch in the DWD Store (including Flash Sales!)

    All physical games and merch is 15% off!
    Get a FREE Eternal Draft ticket with each transaction!

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    I just ordered a Patagonia lil peep Jacket. I had been eyeing this jacket for awhile and it was the lowest price I’ve ever seen it drop to. You should check them out. They are having Patagonia sale until Cyber Monday. Good luck!

    They have plenty of items I’d pay full price for if they didn’t do sales, but why would you when they do run sales?their chinos are awesome and have a great fit and stretch. Their Pima cotton shirts are killer. These aren’t cheap clothes, and I guarantee you won’t find a better shirt that fits better off the rack from a store in most malls anywhere else; that’s why most dudes love J Crew (assuming you like their style to begin with).

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