Custom Core Set: Year of the Bear

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    Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of us who know better...

    I welcome you to the Year of the Bear's Core Set!

    That's right, I, a complete stranger (unless you're in the r/customhearthstone discord) am taking a crack at an entire custom hearthstone year! And where else to start than with the year's core set?

    WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF THE BEAR CORE SET!~ Claps all around, yay is me, I've somehow made it this far through mediocrity. Failing upwards. Why Bear? I like bears. Bears are cool. This core set focuses a lot on shaking things up for classes, perhaps even more so that the Gryphon set, and includes a few overall changes:

    • RARITY READJUSTMENT: YotG's set features 9 Commons, 4 Rares, 2 Epics, and 1 Legendary per class as a general rule (with Warrior as an exception). In this set, we've traded in 1 Common for another Epic, as well as...
    • SECOND CLASS LEGENDARY: To allow class Legendaries more room to breathe as well as to allow more powerhouses per class. The classic set features 1 Legendary per class due to expansions at the time doing the same; it's about time we caught up again.
    • 10 NEUTRAL EPICS: Why the hell are there only five Neutral Epics? Doubling the number gives me more breathing room to make sure I can get more of the techs and staples the rarity allows.
    • THE DAWN OF MULTI-TARGETING: That's right, fucker. Yeah, you reading this. I've done it; butchered a sacred cow. Send kind regards and/or death threats to my discord. In all seriousness, Multi-Targeting is a design space I've wanted to explore and employ for a while now, and I'm not one to worry too much on UI and programming. I understand people won't agree, though, but this is a dead sacred cow I'm willing to die on.

    Without any more preamble, here's the set, in class order!




    New Art for Misha












    Already working on the expansions and Mini-Sets that'd comprise the year, but for now you'll all just have to wait~


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    Commenting for the algorithm. Wait...

    Yea this is pretty good, I seen you developing a lot of this Core Set over the months and though I still disagree with a lot of the choices this is still very goodo





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