Custom Bosses - A Continuous Small Scale Project

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    Hi guys,

    I've had to abandon my work on my custom expansion for the time being as I'm finding it difficult to get past some mental creative block. I had an idea for a much smaller scale project that I can come back to as when I want. 

    I've decided to undertake creating Hearthstone boss fights for random boss battles in WoW or possibly even for Hearthstone-original characters like the Boomsday Project scientists. I want to stay fairly faithful to the fight mechanics from WoW, which I've taken from WoWPedia. 

    For the first one, we're heading to the Scarlet Monastery to face off against High Inquisitor Whitemane.

    Special Cards

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    Hopefully this'll be the first of many more to come. These only take me like half an hour to do, so they're perfect for when I just have a little bit of time. Any feedback on this fight will be much appreciated and I'll try to implement any criticism moving forwards with this idea. Have a good day and thanks guys!

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