Custom Overwatch Mercenaries (WIP)

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    Hi all,

    This is my first attempt at Mercenaries content. I feel like Mercenaries is the perfect mode to represent the heroes of Overwatch and their abilities.


    Tanks = Protectors, Damage = Fighters, Support = Casters

    The Mercenaries include: Level 30 stats (without +1/+5 max bonus), All Level 5 abilities and all Level 4 equipment.

    Every now and again, I will update this thread with brand new Mercenaries. To tide us over until then, here are the first five: Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, Genji and Brigitte.


    Show Spoiler


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    Anyway, I hope you enjoy these Mercenaries, feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Roadhog - I believe chain hook should swap something in the field at random with the bench. Otherwise, if you dont kill straight, your opponent now has 4 heroes instead of 3 out.

    Reaper - Solid Fighter. Death blossom very weak though. 5 damage AoE is about as weak as it can get.

    Genji - Dragonblade will straight out have him killed whenever its played, unless by chance you get immunity up on the first strike. Shuriken throw simply does it better in nearly any scenario. Perhaps he should have immunity by default.

    Brigitte - Comparable to Cornelius Roame. Except I kinda think cornelius is better in some respects, because at least it gives out a taunt, and flail strike being an attack means she's taking damage to heal her teammates. Not good, since her role is largely support.

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