Custom Class - Time Traveler (Updated April 7th 2021 - Forged in the Barrens added!)

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    My Time Traveler class was entered into "Deathwing Needs a Friendwing" (Class Creation Competition #4) in December 2017. I ended up 5th place in the competition out of 100 entries. This contest was won by McF4rtson's Sea Witch class. The class is still being updated.

    Thomas Temporison is the basic hero that represents the Time Traveler class that all players have at the start of their accounts.Chrona Wilson is the first alternate hero for Time Traveler (it took quite a while). She represents the Time Traveler class during Rise of Shadow's Dalaran Heist mode. Completing Dalaran Heist on Heroic difficulty will reward you with Chrona to use outside of Dalaran Heist.
    Thomas, Eternally Ascended is the second alternate hero introduced for Time Traveler. He is the new skin for Thomas who is unlocked upon reaching 1000 wins with Time Traveler.Nina Clockenwerk is the third hero character for Time Traveler. She is unlocked when you win 10 Standard games during Year of the Gryphon.


    Glimpse is the basic Hero Power for the class. When you look at the top 3 cards of your deck and will allow you to rearrange them in any order, giving you information as to what you will draw next and being able to change it to optimize your play. Unlike the traditional basic Hero Power, Glimpse doesn't have an immediate impact on the board as soon as you use it, but it's extremely useful for planning out future turns and optimizing your draws. Being able to see your next draws and plan future turns ahead is one strength of the class.Foresight is the upgraded form of Glimpse, generated by Justicar Trueheart and Baku the Mooneater. This version mirrors Future Sight, giving you an extra card to look at. Although it may not look like much to some people, the difference one card makes can be very significant. Future Sight is one of the most important cards for the class, so this could be a strong Hero Power.The class contains a new keyword in the form of Quick-Time. Cards with Quick-Time effects will have their effects activated if you play the card on the same turn you receive it, either by drawing it or generating it. Either way counts. In most other classes, this effect seems like it would be inconsistent and top-deck reliant. The Time Traveler class however has many ways to get around this, namely their Hero Power in which you can rearrange the cards you draw to make sure you draw the Quick-Time cards when you actually want to draw them. There are also some cards in the class which can make Quick-Time cards even easier to activate.



    • Strong card draw and card generation. Quite a bit of it too! In Time Traveler, keeping a good hand size is generally not a problem.
    • Strong removal and AoE. This is a Control class after all.
    • Ability to plan future turns in advance because of the Hero Power and some class cards.


    • May have a hard time finishing off the opponent as most of the class's direct damage can only target minions.
    • Limited win conditions overall.
    • Fairly high skill cap. To players who aren't familiar with this class, it may prove to be hard to play.
    • No direct healing, but it does have a small amount of pseudo-healing.


    As it should for all classes, the Basic Set introduces you to some of the most important cards of Time Traveler and displays some of its core themes.

    Full Basic Set

    • Future Sight, Accelerate Time, Been There, Done That, and Sand Attack are all unlocked at the start of the game.
    • Unlock Dust Typhoon when you reach level 2.
    • Unlock Sandmancer when you reach level 4.
    • Unlock Quicksand when you reach level 6.
    • Unlock Crossfire Bolts when you reach level 8.
    • Unlock Banish when you reach level 10.
    • As the Basic Set was designed December 2017-January 2018, Dust Typhoon existed before Shooting Star.
    • The cards Been There and Done That are both a reference to the phrase "been there, done that".


    The Classic Set expands upon the Basic set and introduces several themes of the class: Elementals, card shuffling, Quick-Time effects, etc. This along with the Basic set make up the core of the class it will stand on through set rotations. Expect some of these cards to be staples of most Time Traveler decks.

    Full Classic Set

    • Cards shuffled into your deck with Parallel Dimensions have a chance to immediately be redrawn. Cards redrawn by Parallel Dimensions will have their Quick-Time effects activated, even if they were sitting in your hand for a turn before you played it.
    • The Cost reduction effect of Temporal Golem applies to the card and the -1 Cost will stay on the card regardless of how the order of the deck is shuffled around.
    • Shuffling your deck will change the order of your deck, meaning if you use Glimpse, then play Parallel Dimensions, the first 3 cards you draw will not necessarily be those same 3 cards you looked at earlier.
    • Kara Shellen appears in the artwork of Done That.
    • Having been one of the very first cards designed for the class, Parallel Dimensions was made before Plot Twist existed.

    Curse of Naxxramas

    The one card from Curse of Naxxramas, plays with recent actions, a theme present in many cards in the class. Rapid Necromancy itself is a card with a skill cap, requiring you to time how you play it, but it can indeed be very powerful if you do so. AoE however might make it a bit unpredictable. I guess this also means Time Traveler technically had resurrection before Priest.

    Goblins vs Gnomes

    Going against the grain, Goblins vs Gnomes does not have much randomness for Time Traveler, as low amounts of RNG is intended to be a class theme. In this set, the class has a theme of interacting with your opponent. Unlike most of the other classes, Time Traveler does not have any Mech synergy and only has one Mech (Chicken Transmutator).

    Full GvG Set

    • Disturbed Flow is a nod to thepowrofcheese's Chronomancer class. It is a copy of "Avert", a card from that class. More nods to that class within this class.

    Blackrock Mountain

    Blackrock Mountain introduces a bit of Dragons to the set although the class is not intended to be a Dragon class, like Priest for instance. Flashback Dragon utilizes card generation in an interesting way so your opponent may have to think twice about they use to kill it.

    • What Flashback Dragon generates is based on a number of situations.
      • If it is killed by a minion attack, or minion effect, you will gain a copy of that minion.
      • If it is killed by a spell, you will gain a copy of that spell.
      • If it is killed by a weapon attack, you will get a copy of the weapon.
      • If it is killed by a Hero Power, you will get nothing.
      • If it is killed by a Hero Card Battlecry (possible with Deathstalker Rexxar, Shadowreaper Anduin, and Hagatha the Witch), you will gain a copy of the Hero Card.
      • If it is killed by a spell cast by cards that cast spells secondhand (Yogg-Saron, Hope's End, etc.), you will get a copy of the spell that killed it.
      • If it is killed by a Battlecry repeated by Shudderwock, you will get a Shudderwock.

    The Grand Tournament

    In The Grand Tournament, you win or you die, the Quick-Time and top of your deck mechanics are expanded a bit. It gives the class a new AoE, as well as having a counterplay mechanism that still feels fair to both players (Temporal Magician).

    Full TGT Set

    • Argent Timekeeper's Cost reduction effect works like Temporal Golem's effect. The card affected will keep the Cost reduction if the deck order changes.
    • Temporal Magician's Battlecry works exactly like Parallel Dimensions. Only difference is that it's applied to both players.
    • If multiple minions in your hand are tied for the highest Cost, Challenger's Portal will choose a minion at random.

    League of Explorer's

    League of Explorers similarly uses the Discover mechanic and some of its class mechanics in a new way.

    • If multiple cards in your hand are tied for the highest Cost, Ancient Historian will pick one of those cards at random to shuffle in.

    Whispers of the Old Gods

    Whispers of the Old Gods adds some new mechanics to the mix as well as utilizing some old ones. The Quick-Time mechanic is expanded in a new way with Power of Yogg-Saron. Have you ever wanted to reduce C'Thun's Cost? There's now a specific support card for it!

    Full WotOG Set


    • If you activate Demented Lackey's Quick-Time effect, C'Thun's Cost will be displayed in the animation.
    • Timekiller is a corrupted version of Timewalker from the Classic set. The effect of gaining Attack is instead changed to dealing damage.
    • If Dark Replication transform into a card with a Quick-Time effect, the effect will only activate if Dark Replication was added to your hand that turn.
      • Additionally, if your deck is empty, Dark Replication simply won't transform into anything.

    One Night in Karazhan

    The "if the top card of your deck is X" mechanic last used all the way back in the Classic Set returns in the form of Theatre Symphonist. Other than that, nothing too special goes on, but every Karazhan card copies something.

    • Although it might not be obvious at first glance, spells cast by Theatre Symphonist do not have random targets, unless the card is inherently random. It's basically as if you cast the spell from your hand, but you get to skip the cost.

    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

    Not being a fan of the Grimy Goons tactics, not wanting to join the Jade Lotus because of a dislike for Jade Idols, and not being able to find other classes to create a new gang, Time Traveler joins The Kabal. Despite their allegiance, Thomas knows that Kazakus is a crime leader, and is very cautious about what could be thrown at him. Their allegiance however allows them to combine The Kabal's potion creation techniques with Thomas's time manipulation abilities.

    Full MSoG Set


    • Dimensioneer's Battlecry works exactly like Parallel Dimensions or Temporal Magician. It however only shuffles Quick-Time cards instead of your whole hand.
    • Robbing Time flavorfully allows a Kabal class to mess up other Kabal classes by shutting off their Highlander cards. The card was originally made for a challenge. The challenge ended up not going through, but I liked the card enough to keep it.

    Journey to Un'Goro

    Some sand elementals from the nearby deserts of Tanaris and Ulduam have wondered into Un'Goro. Do you suppose that's how the Tol'vir got there? Being an Elemental class since its creation, Time Traveler finally gains access to some Elemental synergy in several forms, and the craziest Quest to hit Hearthstone. Fan favorite card Eternos the Time Lord also appears in this set.

    Full Un'Goro Set


    • Timemage was made before Pogo-Hopper existed.
    • Lost Timestone has a similar effect to Theatre Symphonist. The target of the spell you Discover is not random unless the card is inherently random.
    • Restarting the game with The Rift will cause the entire game to start back at the mulligan as if a new game just begin. With this in mind, the first game is not counted as a win, loss, or draw for either player, and any win-streaks either player has will be kept.
    • Restarting the game with The Rift will remove Unlock the Rift from your deck even the copy of The Rift you played did not originate from Unlock the Rift.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Thomas is dead! In this timeline at least, he'll be back to normal by the time K&C comes along. Card creation is a theme in this set, although it's not random like it is for Mages. Some one-off mechanics are also used in this set.

    Full KotFT set


    • Chronecromancer is a portmanteau of "chronomancer" and "necromancer", as the effect combines chronomancy and necromancy. It's also a tribute to Ragnador and Schlauchneid's Necromancer class from the same big competition. The class was a finalist.
    • Frozen Reflections is a tribute to Maxlot's Summoner class, another finalist from the big competition. The class contains a card with this effect.
    • Greased Lightning is a tribute to CheeseEtc's Chef class, another finalist from the big competition. The card mimics the class's Roast mechanic. The card name is also a pun as grease is involved in cooking. It's also a reference to the phrase "greased lightning".
    • Thomas the Endbringer's effect of drawing extra cards at the start of your turn stacks based on how many copies of it you play. For example, if you play 2 copies of it in one game, you will start drawing 3 cards at the start of your turn.

    Lich King Boss Card

    Frozen Soul is the boss card played by The Lich King at the start of his first turn. When he plays it, he limits your card playing abilities as for the rest of the game, you can only play one card on your turn. Doesn't matter how much mana you have, you play one and you can't play another. Time Traveler has lots of cards which draw and generate other cards which can be good to get more cards to play, but also stops you from playing them as you get them. Quick-Time effects become only possible to activate by top-decking those cards.

    Kobolds and Catacombs

    Upon reaching the Kobold's catacombs, Thomas discovers what resembles an Egyptian crypt. Time Traveler has an Egyptian theme in Kobolds & Catacombs with sphinxes as minions (and a humanoid canine resembling Anubis) and all sorts of pharoah magic. In terms of mechanics, Quick-Time is a big theme for Time Traveler in this expansion, with several cards that either have or interact with Quick-Time effects. Big Time Traveler is also given support with Guild Teleport.

    Show Spoiler


    • The class has two sphinx minions: Tomb Guardian and Sphinx of Fortune, both of which have Quick-Time effects that add copies of themselves to your deck.
    • Gorgon Archer is a tribute to McF4rtson's Sea Witch class, the winner of the big competition. The card depicts a gorgon, which can be seen as a relative of the nagas and sea witches the class is largely based off of. Specifically, it has the same cost and statline as "Scallywag Bonnie" from that class, as well as an effect based on your deck.
    • Be sure to view this class's Dungeon Run Guide.

    Arena Exclusive

    Temporal Flux is the Arena-exclusive card for Time Traveler added in Patch 10.4 alongside cards like Crackling Doom, Polymorph: ???, and Blazing Longsword. Although it might seem weak at first glance, this card could be pretty strong in combination with several copying tools, which is why this is not a Constructed card.

    The Witchwood

    Just as Thomas is about to approach Gilneas, it appears that Toki is already doing his job for him, so he has no worry. Like K&C, Quick-Time is a theme in this expansion. Some new mechanics are used, and the class obtains its first source of pseudo-healing: Reversion.

    Full Witchwood Set


    • Gilnean Timekeeper will reduce the Cost of Quick-Time cards in your hand, even if their Quick-Time effects are not active.
    • Temporal Loop spells created by Crystal Phoenix do not reset the turn timer, because it would otherwise be possibly to indefinitely prolong a turn, breaking the game.
      • Using a Temporal Loop spell will make it disappear permanently, similar to how the Temporal Loop Hero Power is only usable once per turn.
    • With the release of Rise of Shadows, rotating out Genn and Baku, Rocket Dog moves to the Hall of Fame. This is quite possibly the first card in a custom class to ever be rotated to the Hall of Fame.
    • If multiple copies of The Shadow Dealer are somehow present in your deck when the game starts (possible via drafting multiple in Arena, very specific Tavern Brawls, or modes like Dalaran Heist), the effect will activate once for copy.
    • If one has both The Shadow Dealer and Prince Malchezaar in their deck, Malchezaar's effect will activate first, meaning it will be possible to start with one of Malchezaar's Legendaries in your opening hand if you take the extra mulligan.
    • The Shadow Dealer will not allow you to replace The Coin.
    • Because the extra mulligan is taken during the first turn of the game, if you draw into any Quick-Time cards in your extra mulligan, their Quick-Time effects will be active.

    Taverns of Time

    To join up with Flash Forward, Master of Realities, and Fatecleaver, Infinite Harbinger and Matter Split are Time Traveler's cards of choice for the Taverns of Time.

    The Boomsday Project

    In the Boomsday Lab, Time Travelers study the field of portals and creation thereof, lead by head portal scientist, Sarax, Rift Creator. Rather bizarre however is that Time Travelers are not pushed into any one mechanic in this class, as opposed to what you'd normally see in a class's set in any expansion. Instead, Time Traveler gains a myriad of cards with different effects.

    Full Boomsday Set


    • Bullet Time is basically a giant reference to The Matrix.
    • If the first 3 cards you've played this game contain any duplicates, Wormhole Physics will list cards played later instead. For example, if the second and third card you played this game are the same, Wormhole Physics will give you the fourth card you played this game instead of the third.
    • Sarax's Emergency Rift works exactly like Murozond, just for your hand instead of the battlefield.
    • As of the Boomsday Buffs, Bullet Time and Portal Scientist received buffs. The former had its Cost reduced by 1, and the latter was given +1 Health.

    Rastakhan's Rumble

    In Rastakhan's Rumble, you are in charge of a new team: Tharon'ja's Serpents, championed by Sul the Sandcrawler. When you have so much time control ability, you have many ways to win. Introduced in this set is something quite rare for Time Traveler: a proper win condition. Up until now, most Time Traveler decks have relied on simply out-valuing your opponent. In the Gurubashi Arena, you have a way to win in form of Tharon'ja the Serpent.

    This set is very WoW based. This is very unusual for Time Traveler, which normally is mostly original to Hearthstone with tidbits of WoW sprinkled in.

    Full RR Set


    • Effects that give you new Hero Powers typically say the effect of the Hero Power on the card instead of the name of the Hero Power. In the case of Vortex Shift though, Parallel Dimensions is a very distinst collectable card, so I thought it was appropriate.
    • If two or more of last 3 cards you played this game are same card, Peerings of the Past will dig deeper until it finds 3 unique cards in order of when you played them.
    • Shoutout to thepowrofcheese: Two of these cards originate from his Chronomancer class: Delayed Reaction and Arch Rivals. Names and artwork differ.
    • Like Feugen and Stalagg, Tharon'ja's Deathrattle will also count the deaths of enemy Tharon'ja's as well. Silencing it works the same way as well. You need to Silence the last one to die for the Silence to be meaningful. This is because even when a Silenced minion dies, it's still considered to have died.

    Rumble Run

    As Rikkar steps into the Arena, he has pledged himself to Tharon'ja and his team. Who can blame him to be honest? All the cards and power you get seem really cool (*wink, wink*). Victory will overthrow Sul the Sandcrawler as his champion. It's up to you (playing as Rikkar) to win. After his own prophet murdered him behind his back, Tharon'ja has wanted someone new to take that spot for a while.

    All Rumble Run Information

    • The "won't trigger this" on Tharon'ja's Soul simply means that cards created by it will not trigger itself, and thus will not infinitely loop the effect over and over.
    • Like with Gilnean Timekeeper, Quick-Time cards in your hand will gain the Cost reduction of Time Portal even if their Quick-Time effects are no longer active. The effect that activates their effects twice however will have no effect if their Quick-Time effects are not active.
    • Whilst your opponent's hand is visible with Dimension Controller, mouse over the cards in their hand to view them like you would in your own hand.
    • Trivia: Tharon'ja's Soul depicts a Dragon inside Dragon Soul, thus having "soul" in the name and an effect that relates to spells.
    • Be sure to view this class's Rumble Run Guide.

    Rise of Shadows

    With 5 returning villains, and only 4 Dalaran defenders, Time Traveler joins the Dalaran defender to make an even 5 and 5, using their cosmic powers. With Year of the Mammoth rotated out, this expansion hopes to fill in some of the holes as a result of the rotation, and to support current archetypes. Tharon'ja decks notably have some support here.

    Full RoS Set

    Dalaran Heist

    "Slightly mischievous, yet exceptionally intelligent, she is not afraid to kick butt or take names."

    Chrona Wilson represents the Time Traveler class in the Dalaran Heist. Whilst at first, she is normally only available during Dalaran Heist, completing Dalaran Heist on Heroic difficulty will unlock her as an alternate hero. Her emotes are the same in both modes.

    Be sure to view this class's Dalaran Heist Guide.

    Dalaran Heist Additional Information

    Available from the beginning.Activate 20 Quick-Time effects.Play 25 Elementals

    Saviors of Uldum

    Normally the "good" classes would be represented by one of the explorers of LoE. The problem is... there's no fifth explorer. Instead, Classic Legendary Kara Shellen makes a reappearance (as Kara the Fallen) in this set. Lorewise, Kara peeks into a future as to what happens should the League of EVIL succeed, and decides to help the explorers, as well as, you know, saving Uldum. It's kind of in the name. In this set, Time Traveler receives a whopping three new synergies for the first time, one based on reducing the Cost of your cards, one for shuffling cards, as well as the class's first Deathrattle support card (Mummify). Just like Mage, Time Traveler is also receiving Highlander support for the second time, after MSoG.

    Full SoU Set


    Tombs of Terror

    In the Tombs of Terror, you control Kara Shellen, allying wth the League of Explorer's. During her quest to stop the League of EVIL, she ended up falling under some corruption set out by Rafaam, however the corruption failed to manifest properly. Instead of turning her evil, it kept her good, but simply gave her much more aggressive means of attaining her goals. Due to this "half-corrupted" state she is now in, she is slightly more reckless, and also has some "dark" (though not necessarily evil) tactics to achieve (reflected by her use of Time Traveler and Warlock cards), and now balances and utilizes good and bad timelines to her benefit (which in gameplay is reflected by her first Hero Power, Staff of Chronos).

    Instead of being corrupted from hero to villain, she was essentially corrupted from hero to anti-hero.

    All Tombs of Terror Information

    Completing all 4 main chapters will upgrade Jr. Sandmancer into Sr. Sandmancer.

    You remember the Basic card, Sandmancer, right? Well, if you don't. Here it is:

    Doom in the Tomb

    With Doom in the Tomb, Cyber Punk and Murozond (from MSoG and WotOG respectively) come back to Standard for the event. Logically, the choice of Murozond could be viewed as foreshadowing Descent of Dragons.


    In the new Battlegrounds mode, Chronecromancer from the KotFT set joins the fray.

    Descent of Dragons

    As the conclusion of the Year of the Dragon trilogy reaches, Nebulon, the aspect of space and the Astral Dragonflight (an original dragonflight created by me) represnts the Time Traveler class and their alignment of "good" in this fight against the League of EVIL. Although this isn't the first time they've received Dragons or synergy (having a single synergy card in Blackrock Mountain, and none since), this is the first time it is embarked on as part of the set. Do we perhaps see Dragons becoming a more staple tribe for Time Travelers?

    Join Nebulon in this set as you take on an epic journey. You'll take some Sidequests along the way, and find some Discover synergies.

    Full DoD set

    Nebulon's Tokens - Upon activating Nebulon's Battlecry, you will choose one of these to put into the battlefield:

    Other Tokens

    Galakrond's Awakening

    For the new adventure, Kara is once again here to help the League of Explorers with their draconic journey. 3 new Time Traveler cards will be found here to unlock and play.

    Ashes of Outland

    In the Outlands as Time Traveler, you'll come across strange creatures and a whole bunch of weird things of the present and future around every corner, all trying to summon something it seems. Time Traveler in this set is more generic than most classes in most sets, but it sets up a plan for later sets.

    Full AoO Set


    Scholomance Academy

    It seems that before Scholomance became a hub area for dark magic and cults, it was an esteemed academy full of bright students and learning potential. In Scholomance Academy, you have BIG ambitions. Time Traveler's arsenal in this set is focused on big cards and being able to cheat them. You've also decided to study some priestly and warlock magic on the side, as your two partner classes in this set are Priest and Warlock. You've also taken an interest in the mysterious Dawnhammer cult hidden deep below the undercrofts of the school (must be a first for everything) who have undertaken a ritual in order to summon the power Infinite Dragon lord known as Dromadicus. Kara's brother, Crimson Shellen, seems to be here in the academy. We're not quite sure for what purpose, but we believe he's here to assassinate Kel'Thuzad or perhaps one of the students before they would become evil.

    Full Scholomance Academy set


    Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

    The Old Gods have each come back and are at the Darkmoon Faire, perhaps indulging in their own psychotic fun toying with people at the fair? There's fun, and there's madness... at the Darkmoon Faire! Play some carnival games, watch the performers, engage in weird culty action. Take a trip down the menagerie perhaps? This set includes some support for Menagerie decks, and some cards designed with next year preparations in mind.

    Full Madness at the Darkmoon Faire set


    Minigame Master explanation

    When you play Minigame Master, he will randomly select one of three minigames for you to play. If you successfully beat one, you'll get to choose a prize (a set of 4 tokens).

    Spot The Real Card - You will see three versions of the same card. Two of them are fake (be it different stats, wrong grammar, or wrong class, subtle changes like that). One of them is the real card. Click/tap the real card and you win the minigame.

    Cup Shuffle - Exactly as it sounds. One cup out of three has a prize. The cups will shuffle for a few seconds. Pick the correct one to win the minigame.

    Lowest to Highest - Three random cards in the game, all of different mana costs, will be displayed to you. However their stats, cost, and effects are blank. You are to click/tap on the cards in the correct order from lowest mana Cost to highest mana Cost. If you're right, you win the minigame.


    Darkmoon Faire Mini-Set

    Over at the Darkmoon Faire, the magician's group has been using their supply of crystals to create mirrors and illusions. One particular mage has apparently infused herself with the crystals to create copies of herself. We suspect that Sayge has been using them for his fortune telling. Time Traveler in this set gets a few cards that go along with their dual-class themes from Scholomance Academy, with copying cards with Priest, and drawing cards with Warlock.

    Core Set 2021

    The first of the new Core sets is upon is in Year of the Gryphon. Upon this year's Core set are some old Core favorites being kept, along with some favorites from Wild sets being added in. But we also have some changes to some familiar faces, and also the arrival of a new, significant face.

    Full 2021 Core Set

    • Future Sight, Accelerate Time, Harness Time, Quicksand, Sandstorm, Parallel Dimensions, Temporal Golem, and Black Hole from the original Core set remain.
    • Manaweaver, Portalwraith, Cyber Punk, Sapphire Maiden, Bullet Time, Quick Strike, and Tomb Guardian are introduced to the Core set after each originating from expansion sets (after Cyber Punk was also brought back during Doom in the Tomb).
    • Cyber Punk, Sapphire Maiden, and Temporal Golem all receive a +1 Health buff.
    • Starace, Solar Entity is the only completely new card added to the Core set.

    Forged in the Barrens

    Our journey into the Barrens follows Infinis Tempor, a young bronze dragon with ties to the Bronze Dragonflight who learns of his draconic nature and ability to use time magic through his journey with Elise into Un'Goro crater after awakening Eternos the Time Lord. Though he is far from a master in the arts of time magic, he is making quick strides in his journey to become better and aspires to be the best he can be. Why exactly he's found himself in the Barrens is not clear yet though.

    Full Forged in the Barrens set


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    July 21st 2019

    • Added Saviors of Uldum
    • Edited first "Reserved" comment to Changelog.


    July 22nd 2019

    • Buffed Sense of Spirit (now 6 mana, down from 7).


    July 23rd 2019

    • Replaced Pillars of Creation with Eternity Hourglass (Legend of the Obelisks).


    August 17th 2019

    • Legend of the Obelisk replaced with The Eternity Chamber. Change is purely flavor, and only the art and name are changed. The card functionally stays exactly the same.


    September 15th 2019

    • Tombs of Terror now added.


    September 16th 2019

    • Dark Chronos now given the Legendary Silver Dragon as found on some of the other class treasures.
    • Sandmancer Adept and Sandmancer Expert changed into Jr. Sandmancer and Sr. Sandmancer respectively.


    November 7th 2019

    • Cyber Punk and Murozond have been chosen as the class's cards for Doom in the Tomb.
    • Chronecromancer made for the Battlegrounds mode.


    November 20th 2019:

    • Spoilers now added to main post.


    I don't keep this updated, lol.

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    All Flavor Texts


    Thomas Temporison - Thomas is a master at chronomancy and time travel. In the future, Hearthstone is played on motorcycles.

    Thomas, Eternally Ascended - After travelling across several dimensions, Thomas had become ascended with time manipulation. He also got a sweet hairdo. Obtained from winning 1000 Ranked or Arena games as a Time Traveler.

    Chrona Wilson - Spunky. Mischievous. Friend of Thomas. Her favorite moves are Blink and Recall. Obtained by completing Heist of Dalaran on Heroic difficulty.


    Future Sight - It's important to not spend too much time focusing on your Future Sight, or you'll lose your Present Sight.

    Dust Typhoon - Pro-tip: Do not disenchant your good cards to make your Dust Typhoon bigger.

    Accelerate Time - It's amazing how impatient some Time Travelers are when they can literally control time.

    Sandmancer - Listen to the new Elite Tauren Chieftain song, "Enter Sandmancer".

    Been There - "I was in the depths of the underworld one time. Never going there again."

    Done That - "First go like this, spin around, stop! Double take three times."

    Sand Attack - Never get into a sandcastle building contest with a Time Traveler.

    Quicksand - Even worse than Slowsand.

    Crossfire Bolts - Not to be confused with "X-fire Bolts".

    Banish - I hereby banish you to the other player's hand.


    Rift Elemental - Made of 100% organic rift.

    Energy Blast - Time Travelers don't need energy drinks. They just get a blast of all the energy they need.

    Rift Magician - Time Travelers are the best magicians. If they mess up a magic trick, they can just go back in time and try again.

    Vault Keeper - Keeps a vault full of thousands of Krabby Patties.

    Harness Time - "Harness Time" pretty much describes every Time Traveler spell.

    Sandstorm - Darudest card you play.

    Path to Nowhere - So, where are we? How did we get here again?

    Parallel Dimensions - How do you figure out how dimensions are parallel to eachother? I don't know. Time manipulation and mathematics are not a good combination.

    Cube of Memories - Easier to carry than a Sphere of Memories.

    Timewalker - I'm walking on ti-ime. Whaaaaoooo!

    Chrono Prophet - He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows the top card of your deck, so he hopes you do for goodness sake.

    Temporal Golem - The source of all of that flying sand couldn't possible be that giant sand elemental. Nope.

    Mirror Match - You just played yourself.

    Black Hole - Black Hole Sun, won't you come… and wash away the rain.

    Kara Shellen - Credited with inventing the Supply Caravan.

    Curse of Naxxramas
    Rapid Necromancy - If you were dead for one second, were you really dead though?

    Goblins vs Gnomes

    Blast from the Future - By "the future", they mean October 21st 2015.

    Goblin Slime Gunner - Slime is complimentary for the Azerodeon Kids' Choice Awards. This year's host: Ragnaros the Firelord.

    Disturbed Flow - Go ahead. Try to cast that Pyroblast!

    Chicken Transmutator - People who try to fight him are literally chickens.

    Rift Blaster - Because gnomes were tired of fighting Rogues with Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

    Timeline Shift - Everyone has an evil twin. Don't you know?

    Mine Engineer - It's all mine.

    Sally Fizzlespark - Screws up the mind.

    Blackrock Mountain

    Blackrock Chronomancer - It wasn't always like this you know, years ago, Blackrock was…

    Flashback Dragon - When suddenly your vision starts wobbling and you see the past.

    The Grand Tournament

    Turn Back Time - It's 12:03 and I was supposed to arrive at 12:02.

    Bronze Guardian - She melted all of her third place bronze trophies into a bronze suit to become the Bronze Guardian.

    Astral Storm - It was after the third consecutive meteor storm on the tournament grounds, that the manager started to get suspicious.

    Argent Timekeeper - Even a nanosecond before the competition starts and she'll penalize you.

    Temporal Magician - I hope you didn't need those cards.

    Vision of the Third Eye - His third eye is on his hand.

    Eternal Elemental - She just keeps coming back… and back… and back… and back.

    Challenger's Portal - It's Deathwing versus Deathwing! This will be a match for the ages. Provided the whole crowd doesn't die during the match.

    Justine Time - Think you can rely on perfectly top-decking a Fireball when your opponent has 6 Health? Think again.

    League of Explorers

    Astral Discoveries - We still have yet to discover if the moon is made of cheese or not.

    Sandkeeper - You have to wonder what he's doing with all of that sand.

    Ancient Historian - If you think she has too many watches, she has a literal "watchdog" named Tock.

    Whispers of the Old Gods

    Seer of Darkness - Maybe he'd be happier if he didn't focus on the darkness so much.

    Demented Lackey - He sets up C'Thun's alarm clock because C'Thun very rarely makes it to cult rituals on time.

    Temporal Storm - No one truly knows when a Temporal Storm is over. Most people don't even remember when it began.

    Time Twister - I'm not sure twisting time is a good idea.

    Timekiller - You say that you're killing time, but in reality, time is killing you.

    Hollow Knight - He doesn't have very think skin.

    Dark Replication - How else do you think evil clones are made?

    Power of Yogg-Saron - Wait. Yogg-Saron's power only deals 1 damage? I thought a big scary Old God would be stronger than that.

    Murozond - He alters time and constantly changes his flavor text. He probably changed it while you were reading it.

    One Night in Karazhan

    Rift Bomb - When you get hit by a rift bomb, usually the only thing you remember is which hero you're fighting for.

    Theatre Symphonist - Her favorite video game is Castlevania: Symphonist of the Night.

    Child's Play - Wooden dolls are Medivh's biggest fear. Don't tell him I said that.

    Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

    Double Potion - Two potions for the price of one!

    Kabal Apprentice - When you're an apprentice for the Kabal, you usually just stick to making Kaza-Kola.

    Cyber Punk - Her sister is the Steam Punk.

    Rift Potion - Keeping a rift in a potion is harder than it looks. Okay?

    Dimensioneer - In her universes, coin tosses have opposite outcomes.

    Acid Potion - Don't do acid, kids.

    Robbing Time - Where did the time go?

    Astral Summoner - Just one of several dozen side effects of summoning from space.

    Grand Chemist Nero - Legendary minions found in bottles are usually just cheap knock-offs of the real deal.

    Journey to Un'Goro

    Dunebringer - Brings the dune everywhere it goes.

    Timemage - He wanders and wanders all day long be he always finds his way back.

    Boulder Elemental - The elemental everyone runs away from.

    Aerial Skycutter - Skycutter helmets are found in P blocks and give you a hoverboard to flip gravity. This is not the same type of Skycutter.

    Lost Timestone - Well clearly it's not lost because you had to have found it to take a picture of it for a card.

    Vortex Elemental - Gives "sucked into a vortex" a new and rather disturbing meaning.

    Element Energy - Time Travelers are not scientists.

    Dimension Vortex - Essentially loading a new map without starting a new game.

    Unlock the Rift - The password to unlock the rift is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

    Eternos the Time Lord - When you're a time lord, 5 minute breaks often last a lot longer than 5 minutes.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    Shackles of Time - Trapped in time, by time itself. Ironic, isn't it?

    Time Continuum - Duro! Minion cardo!

    Sapphire Maiden - It could be gold or platinum if you go a bit faster.

    Grim Timebender - You know, because Timebending is such a friendly type of magic.

    Chronecromancer - If you really think about it, Necromancy is just a darker subform of Chronomancy. Not as impressive when you think about it that way.

    Frozen Reflections - Just give it 5000 years or so to thaw out and you'll have some new best friends.

    Greased Lightning - I guess that's why it's called "fast food".

    Prism Magician - You'd be surprised how well Time Travelers are at Geometry.

    Thomas the Endbringer - "Stop being worried about life and learn to embrace death. The end of your life is the beginning of something better."

    Nez, Dimension Warrior - Just hit the "Refresh" button on your deck page and viola!

    Kobolds and Catcombs

    Pharoah's Spirit - Somehow I'm not sure pharaohs with their mummies and curses bring good fortune.

    Temple Watcher - Temple is his favorite TV show.

    Astral Djinn - Has a lot of space up in space.

    Lesser Opal Spellstone - A gemstone fused with power prime. To travel through both space and time. Inara soon found bound by soul. As the stone curse takes its toll.

    Tomb Guardian - Guards the tombs from those crofty tomb raiders.

    Guild Teleport - Because groups never seem to stick together very well.

    Gorgon Archer - Currently gone 17 days so far without accidentally poking one of her snakes with an arrow. New record!

    Sphinx of Fortune - She knows your fortune and will tell you as many times as she wants to.

    Chronomancer Inara - Stop! Quick-Time!

    Staff of Prophecy - Legend has it that activating Quick-Time effects gives you control of mummies to fight for you. It's just a legend though. I doubt it's true.

    The Witchwood

    Gilnean Spherebinder - They often become Zenyatta mains.

    Clairvoyant of Darkness - Maybe she would see a brighter future in everyone if she didn't focus on the darkness so much.

    Dawn of Midnight - I thought dawn was supposed to be at 6 AM.

    Hollow Cloak - You see a cloak, but I see… just a cloak.

    Gilnean Timekeeper - Genn is too lazy to figure out when the next full moon is.

    Rocket Dog - Hot dog!!!

    Reversion - What last damage?

    Crystal Phoenix - That must be a pretty expensive pet.

    The Shadow Dealer - Always deals 22.

    Infinite Toki - Let's get it wrong this time!

    The Boomsday Project

    Temporal Project - Wait. When is this project due again?

    Portalwraith - Someone forgot to close the portal machine again. Probably Sarax.

    Portal Scientist - Blue portal here. Orange portal here. Voila!

    Bullet Time - Dodge this!

    Rift Blasters - When you shoot A1 and A7 at the same time.

    Omega Leader - Omegas always lead over Alphas, Betas, and Gammas.

    Wormhole Physics - They spin and they suck. That's about all I got.

    Clockwork Soul - There was me, that is Sarax, and my three friends, that is Flark, Kangor, and Boom, and we sat in the Boomsday Lab trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening.

    Sarax's Emergency Rift - "Only for emergencies" he says, yet he uses it to cheat at Hearthstone.

    Sarax, Rift Creator - He always remembers to use Glimpse first.

    Rastakhan's Rumble

    Delayed Reaction - Amazingly, it's like they always have a Deathrattle to play next.

    Zandalari Illusionist - You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot use illusions in the arena, Zyluat.

    Arch Rivals - My jaws that bite! My claws that ca- My jaws that bite! My claws that ca- My jaws that bite! My claws that ca-

    Dark Troll Overseer - "That's a good win condition you have there, would be a shame if someone pushed it to the end of your deck."

    Spirit of the Serpent - Ironically, it's usually the first one to die.

    Chronoblast - The most shocking blast is how a Murloc can perform this spell!

    Peerings of the Past - The hardest part is that you can only choose one.

    Vortex Shift - Sometimes, you just have to visit different dimensions. It's a nice change of pace.

    Sul the Sandcrawler - He's a bit sad, since he's only been used for card-drawing spells lately.

    Tharon'ja, the Serpent - Death only brings more death. That's science.

    Rise of Shadows

    Cosmic Portal - I feel like that's just called a wormhole.

    Vapor Wave - "Hi vapor, I'm Thomas. Nice to meet you."

    Rift Splitter - You call it "splitting" the rift. I call it "unlocking" the rift. Only 8 more to go.

    Chronomantic Arrow - "This way! No, that way!"

    Cosmic Sorcerer - What's better than one Future Sight? How about two? TWO FUTURE SIGHTS!!!

    Cosmic Harpy - One small flap for a bird. One giant leap for harpykind.

    Astrophysicist - She's currently studying a mounter found in the cosmos. One that's apparently made out of spaghetti.

    Dalaran Crystal Keeper - I guess you could say, those crystals came from a dead man's hand.

    Astros the Starsurger - He surges Azeroth's biggest stars away from the paparazzi. He can always tell when someone has a camera in their hand.

    Chronos - You get better at playing cards the more you try it.

    Saviors of Uldum

    Manaweaver - Weaving mana. It's harder than it sounds.

    Mystic Companion - You chose… poorly. Then again, your other two choices weren't any better.

    Golden Amulet - All that glitters is not gold. But this does.

    Mummify - After you give birth, you're said to have become mummified.

    Cosmic Guardian - A space dog who learned to wield a wand, he baffles enemies with lightning-swift attacks.

    Quick Strike - Rule number 1: Everything that is blue is fast. Doesn't matter if it's a car, an arrow, or a hedgehog. It's fast.

    Student of Kara - Don't think you can just rewind time to attend every class without being late. Kara can tell.

    Sense of Spirit - So this is that sixth sense everyone talks about.

    The Eternity Chamber - I hope you like this chamber, because you'll be staying here. For an eternity.

    Kara the Fallen - Why do Chronomancers even try to fight when they see that they will already lose?

    Descent of Dragons

    Nick of Time - It's not like Jane of Time or Mark of Time.

    Dragon Summoner - He getting ready to summon a white dragon with blue eyes.

    Dimensional Explorer - He made the jump from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions quite well.

    Nebulon's Call - Just leave a text instead.

    Astral Wyrm - Not to be confused with "Astral Worm".

    Cosmic Breath - It does not taste milky.

    Observe the Cosmos - "That one looks like a planet. That one looks like a star."

    Hour of Twilight - Because "3,600,000 milliseconds of Twilight" doesn't have the same flow.

    Dragonlord Rakuen - Sounds like a move in Street Fighter.

    Nebulon, Aspect of Space - Do you like his style?

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    This thread is currently in its most primitive form, due to the lack of Spoilers. As such, features like Dungeon Run/Rumble Run/Dalaran Heist buckets were not added, but they are here.

    Here is the HearthPwn thread which has that available.

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    In a similar vein to Chimera's Basic class guides, I've decided to do the same thing for my class. Just due to laziness, all of the Golden Copy requirements are the exact same as Mage.

    Time Traveler Lore & Basics

    Time Travelers are experts at the laws of chronomancy, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time, knowing the winner of the game before it even begins. These crafty chronomancers use several tactics to forward their game, being able to easily go through different dimensions, look and move into different periods of time, and generate things into the current world, all on a whim. They are also experts at rift magic and sand magic, being able to deal damage, summon minions, or even alter very time itself during the game. If all else fails, they are also experts at astral magic, forming black holes and astral storms galore.

    Hello! There's a lot to learn when jumping in to Hearthstone, and the goal of this guide is to package it neatly for you. Additionally, you will find all available heroes for this class,  some relevant lore, and the levels at which you unlock cards & their golden versions. Enjoy!

    The Time Traveler class can be unlocked by defeating an opponent playing the class. Its identity involves drawing cards, copying cards, knowing the top of your deck, Quick-Time, and Elementals.

    Basic Class Cards

    You begin with 5 of your class cards available, while the other 5 must be earned through playing that class. An overview of these cards can be found below:

    Golden Copies - Levels 32 & 34

    Future Sight is one of the most instrumental cards for the class, and at least one copy should be considered for every Time Traveler deck you make.

    The card lets you look at the top 4 cards of your deck and rearrange them as you see fit. Although it has the same effect as Glimpse, Future Sight costs no mana allowing you to play it at any time, as well as looking at one extra card. The extra card may not seem like much at first, but it opens a lot of additional opportunities. This effect also has synergy with Quick-Time cards. In short, this is a one-time Glimpse with a huge power spike.

    This card is best used:

    • To look at the top of your deck, and plan future turns around.
    • To alter your next draws to optimize future turns, and Quick-Time effects.

    Golden Copies - Levels 28 & 30

    Accelerate Time draws a single card and reduces its Cost by (2) for that turn only, meaning that if you play the card on that turn, it's as if that card was in your hand. The only downside is that the Cost reduction effect is only on that turn. If the card is not played on the same turn you draw it, it will go back to its original Cost. As a result, this card should not be played willy-nilly in the early game, although the more Mana you have, the less risky this becomes. At 10 mana, the risk is nullified completely (except in the case of cards like Molten Giant)

    This card is best used:

    • In combination with Glimpse or Future Sight, so you can change what you draw, allowing you to guarantee the Cost reduction effect.
    • To draw a Quick-Time card as you want to play those cards on the same turn you draw them anyway.

    Golden Copies - Levels 15 & 20

    Been There adds 2 copies of a friendly minion to your hand. You must control a minion to play the card, and it cannot be played on an empty board (although you'd typically not want to do this anyway).

    This card is best used:

    • To add 2 copies of a useful minion to your hand.

    Golden Copies - Levels 44 & 46

    Done That is much like Been There (both flavorfully and mechanically), but unlike the latter, Done That copies spells instead of minions and doesn't require board presence. The effect adds copies of the last 2 spells you cast over the course of the game to your hand. This effect lasts over the course of several turns.

    Although not very mana efficient, you can potentially copy one spell infinitely, by going 'Done That -> spell -> Done That' this will add another Done That and the other spell to your hand and casting 'spell -> Done That' will repeat the process.

    This card is best used:

    • To copy useful spells.

    Golden Copies - Levels 47 & 48

    Sand Attack combines damage with draw. It can be strong at removal or cycling, and if you plan your next draws properly, it can accomplish both at the same time very efficiently.

    This card is best used:

    • To weaken or remove a minion.
    • To cycle through your deck.

    Cards Unlocked Through Class Level

    Additional cards are earned ever 2 levels, up to 10. Levels are earned through individual class experience, and that is a product of playing the game!

    We will give an overview of these locked class cards, and at which level you can access them:

    Unlocked - Level 2

    Golden Copies - Levels 40 & 43

    Dust Typhoon is a small AoE spell that will affect up to 3 minions. Although 1 damage is very minimal, it can be very effective against token decks. Your opponent may play around it by positioning their minions in a certain way, although this is not a large enough aspect of the game for most people to consider.

    This card was created before Shooting Star.

    This card is best used:

    • To clear several minions with 1 Health.

    Unlocked - Level 4

    Golden Copies - Levels 36 & 38

    Sandmancer is the only minion amongst Time Traveler's Basic set. As a 2/3 for 2, it presents acceptable value on curve that can survive your opponent's next turn to use the effect, or the card can be saved for later to optimize combo potential. Its effect reduces the Cost of a card by (1) when you receive it until the end of that turn.

    This card is best used:

    • In combination with Future Sight or Glimpse to optimize your draws.
    • To be able to play additional cards in a turn you may have otherwise not been able to play.
    • In combination with copy effects to allow combos.
    • In combination with draw effects.

    Unlocked - Level 6

    Golden Copies - Levels 23 & 26

    Quicksand is an efficient removal tool. Because the minion is simply "moved" instead of destroyed, it will not trigger Deathrattles or effects that trigger on minion deaths. Despite this "moving", the minion will go back to its original state. Because the card is placed on top of their deck, your opponent will be guaranteed to draw that card next instead of possibly something more useful.

    Quicksand can also target your own minions and move them on top of your deck. Although this is not very efficient in most cases, this can be useful for being able to reuse Battlecries or prevent fatigue damage.

    This card is best used:

    • To remove a minion from the board without killing it.

    Unlocked - Level 8

    Golden Copies - Levels 49 & 50

    Crossfire Bolts in contrast to most of Time Traveler, has an effect that revolves mostly around luck, although you can alter the odds in your favor. If your opponent only has 2 minions, the randomness will be negated completely. Similar to Multi-Shot or Cleave, the card cannot be used if your opponent only has 1 minion on the board.

    This card is best used:

    • To clear medium-sized threats.

    Unlocked - Level 10

    Golden Copies - Levels 51 & 52

    Banish is an expensive hard removal effect, although it also has a useful effect to go along with it, by generating a copy of whatever you kill to your hand.

    This card is best used:

    • On large minions with useful effects, killing something that would've otherwise been difficult to remove, as well as allowing you use it yourself.

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    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Isn't Sand Attack a better Hammer of Wrath?

  • Demonxz95's Avatar Content Squad Crossroads Historian 1740 1764 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago
    Quote From happy

    Isn't Sand Attack a better Hammer of Wrath?

    It is better but not strictly better since Hammer of Wrath can target face whereas Sand Attack cannot. Hammer of Wrath is not a very good card to begin with, so I thought making it 3 mana with the minions-only restriction was fair.

  • Neoguli's Avatar Duskrider 685 302 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago

    Just came to realisation you can make Malygos Chronomancer work. At first, play Malygos and Path To Nowhere. Wait until your next turn. Then, cast Chronomantic Arrows onto the enemy hero, play Done That after casting at least two Arrows and keep spamming until the enemy hero is dead.

    Hearthcards deck creating enthusiast. Also previously known on Hearthpwn as Cooler39140 and Huoyan.

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    Quote From Neoguli

    Just came to realisation you can make Malygos Chronomancer work. At first, play Malygos and Path To Nowhere. Wait until your next turn. Then, cast Chronomantic Arrows onto the enemy hero, play Done That after casting at least two Arrows and keep spamming until the enemy hero is dead.

    Not gonna lie, that sounds really neat. The big problem I see with that is that Malygos + Path to Nowhere is a 10 mana combo that does nothing on the turn you play it, so you better hope you've got a clear board or some cost-reduction effects to make that work. If you DO get that to work though, oh boy is that fun. I'm not much of a deckbuilder, but I'm tempted to give it a try for this.

    Something I wanted people to do was use their brain and think of some crazy combos to pull off, and you've got the right idea.

  • Neoguli's Avatar Duskrider 685 302 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
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    There's always a better way to do it in Wild. Play Omega Leader, then Malygos, then Time Twister. Still ensures safety for Maly while temporarily clearing the board.

    Hearthcards deck creating enthusiast. Also previously known on Hearthpwn as Cooler39140 and Huoyan.

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    I'm not going to lie this class is ridiculous OP haha. 

    Put Your Faith In The Light.


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    Elise the Enlightened Card Image

  • Demonxz95's Avatar Content Squad Crossroads Historian 1740 1764 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
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    Now added with Saviors of Uldum. Prematurely, yes. Do I care, no.

    Now just to hope that I don't another get Chronomantic Arrow situation.

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    Oh my top graphics. Great design. What a dedication. Love it :-). Migh have some balancing issues ;-) but it´s just gorgeous.

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    Since my last post, I have buffed Sense of Spirit from 7 mana to 6. Originally it was 6, but it was nerfed to 7 when people called it out as Ectomancy powercreep and it should be 7. After some chat on Discord though, I changed it back to 6.

    The Quest Reward from Legend of the Obelisks has also now been changed, so it's not as complicated. People also mentioned that the Hero Power should be a new effect, and not just a strict upgrade of the base Hero Power.

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    Mogu Cultist Card ImageHighkeeper Ra Card Image

    Well, this is interesting.

  • Orrien's Avatar 395 72 Posts Joined 03/15/2019
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    Quote From Demonxz95


    Elise the Enlightened Card Image

    Are you going to change Frozen Reflections? Btw, it's great that you still update this class with new content. Great work :)

  • Demonxz95's Avatar Content Squad Crossroads Historian 1740 1764 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
    Posted 1 year, 9 months ago
    Quote From SunnoxPL
    Quote From Demonxz95


    Elise the Enlightened Card Image

    Are you going to change Frozen Reflections? Btw, it's great that you still update this class with new content. Great work :)

    No, probably not. I don't think I'll change cards I made based on cards revealed after I made them, unless I end up misjudging their power level to such a large degree. That's why Dust Typhoon, Parallel Dimensions, Timemage, and Chronomantic Arrow are still there. I may however need to change a card if it becomes broken with a future card, like what happened with Shadowboxer. The recently revealed Mogu Cultist seems to be significantly easier to activate here than all of the existing classes. Frozen Reflections also has better combo potential as well.

    Thank you.

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    I would've gone with Harrison Jones fused with Back to the Future as the legendary explorer of Uldum, because 80s pastiches are always cool.

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