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    (Hey, what's up, Beat here, you probably know me as the guy making Dragoon or the guy recently getting active in OoC custom card competition here. Well, after that article of Demon interviewing me about this class, I figured I might as well make a huge thread for the class so it's more visible for everyone here. And there's really no cool origins on this, mostly just me inspired to make a custom class and here I am).

    Hero Power & Upgraded Hero Power:

    The Unfettered, Dragon and the Dragoon regiment commander hailing from the land of Nagrand, Ezra Vermillion is a man of power and command itself, with dragons and armies riding dragons at his command. Besides his dragon mastery, he is also a warrior capable of utilizing draconic powers to further his armies, and even lead them to victory. Dragons are the ultimate sign of power for Ezra, and that's not a bluff, for he commands a sizeable, large amount of them!


    Dragons: The best dragons all are in Dragoon. Whether synergizing with their tribes, spells and weapons synergizing with the tribe itself, or even solid non-tribe centric Dragons, Dragoon has all the powerful dragons.

    Minion swarms: A good Dragoon can always turn the tides with plenty of minions coming down before their enemies can respond.

    Buffs: Dragoons can always strengthen the battlefield with their powerful enchancements, draconic in nature or what have you.

    Stalling: Encompasses both healing and Taunt. Dragoons do have these, but they tend to come rarely, require setups, or it only works with minions.

    Card generation: While there's a decent amount of generation in Dragoon, they tend to be very limited in scope or rare in numbers. (Mostly) Rely on your deck!


    Board clear: If a Dragoon needs a board clear to swing back to their favor, they deserve their loss.

    Hard removal: They don't need to hard remove, they have their minions to do their job.

    Class Keyword: Supremacy

    The Supremacy keyword is a simple one to grasp, akin to that of Combo. Minions, spells, and weapons with Supremacy will grant beneficial effects to you if triggered, whether it be stat buffs, card draw, or any of the sort. Always make use your Supremacy cards as best as possible so you can always reap the benefits, for a Dragoon is supreme in the battlefield, and always have the upper hand.

    Hero Skins

    The Unfettered, Lord of The Dragons and Commander of The Dragoon Regiment from Nagrand. Binge-watches one too many fantasy puppet plays.She can gently, calmly and peacefully tear you apart with her whelps. And itty-bitty nails. But mostly whelps.
    Default hero skin.

    Obtainable from leveling up your character to 20 in
    Diablo 3.

    After communing with the Dragonflights, the hardy dragon rider apparently relates most with magical arcane dragons. Somehow.Life is a lot simpler when she's just wanderlusting instead of getting sucked into zany weird adventures with those four other explorers...
    Obtainable from winning 1.000 Ranked games with Dragoon.Obtainable from winning 10 Standard Ranked or Casual games during Year of the Dragon.

    Card Sets

    In the Basic set, as with all other classes, the cards here serve mostly to solidify their core themes, what they can do, what they struggle to do, and what they can't do.

    Basic Set


    Extra Basic Cards

    You know how other classes rewards their level 50-60 progress with Golden versions of 5 different Basic cards? Dragoon is no exception of course, and these 5 Basic cards are added in addition to their Golden versions when a player levels up their Dragoon class from 50 to 60 (for more details see Dragoon's Basic Guide).

    The Classic set continues the core theme of Dragoon from the Basic set and solidifies it further, while adding in a few unique/unexpected cards here and there. Since it's Classic it can be guaranteed that these cards will always find a home on a deck, whether it be a huge staple of Dragoon decks or just a card you see here and there, floating in and out of metas.

    Classic Set


    - As with Sense Demons, if there are no Dragons left in the deck while you cast Dragonhorn, it will add two 1/1 Feeble Whelps instead.

    Curse of Naxxramas presents Dragoon with a more...conventional card, so to speak. Or rather, a card that might, or might not help them: a Dragon with a Deathrattle that destroys a random enemy minion. Hard removal is scarce, and very conditional with Dragoon, and this is a good example of that.

    Due to being the first ever expansion, this expac is mostly a collection of cards loosely tied with a Mech theme or randomness. While Dragoon will focus on Mech synergies here, there mostly won't be any randomness here, but not because of Dragoon being a low-RNG class or anything. Like Hunter and Warrior, Dragoon will eventually take their Mech theme further than GvG, probably moreso than the two former classes.

    Goblins vs Gnomes Set

    While this is the set that will eventually introduce Dragon synergies that will remain relevant for many years to come, unlike most classes Dragoon won't immediately hop on to the Dragon mechanics introduced in this class, instead they will mostly have synergies relating to controlling Dragons (psh, holding Dragons. Dragoons are all about putting those Dragons out immediately!), and this mechanic will be often seen here on out, 1 or 2 Dragon synergy cards each set. Sometimes.


    In TGT, Dragoon furthers their Dragon synergies, much like Priest (kind of). More cards here that wants the players to really get into Dragon-focused decks more. Also (intentional) Supremacy synergy comes up for the first time here.

    The Grand Tournament Set

    As is with the set introducing Discover, Dragoon will get its first Discover card which will continue the theme of Dragoon's Discover being narrow and specific, while a few other cards have unique elements to them introduced.

    - Verdant Squire is Vera's first canonical appearance in the game, so stay tuned for her future incarnations in future sets~

    In the same vein as Druid and Priest, Dragoon has 2 C'Thun support cards aimed to make C'Thungoon (that's what I call that deck) a thing. And in this set is also a few more unique cards, including a new debuff card...and a Big archetype card, and this won't be the only one any time soon.

    Whispers of the Old Gods Set

    Y'know how there are some classes in this adventure that supports a sorta kinda Menagerie style, but not really? Well, Dragoon is going bold in that it will introduce three Menagerie support cards in this set!

    ...well, more accurately this set contains a Dragon, a Beast (a first for the class), and a Murloc! (probably will be the only one though).

    - Supreme Finlord doesn't annul a Supremacy effect to just draw a card, but it just adds a new Supremacy effect to Supremacy cards. For example, if you use a Crimson Blades to kill a minion, the weapon will gain +1 Attack but it will also draws you a card while Supreme Finlord is on the board.

    Here's another bold development: there's a lot of custom classes out there going Kabal or Jade in this expansion...well, Dragoon is part of the Grimy Goons! Sure they're not as cool as Kabal with the whole spellslinging and red mist thingies and Jade with their green men that grows larger after each green men, but...Dragoon has buffs. Tons of buffs, and hardy minions to work with. So Grimy Goons they are. Probably also helps that Don Han'Cho is one hell of a slick ogre, able to convince Ezra to get all dirty and grimy.

    Call the deck in this expac Dragoon. Ha, get it?

    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Set

    - For clarity's sake, if Smash-n-Run hits a minion and it dies from the 5 damage, it then transfers the destroyed minion's Attack because of the Supremacy effect to a random minion in your hand.

    - With Dragoon added as a Grimy Goons class, Grimestreet Informant is now modified to be this:


    Like a lot of the other classes in this expac Dragoon receives Beast, probably to the same amount that Druids or Hunters have, but this time around Dragoon is going to play and really stretch the power level of one of their limitations: Healing! Introduced in this expac is a set mostly focusing on healing...well, stalling for that matter. A new try in a Control shell for Dragoon.

    Journey to Un'goro Set


    - Regardless of when Lord Xah'dorah dies (unless Silenced of course), it will always only come back at the start of your next turn. If it dies on your turn, then during the end of your next turn it'll come back. If it dies on the opponent's turn, then during your turn after the opponent it'll come back at the end of your turn.

    Do you remember that short comic of a bard detailing a (probably fake) story of how the 9 famed heroes of Hearthstone dies and became a Death Knight due to Lich King's machinations? Well, just imagine Ezra in the panels where DK Malfurion and Rexxar kinda hangs out and they made Ezra a Death Knight there and there as well >.>

    Unlike the sets before where Dragoon settles on 1-2 mechanical themes of the cards they have, this one's mostly going to be a little more broad in terms of what the cards are, although flavor wise these are all ice/frost dragons or dragonspawn, seeing over Northrend with Sapphiron leading the dragons.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne Set


    Lich King Boss Fight

    "Submit your fangs and claws, Dragoon. They are but a scratch before me."

    Power Subjugation is the boss card The Lich King will play on his first turn. When he plays it, your minions can't no longer gain Attack, whether it'd be from your Hero Power, or even stat buffs, although the Health buff would still apply. As Dragoon, you want to always maximize the use of your Hero Power by putting it on your minion, and you tend to want to buff your minions so they can survive against Lich King's onslaught too, but this card swiftly denies all of that, forcing you to use your Hero Power on your own hero and having to get creative in killing The Lich King.

    As a sidenote, this also means the tried-and-true classic strategy of running a Murloc deck during this time won't work either, since Murloc Warleader can't buff your Murlocs' Attack at all, so you have to be more creative in defeating the Lich King as Dragoon.

    The set that starts the powercreeps to end all powercreep, just like the other classes the cards in this set are exceptionally strong, and you can expect these cards to be staples in many decks for Dragoon to come. There's two different themes going on here: team of dungeoneers and plunderers of the catacombs lead by a mysterious puppeteer (or is she a puppet?~) called Illia the Marionette, and the myriad of dragons and beasts protecting one of the catacombs' treasures: The Dreadtalon.

    Mechanics wise, this set further exemplifies the power of Dragons in this class, while also taking a direction of supporting Supremacy in both counts, directly and indirectly, while Spiteful Summoner is going to love Aspect Awakening, but of course the main event here is the unique, never before seen buildaround The Dreadtalon. Can you build a deck that goes against the entire philosophy of Dragoon as a Dragon class?~

    Kobolds and Catacombs Set


    - The choices for Aspect Awakening is Alniaxtrasza, Zavathion, and Rylvagos.

    - Dreadtalon's effects is checked much in the same way as Rhok'delar, Lightforged Zealot and Lightforged Crusader. As long as there's no Dragons at all in the deck, the effect will always trigger.

    - Dungeon Run guide coming soon!

    Arena Exclusive

    In the Arena Exclusive event happening during KnC, players are asked to vote for what cards they can give to a class exclusively for Arena, and Dragoon is no exception, with three choice cards. Is it going to be the early removal/semi-Freeze effect Chilling Breath? Is it the pseudo-hard removal Curbstomp? Or is it going to be the simple, yet powerful Spirited Ax? Your vote decides!

    In this dark swamp ruled by Hagatha, darkness abounds as black dragons descends and malevolent creatures ride on the fields outside Gilneas itself, and especially the Twin Reapers, Nava & Thanatos under Hagatha's command, killing any poor adventurers and Gilneans that dared wander out the Gilneas' walls. But as with opposites, with darkness enroaching, so too the light enlightening and dissipating the suffocating void, as the dead Emerald dragon Thitazov helps those who would be close to death, lighting the path of the swamp.

    Mechanic wise, the cards in this set are well rounded and can create a good foundation for Dragoon decks to come, with either cards caring about securing the early lead, like Darkmire Drake and Nightfall Dragoon, or more value/control-oriented, like Headhunter and Nava and Thanatos themselves.

    Witchwood Set

    - Well, with the rotation of Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater alongside their support cards, it seems Blade of Eventide had to be put out to the Hall of Fame pasture too.

    - Since Headhunter adds an Echo copy of the minion he destroys, this of course means the copy is gone at the end of your turn.

    Mysterious Missives - Dragoon

    As you prepare to face the evil in The Witchwood, it would be wise to arm yourself with knowledge of the key players in this unfolding conflict. Fortunately for you, such knowledge has mysteriously materialized....

    The source of the following dossiers is a mystery, and it is uncertain whether you can trust the information contained herein. After all, in these dark times, rumors fly like a murder of crows.

    Still, even the slightest knowledge of who’s who could be just the edge you need to survive the curse.

    Read on, brave monster hunter.

    Mysterious Missives


    Profession: Ghost dragon, wholesome spirit

    Hobbies: Helping lost souls, healing the wounded Gilneans and travelers, leaving trails of breadcrumbs, building gingerbread houses, staying away from Emeriss.

    After the curse, mysterious things awakened within the wood. Restless spirits of many forms arose to pursue their otherworldly agendas. One such spirit is Thitazov, reportedly a member of the Emerald Dragonflight in life before he succumbed to the horrors of the Emerald Nightmare.

    Stories from travelers and Gilneans alike tell of a ghostly dragon that appeared to them when they were lost and protected them from the malevolent forces that haunt the deepest woods. Some spirits he merely drove away while others he purified, sending them to their rest. Those people who encountered him speak of him as a healer and guide, overwhelmed by the grace of his presence. More than one was heard to remark, "We owe him our lives."

    Is he truly the ghost of an Emerald Dragon? Or is he merely a confused spirit, playing a role he does not understand? None can say for certain. But no matter his true nature, his service to lost and frightened people cannot be denied.

    Nava & Thanatos

    Profession: Reapers of the woods

    Hobbies: Killing, destroying, obliterating, annihilating, crushing, smashing, maiming, wounding, eviscerating, dismembering, disemboweling, devouring, striking, slashing, smacking, whooping, buffeting, breathing, sleeping.

    As the curse took its grim toll on Gilneas, another evil emerged: strife sown by hardship and turmoil began to claim just as many lives within the walls as the horrific monsters beyond. This fear and anguish served only to inspire Hagatha to greater depravity. She used this vengeful energy to call forth sibling spirits to express the anger and mistrust devouring the people in a somewhat more literal way…

    Born of the paranoia of the Gilnean people, Nava and Thanatos are intimately familiar with their vulnerabilities. Rare is the traveler who lays eyes upon them and returns to tell the tale. Those who have spoken of them say that they change their forms to prey upon the guilt and fear of the soul they intend to reap. A butcher saw them as a wolf and lamb, their faces obscured by blank white masks. A priest saw them as a felhound and gargoyle. A soldier of fortune saw them as the animate corpses of the last two people he killed. No matter their form, some things remain consistent: one always bears a set of wicked fangs and claws; the other a bow and arrow.

    Taverns of Time

    Each classes in the Taverns of Time Arena event gets two really strong cards (that are luckily Arena-exclusive) and Dragoon is certainly no less strong, with Constellar's Envoy and Rewinding Scales.

    In the Boomsday Lab, Dragoons focuses on one of the more mundane things Dr. Boom doesn't really think much: manufacturing! Heavy industry is the theme for Dragoon here flavor wise, where all of the cards are concerning industrial things like Mechs and flames, lead by the short-tempered dragonspawn Pyroblaster Zagrosz. Mechanics wise, this set continues the Mech synergy that was mostly on GvG and adds on more to it, like Warrior and Hunter, while also putting more emphasis on dealing damage being a core component in Dragoon.

    The Boomsday Project Set

    - Inciendary Break destroys minions around the chosen minion. Basically, it means the enemy minions opposite the chosen minion and the friendly minions adjacent to the chosen minion.

    - With the Rise of The Mech event, some of the cards here are buffed (well, already, since you guys weren't here during this). The two buffed cards are Plucky Pyromancer and Manufacturing:
    Manufacturing's text was changed from "Summon two copies of a friendly Mech." to "Summon a copy of a friendly minion. If it's a Mech, summon two copies of it."
    Plucky Pyromancer's stats is changed from 3 mana 2/3 to 2 mana 2/2.

    In Rastakhan's Rumble, Dragoon leads the team Tharon'ja's Serpents, championed by Aspect Champion Gar'hok. This team is especially known for wanting to win at any cost and getting out as much raw power as possible while never letting out too much of their power. Savage and brutal, a second is never wasted for them. They have all the upper hand, and they will crush you with as much power as possible.

    This set introduces and expands on hand and draw synergy, not seen since Faceless Envoy. Oh, and some of these cards happen to be Big ones too~

    Rastakhan Rumble Set

    - Aspect Champion Gar'hok works much in the same way as Tess Greymane. It will repeat the last 5 cards played, but minions won't trigger their Battlecries, and if a Hero card is a part of this, you'll only get the 5 Armor.

    Rumble Run

    As Rikkar had to make a choice as the 9 other Loas tried to convince Rikkar to join their team, he unexpectedly chooses Tharon'ja's Serpents, who has stayed mostly quiet and enjoying the spectacle of the other Loas wanting Rikkar to join their team. Tharon'ja smiled in a smug manner to the other Loas. Really, why wouldn't that troll join him, honestly? He is all about being victorious and wanting to really crush the opponent. Qualities he know the troll likes. It's not like this troll would ever betray him or anything...

    Click here to see the bundles, starting decks and voicelines for the teammates and Dragoon champion if you didn't choose Dragoon, Aspect Champion Gar'hok.

    Starting Deck

    Brood's AltarBlade of Tharon'jaMask of Tharon'ja
    Flaxen Whelp Seething Axe Voodoo Doctor
    Swamp Dragon EggFaerie DragonRainbow Whelp
    KatarBomber WhelpBomber Whelp
    Rainbow WhelpMicrotech ControllerFungal Enchanter
    Littlest ForerunnerRunt LeaderHappy Ghoul
    Nightmare AmalgamSweeping SwarmTortollan Explorer
    Heavy Duty DragoonLava SaberVerdant Vitality
    Blackwing CorruptorWyrmrest AspirantDuskwind Vanguard
    Drakonid BruiserVerdant ScimitarAntique Healbot
    Book WyrmDragon PendantCleaver of Glory

    Rumble Run Teammates

    Rumble Run Bundle

    Nightfall Dragoon Colosseum BehemothZagrosz' Inferno Bomb
    Mountain Whelp Bone DrakeFire Breath
    ScalewormScaled NightmareIncinerate
    Drakonid BruiserVolcanic DrakeGrimestreet Corporal
    Omega DragonChillmawConflagration
    Sightless RangerCrowd RoasterMagnataur Brutalist
    Darkmire DrakeHeadhunterMenacing Dragotron
    Drakonid CommanderScarlet DragonBilescale Drake
    Nava & ThanatosChromaggusBook Wyrm
     Lord Xah'dorahExplosive Ride!
     Primordial DrakeChillmaw
     AlexstraszaPrimal Rage
     Nava & ThanatosSapphiron
     NefarianCrowd Roaster
     Red AggressorDevouring Devilsaur
     RheastraszaFrost Flurry
     SinestraArmageddon Wyvern
     Aspect Champion Gar'hokVenom Breath
     Deathwing, Dragonlord 

    When you think about it, the Good and Evil classes are kind of decided alphabetically. Good classes are the first four classes in the Collection menu, while the Evil classes are the last five classes in the Collection menu. So hypothetically, Dragoon comes first, then Druid in the Collection menu.

    So therefore, Dragoon's a Good class! This set aims to expand Dragoon's identity a bit further than just being a dragon class, with now a focus to buffs and its synergies, alongside Mechs and a few unique cards here and there.

    Rise of Shadows Set


    - Korvas Bloodthorn's effect basically makes any buffed minions have a Shimmering Courser effect, and yes, if you damage an enemy minion with a spell and it doesn't die, it will also have a Shimmering Courser effect, meaning you can't target it with your spells anymore.

    - Hydraquatom's Deathrattle targets separate enemies, so it won't hit the same enemy twice.

    "Why is a gnome the one who's in charge of the dragons?"

    Astarea represents Dragoon in Dalaran Heist, a rather maniacal dragontamer-to-be who's currently trying to collect as much dragons as she can, living or dead. Wouldn't that go against what the League of E.V.I.L is pla-ssssh, she doesn't know that yet. In addition to the normal Sharpen Claws hero power, she also has access to Power up! and Quick Hatch.

    More info on Dalaran Heist coming soon!

    Default Hero Power.Play 10 Supremacy CardsAttack with your hero 15 times.

    Guess who's back? It's Vera, now all spiffed up and fully invigorated by desert magic!...well, a somewhat corrupted, dark desert magic. Foreshadowed by Vera Wakefield being a hero skin for Dragoon in Year of the Dragon, she returns in an all-new form, becoming the fifth Explorer! (for more lore details see the Tombs of Terrors tab)

    Set-wise, this card marks more of Dragoon's focus to buffs, while also adding in a bit more of Mech synergy, but also...continuing more and adding even more support for the Big Dragoon playstyle. Oh and of course, Highlander support since all the other Good classes gets Highlander support.

    Saviors of Uldum Set


    - Come Hither's Discover effect takes the minion from your deck, not summoning a copy of the minion from your deck.

    - Desert Dreadnaught's Supremacy effect allows it to take any aura or Deathrattle effects of the minions it kills (the enemy minion's Deathrattle will always trigger first though) alongside their stats.

    - Might of The Sands' requirement works with:
    – Hero Power's temporary Attack buff.
    – Equipping a weapon.
    – Buffing a friendly minion with buff spells.
    – Friendly minions gaining Attack through various effects.
    – Wide buffs also work, i.e. Eye of the Dragon or Rise from the Dunes.

    Unlocked at the Final Chapter

    In Tombs of Terror, you control Vera Wakefield, seen here looking absolutely different compared to her alternate hero skin and original Verdant Squire days, now allying herself with the League of Explorers. In her wanderlust journey around Azeroth, she came across Uldum to find that the place is either ransacked or infested by evil manifestations. Disbelieving of what she sees, she was almost nearly taken by Hagatha until Elise pulled a daring rescue, escaping with Vera from Hagatha's search. When the dust settles, Vera thanks them and was about to go her way again avoiding Uldum, but the other four Explorers start to think about their numbers disadvantage...and they happen to have this weird sandy black lotus headress from one of the Uldum tombs, shining with dark energy...and there's this girl wandering around Uldum...she can be a useful Explorer in saving the world!

    So after a few convincing by Elise, Vera decides to follow and be inducted into the Explorers as she wear the magical sandy black lotus...and she feels the pulse and power of desert swirling inside her...and her appearance changed as she founds herself a new sand spear, a translucent dragon tail and the power to control sands!...and dark energies. It seems the black lotus the Explorers found was half-corrupted by Rafaam's influence, and luckily for Vera she doesn't get the full brunt of corruption, mostly now she's able to control both demons and dragons on her command!

    More info and cards on Tombs of Terror coming soon!

    Default Hero Power.Take 50 damage during your turns.Summon 35 Demons and Dragons.

    In the Final Chapter of Tombs of Terror, the Explorers finally made it through the E.V.I.L bosses and reached Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, now the Plague Lord of Flames, as Tekahn laid out his plans in trying to destroy Uldum for his own gain, and for Rafaam's unexplained reasons. Vera, having enough of this world unsanctimoniously ravaged, recklessly advances towards Tekahn and tries to fight him head on...only to get Tekahn stab her with the sharp end of his staff, and dropped her atop the pyramid they were on top of, killing her instantly...

    Enraged by this callous act, the four Explorers fights off Tekahn head on, in order to avenge Vera and to save the world! They succeeded...for a little bit, before Rafaam abandoned Tekahn and reveals his true final plan: unleashing the Ur-Dragon himself, Galakrond!

    Meanwhile beneath the pyramid as sandstorm erupts on the now silent and decrepit Uldum, Vera slowly awoken from her near-death experience, her form returning back to normal as she lost her power, her black lotus headress wilting and decaying. As she grabbed the lotus on her hand, she feels a large amount of energy erupting from the black lotus, and the lotus explodes in flower pieces, revealing...the spirit of The Earthwarder himself, Neltharion, completely free and pure, uncorrupted, a sight that hasn't been seen since he was corrupted to be Deathwing! What can this possibly mean?

    With Doom in the Tomb, Verdant Squire and Sinestra makes a comeback (from LoE and WoToG respectively) after staying in the Wild pasture for awhile. Hmmmm, these cards feel very Dragon-y as Dragoon shifts away a little from Dragon synergies...what's up with this?~

    Five minions of this class joins Battlegrounds: Bullfrog, Onyx Forgescale, Vermillion Glider, Steel Smold-a-Bot, and Rheastrasza.

    As the conclusion of Year of the Dragon's storyline unfolds, and with The League of Explorers being one member short, they briefly pray to the gods and titans of Azeroth to aid them in this final showdown, to stop The League of E.V.I.L. from wreaking havoc or resurrecting Galakrond. And as the battle rages and they accidentally fell and got picked up by 4 of the Dragonflight leaders...the 5th one showed up just as Reno is having difficulties! It's Vera Wakefield, returning from the dead (not that she's ever dead) riding the corporeal spirit of Neltharion, Incorruptible. Can the League of Explorer truly save the day now, with Vera returning with the good Black Dragonflight, led by the original Neltharion himself?

    So. This is a Dragon-focused set. Dragoon is a Dragon-focused class. What do you think they will focus on? Beasts? Secrets? Of course Dragons! And for the first time, a sort of spell-focused set, with cards caring about spells. And in a departure much like Warrior, where they get the Legendary weapon Ancharrr, Dragoon receives their second ever Hero card, Dragonmaiden Vera, the now-dragon knight who will do her best to defeat Galakrond.

    Descent of Dragons Set


    - If there's no dragons in your hand, then Dragonmaiden Vera will immediately summon Dragons from your deck until your board is full.

    - Empowering Scales works the same way as Elemental Allies, if you fail to cast two spells for 2 turns in a row, the progress will be reset back to 0.

    In this adventure, Vera once again aid the Explorers in defeating Galakrond, and this time for real! 3 new Dragoon cards can be unlocked here, all of them focus on the build-upon spell synergy.


    After a set focused around Dragons, Dragoon once again take a step back and focused on more new things, two different subthemes popping up in this set: Immune pops up a lot more here after Dragoon have a few cards about it, and a focus on weapon/hero attack. Flavor wise, Dragoon also gets a little more specific than usual, this set being consisted of hardy ethereals led by Netherstalker Nauthis, formerly of the Burning Legion defender, now leading the Ethereum and follower of Mecha Jaraxxus' Rusted Legion. What plan are these Ethereals concocting?

    Ashes of Outland Set


    - Worth noting that an Immune minion can't be attacked, which means Taunt is useless on an Immune minion and the enemy can just attack something else, so a Taunted up Netherstalker Nauthis wouldn't work the way you think it would.

    - The addendum in Nauthis Prime's effect means that he absolutely can't get Immune from his effect at all, whether you copy him through various effects or what not.

    - Imprisoned Inquisitor's effect affects all your cards that can deal damage. Weapons you wield, damaging spells you cast and your minions basically have Lifesteal only for this turn,





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    May 24th, 2020
    - Finalizing and finished the main post of the thread.





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    Flavor Texts, Voicelines, Legendary Themes and Artist Credit


    Dun! Dun, dun, dun!

    Artist: Chris Rallis

    Not as delicious as molten cakes.

    Play - I spew fire!
    Attack - Hot fire!

    Artist: Rudy Siswanto.

    The proposed name was "3 Gauntlet Knives", but it's not as cool.

    Artist: Veli Nyström

    No, the red is from ashes and paint. Totally not blood.

    Play - The fire, shall burn brighter!
    Trigger - Kindle!
    Attack - Ashes to ashes!
    Death - Extinguished…..

    Artist: Jason T.N.

    Always handy for a firecracker festival.

    Artist: Caio Monteiro

    Welp, four whelps.

    Artist: Unknown

    Not even you can prevent forest conflagration. Because it already happened.

    Artist: Adam Paquette

    Punches boulders and babies on a daily basis.

    Play - Are you ready to rumble?!
    Attack - Smash!

    Artist: Fujiyama Monta

    Warning: You might cough up flame and choked in soot after use.

    Artist: Chris Rahn

    He smacc
    He cracc
    But most importantly, he big dracc.

    Play - Now! Besiege them!
    Attack - Strike through!
    Death - Died in battle…

    Artist: Grafit Studio

    (This applies to the rest of the Whelp tokens)

    *whelp noises*

    Artist: Sam Nielson


    Ranking up to Inquisitor will give you a much, MUCH bigger hammer.

    Play - I shall make the Crusade proud!
    Trigger - For the Crusade!
    Attack - Begone, heretic!
    Death - I'm not done……

    Artist: Ralph Horsley

    How long can you blow the dragon horn? Hint: Certainly not longer than 3 seconds.

    Artist: Jen Zee

    Calling Onyxia as "Omnomnomyxia" is punishable by ingestion.

    Artist: Steve Ellis

    Glide to the left!
    Glide to the right!
    Two slides this time!

    Play - It's time to heat things up!
    Attack - Burn, baby, BURN!
    Death - *pained dragon screech*

    Artist: Jack Wang

    I can't believe it's not a red sword made of flames!

    Artist: Wang Ling

    Always able to get out of their dog-sized leashes anytime they take flight.

    Play, Attack, Death - The same as Volcanic Drake

    Artist: Lucas Graciano

    Also known as 'Ranting Ax'.

    Artist: Indar Gunawan

    Sadly, the dragon only found out now that the roar doesn't turn him yellow and more spiky.

    Artist: Musketeer Studio

    You know what he likes more than drawing? KNOWLE-spells. Spells.

    Play - The magic, it's within my reach.
    Trigger - Ah! The knowledge.
    Attack - Step aside.
    Death - Guuhhh…..

    Artist: Fujiyama Monta

    He loves sandwich.

    Play - Decimate…..all.
    Attack - Die.
    Death - I'm down……

    Artist: Cygames Inc.

    Thankfully, they didn't die in the end.

    Artist: Mathias Kolross

    Apparently just whacking your staff once is all it takes to become a dragon.

    Play - The dragons, they hear me!
    Attack - Out of my way!
    Death - *roars pitifully*

    Artist: Unknown

    Because it's a lot more threatening than 'Primal Fart'.

    Artist: Victor Fernandez

    This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a HOLY HECK GIGANTIC DRAGON!

    Play - Cower before your end, mortals!
    Attack - Let life cease!
    Death - I….fall….

    Artist: Sandara Tang

    (Animation: After he activated his Supremacy effect, the board will start shaking and floating up all other characters until they're dropped, shattering any characters Crush-style that doesn't survive the effect).

    She always thought saving Wrathion would net her more than a faint acknowledgement from him.

    Play - My brood shall rule the skies…..
    Attack - Burn.
    Death - I've failed…..

    Artist: Alex Konstad

    (Animation: Rhea flies from above and drops to the battlefield with a blazing wreath of fire besides her, as an egg drops and hatches besides her and out comes Drakonid Bruiser (the aforementioned 4/4 Dragon with Charge). The egg animation also happens after her Supremacy activates).

    (This applies to the rest of the Dragon tokens)

    Play, Attack, Death - The same as Volcanic Drake.

    Artist: Billy Christian






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    Reserved Comment for later.





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    Basic Class Guide

    - TBA





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    Hi, nice class! But i have a hard time understanding your keyword - Supremacy.

    You seem to also have a different tooltip here and in the article. I dont understand how some of the cards with Supremacy trigger it, since there is no way they can kill a friendly minion. Can you explain how the keyword works? Thanks.

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    Quote From sinti

    Hi, nice class! But i have a hard time understanding your keyword - Supremacy.

    You seem to also have a different tooltip here and in the article. I dont understand how some of the cards with Supremacy trigger it, since there is no way they can kill a friendly minion. Can you explain how the keyword works? Thanks.

    I might have...a habit of changing Supremacy's tooltip here and there for some reason. But uh believe me, it works as any other effects that needs to attack and kill a minion (if on a minion), or just damage and kill a minion (if spell). And yeah, in cases of spells, you can totally use it on your own minions if you need an activation immediately.

    Thanks for the reply on this thread, but uh...I'm really not done here aaaaaaa pls stay outta here for now >///<

    Edit: Oh I get why now...damn, that was a big miss there XD





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    And finally I've reposted everything important from my Imgur album here, which means this thread's finished! Mostly.

    Let me know what you think of this class, y'all :3





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    Damn, you've done a lot of work to this. I love it.

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    Quote From Beatdoof

    Show Spoiler


    There is definitely HOMAM3 music in there, right?:D

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    Quote From sinti
    Quote From Beatdoof


    Show Spoiler





    There is definitely HOMAM3 music in there, right?:D

    Nope, all the music here are ripped straight from World of Warcraft, much like all of the Hearthstone legendaries :p





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