Original 9 heroes as Battleground heroes

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    Like many players, I was excited when Battleground was announced. However, my initial excitement was dampen when seeing the selection of heroes. Where are the iconic 9 starting heroes we are familiar with? I am intending to rectify that situation.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • Each heroes will have multiple hero powers with the intend to represent different aspect of the class.
    • The Hero Power reference BASIC and CLASSIC Set only. This is because I think these are the cards that represent these heroes best. It wouldn't be Ragnaros if he doesn't deal 8 damage randomly.
    • Each hero will each get at least one "generic" hero power - that is, Hero Power that mainly offer board advantage and one "utility" Hero Power - a hero power help them in the game in a unique way. However, be warn that sometime the category can have some overlap.

    Let's begin. Each heroes are sorted alphabetically by the name of their class:


    • Savage Roar and Mark of the Wild are "generic" Hero Power of Malfurion. They benefit different board state and strategy for him: One allow him to go wide with high attack minions to win the early game or possibly go for low attack high health minions and then buff them up, while the second one create big beatstick to protect your valuable targets.
    • Wild Growth is the "utility" Hero Power for Malfurion. It allows you to be very creative with your Gold curve and create interesting break points. Fall off pretty hard in the late game just like Wild Growth.


    • Animal Companion is the "generic" Hero Power for Rexxar. Pigeonhole you into a Beast build, so Misha was chosen to give it some utility over the Curator's Hero Power
    • Steady Shot is the "utility" Hero Power for Rexxar. Get extremely aggressive in the mid and early game to smorc down the enemy. Good for punishing late game oriented heroes like AFK or Lich Baz'hial

    Jaina Proudmore

    • Ice Lance is the "generic" Hero Power of Jaina. Most similar (but significantly better) than Pyramad given that the Freezing only take 0 Coin. Of course, you have to have some strategic think on which minion you really want the Health buff to land on.
    • Blizzard is the "utility" Hero Power of Jaina. A better version of Nefarian's Hero Power at double the cost.



    • Blessing of Kings is the "generic" Hero Power of Uther. Suitable for a mid-range playstyle
    • Lay on Hands is the "utility" Hero Power. Heal you up, Discover a minion of your choice depend on your Tavern Tier


    • Inner Fire is the "generic" Hero Power for Anduin. This allow for strategies that value high health low attack minions to thrive.
    • Radiance is the "utility" Hero Power for Anduin. Allow you for more durability during the mid and late game when you're near death


    • Edwin's Assisstance and Conceal iare the "Generic" Hero Power for Valeera. It allows her to have an interesting playstyle of keeping control of her board space and which minions considered to be disposable to activate the Hero Power. Conceal help protect your squish minions and allow you not to draft as many Taunt and protect them from minions like the Zapp Slywix since Stealth will prevent him from choosing them as a attack targets.
    • Shadowstep is the "utility" Hero Power for Valeera. Allows her to easily get a double / triple minions and combine them together.


    • Lightning Storm is the "generic" Hero Power for Thrall. Similar to Nefarian, this allow him to ping off Divine Shield and remove those pesky small minions (like that dangerous Khadgar) all while dealing some serious face damage. In exchange, this will Overload Thrall for 1 going in the Tavern.
    • Ancestral Spirit is the "utility" Hero Power for Thrall. Allow Deathrattle, Poisonous or just generic big upgraded minions to resummon themselves.


    • Corruption is the "generic" Hero Power for Gul'dan. This force your opponent to buy weak / understat unit unless they want to be sniped off by your Hero Power.
    • Sense Demons is the "utility" Hero Power for Gul'dan. This ensure you will have Demon synergy right off the bat.



    • Inner Rage is the "generic" Hero Power for Garrosh. A 0 mana version of Putricide's Hero Power in exchange for the minion to take damage.
    • Brawl is the "utility" Hero Power for Garrosh. This allow him to reduce significantly the damage taken if he lost the combat round.
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    Wow, you actually put a great amount of creativity into these, I'm impressed.

    Brawl seems overpowered though. It basically means that  you're completely free to pursue lategame strategies because you usually won't take lots of damage from losses.

    If anything, this should be an active HP that has a cost, so you'll have to decide when you want to save HP vs spending gold on building your board

    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

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    FWIW they said they’ll be adding more heroes in Dec. prob not the original 9, but cool that we’ll get them soo

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