[Custom Expansion, Completed] - HOLIDAYS AT UN'GOL ISLAND

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    Hello! I've been working on a custom expansion for fun and I thought I'd share it here.

    The expansion is called Holidays at Un'Gol Island and is themed around the idea that both Azeroth's heroes and villains really need a vacation after the countless world-saving missions and evil world-domination schemes they've been up to in the last years. Both new and familiar faces decide to go to Un'Gol island to either embark in fun new adventures or to finally relax for a while.

    And since our favorite heroes and villains need some time to recover, which keyword would be more fitting than Recoverable?

    Holidays at Un'Gol Island introduces the new keyword Recoverable which allows you to spend 1 Mana to add back to your hand a card you've played. This effect can happen at two different times. Cards with Recoverable have their effect triggered at the start of your next turn. Cards that say "You may Recover a..." instantly offer you the prompt without having to wait until the start of your next turn. It's easier in practice. Let's see an example:


    This is a simple exampe of a Recoverable card. If you played Un'Golian Warrior on turn three, at the start of your next turn you would have to choose between Recovering your card or not. If you decide to Recover the minion, you'll start turn four with three mana. You may play Un'Golian Warrior again and, if you wanted to do so, you may Recover it again next turn.    If you decide you don't want to pay the mana cost, the card is gone forever.

    Finally, Holidays at Un'Gol Island reintroduces a keyword from the past in the form of Tradeable. Many heroes, villains and lackeys have decided to dedicate some of their time to trading, shopping and gambling, so this seemed only fitting.

    We are done with introductions. Let's see what each class has been up to, shall we?

    • ROGUE
    • ARCHETYPES: Cannon Rogue, Miracle
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Tinkering, trading and commerce

    Rogues have decided to spend their holidays in two ways: some have decided to spend their time engineering and tinkering with nautical contraptions,  some have decided to dedicate themselves to trading, bartering, investing... and maybe do a little stealing.

    Our engineering friends, leaded by the indomable Hooktusk, Sea Queen have partnered with Pirates and introduce a brand new archetype: Cannons. This is their core package, along with a few relevant Neutral cards:

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    Rogue who prefer to dabble in some trading may be interested in what the greedy Gallywix, the Hoarder has to offer. Just don't ask what's in the cargo. This package of cards support previously existing Miracle archetypes and introduces a new way to pontentially close games as Rogue.

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    • HUNTER
    • ARCHETYPES: Deathrattle Mechs, Poisonous
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Preparing the fireworks display, caring for exotic pets

    Hunters did not think twice before volunteering themselves for the preparation of the firework display. As the other classes are eagerly awaiting the big fireworks night, I'm beginning to think they haven't been told that Sparkmaster Flark would be organizing the "firework" display... This is an attempt at creating a new form of Deathrattle Mech Hunter that uses 0-Attack Deathrattle mechs like Goblin Bomb, Naval Mine and the new Kadoom Bot.

    Show Spoiler


    Hunters that just want to spend some time with animals will be happy to meet Un'Gol's fauna. Lead by the eccentric Kren, Master Smuggler Poisonous Hunter makes a return for this expansion, this time with a possible new win condition

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    • ARCHETYPES: Mana Destruction, Shadow Spells, Summon minions that cost X+1
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Completely owning the disco floor

    Not everyone enjoyes the sun. Warlocks looking for some fun in Un'Gol will be happy to know that the island is very well known for its active nightlife. Introduced by the queen of the dance floor herself, Tamsin, Unlife of the Party brings back an old Warlock archetype: strong cards that destroy your own Mana Crystals. In the modern age of Hearthstone big stats are often no longer enough, so this package introduces a brand new way to win in style.

    Show Spoiler


    Warlocks that might be a bit timorous of the dance floor can always join the spellcasting (and very hungry) Nemsy, Buffet Nightmare in her mission to devour as many sweets as possible. These are the cards for the Shadow package and the Summon a minion that costs X+1 package:

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    • SHAMAN
    • ARTCHETYPES: Spell-oriented Murlocs, Single-target Buffs
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Fishing and cooking a delicious dinner for everyone

    Shamans have convoked the most illustrious Murloc chefs from the entirety of Azeroth to prepare some meals to remember. Most of Shaman's cards from Holidays at Un'Gol Island are centered around a new way to build the old, reliable Murloc decks by adding some new Murlocs that generate strong single-target buffing spells. The two new legendaries allow the player to either go tall, using Athisse, Sea Witch or to go wide using Cookie, Master Chef.

    Show Spoiler


    The remaining cards for Shaman are quality cards. They synergize with the main package for this expansion but can have other creative uses as well.

    Show Spoiler

    • ARCHETYPES: Pure Handbuff Paladin, Divine Shield, Holy
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Preparing the most divine tea party in the history of Azeroth

    Paladins are preparing a tea party to remember. It's well known that Paladins can be quite selective when it comes to who they are willing to accept, so if you plan to show up at the party get ready to pass the vibe chec... vibe judgement. Hosting today's festivities and Pure Paladin package is Yrel, Party Organizer:

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    The remaining cards for Paladin's set are more usual Holy and Divine Shield cards. After all, Tirion, the Blessed is a man of tradition.

    Show Spoiler

    • PRIEST
    • ARCHETYPES: Shadow Pirates, Guessing
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Going on holy crusades, fortune telling

    Yeah. Pirates in Priest. The majority of Holidays at Un'Gol Island's package for Priest takes inspiration from Defias Leper and, more generally, the United in Stormwind package of cards. Tired of being in the backrow healing incompetent damage dealers and tanks, Priests are rushing to the frontline leaded by the brand new character Vahst, Shadow Captain:

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    When Lazul the All-Seeing looked into the cards, for once she could only see one thing: a nice vacation. If aggressive Priest variants are not for you, you might enjoy this small fortune telling package:

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    • ARCHETYPES: Lifesteal, Outcast, Fel
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Hunting demons for fun, dancing at the masked ball

    Demon Hunters are split into two groups. The first one is led by Kazzak, Soulstealer who introduces a brand new way to play Lifesteal minions. Initially introduced with Il'gynoth, this archetype is all about using Lifesteal minions to play for board instead of attempting an OTK strategy.

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    Demon Hunters that want to take a break from the usual demon hunting business can join Aranna Starseeker at the masked ball. If you think about it, every ball attended by Demon Hunters is a masked one. They all have a bandage on their eyes. This is the Outcast and Fel package:

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    • DRUID
    • ARCHETYPES: 1-Cost Token, Unspent Mana Crystals
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Deep diving and exploring the coral barrier

    The majority of Holidays at Un'Gol Island's Druid package is centered around the idea of a token deck with fewer unique tokens that come back stronger and stronger every time. Helped by Omu, Coral Keeper sea critters and persistent troggs will surely overwhelm your opponent.

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    If you prefer slower Druid strategies, Faelin, Wise Advisor has your back. Check out the Unspent Mana Crystals package:

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    • MAGE
    • ARCHETYPES: Elementals, Freezing, Spell Schools
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Surfing, playing in the water

    Mages have decided to spend their time on Un'Gol island surfing. Unfortunately, the sea wasn't very suitable for this activity: it was way too calm. Fortunately, mages had a solutions. Balinda, Eye of the Storm might have conjured a hurricane. Or two. Or several...

    Show Spoiler

    The rough sea is a bit too much for you? Join Reno, King of the Party in the pool and get ready to cast some unique spells!

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    • ARCHETYPES: Fire Spells, Enemy Disruption, Menagerie
    • FUN ACTIVITIES: Exploring a dangerous volcano

    Warriors have been busy exploring the Un'Golian Volcano, a very popular tourist attraction. If you feel up for the hike, you might want to join them. Who knows, you might even meet the scorching Geddon, Volcanic Lord.

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    Alternatively, Warrior's Holidays at Un'Gol Island package offers a few new pieces for Menagerie strategies. Oh, and Patches, the Captain is back.

    Show Spoiler


    Finally, these are the remaining Neutral cards that were not showcased in the previous packages.

    Show Spoiler


    If I could organize everything, I'd pick this as my pre-order skin and free Legendary that's granted before the expansion launch to all players:


    If you've taken a look at the post I hope you found at least a few interesting concepts here and there. This was fun. Thanks for reading!

    I made a fun custom expansion called Holidays at Un'Gol Island. You should check it out :)



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    I don't know if you have much experience designing cards, but this looks outstanding for a rookie. Great job.

    My favorite thing about it is the flavor, I really enjoyed the festive theme.

    I just wanted to ask how is Ghost Ship supposed to work. You use it and then it has that passive effect for the rest of the turn? Or each time you play a Pirate or a Shadow spell the effect triggers and you lose 1 Durability? I'm assuming it's the former, but I wanted to know.

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    Quote From Wailor


    Hey Wailor, thanks for the very kind comment! I actually haven't made that many custom cards before, just a few mini projects every now and then over the years. This is actually my first time doing an entire set!

    Ghost Ship is supposed to become a passive effect in the turns in which you trigger it. So you'd have 2 turns where every Pirate you play and every Shadow spell you cast would deal 2 damage to a random enemy!

    I made a fun custom expansion called Holidays at Un'Gol Island. You should check it out :)



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