Maiden Voyage of the Exodar: A Custom Hearthstone Expansion!

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    "Climb aboard, for the greatest vacation in the universe!"

    Once a grand vessel for the Draenei, this dimensional ship suffered a crash and lay dormant for centuries. It used to function as the home of the Draenei, but ever since their relocation the ship has sat there, empty...until now!
    Rebuilt and refurbished into a wonderful cruise ship prepared to give its guests a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable journey to their destintations!

    What destination you may ask? Well, that's where you come in! Ten lucky guests who received our special tickets at random will be able to choose a destination from our wonderful selection.
    So pack your things and prepare for adventure and wonder as we embark on the Maiden Voyage of the Exodar!

    Expansion Mechanics:

    • Warped: Like a reverse Dormant, this keyword gives the cards a 'count' which causes them to die after the number of turns specified on their text expires. Also like Dormant, the counts will begin at the start of their controlling player's turns, but taking place after any Start of Turn effects.
    • Travellers: The 'class cycle' of the expansion similar to Schemes or Projects. These are among the many guests on the Exodar, excited to see what adventures its destinations have to offer. But like most vacationers, they never leave home unprepared! All of these will draw a spell when played, and have an additional effect depending on its Cost, allowing for some strategy during deckbuilding.

    The Cards:

    (Author's Note: Formatting might get a bit tight with how I uploaded these, so I have included imgur albums with the individual cards. Just click on the class name to get their corresponding album!)

    Demon Hunter:
    Demon Hunter










    Neutral Cards

    All journeys have their potential dangers, and travelling through the void of space is certainly no exception! But do not worry, dear guests. Our staff members are trained not only for your enjoyment, but for your protection! So sit back, relax, and enjoy everything this cruise, and this galaxy, has to offer!






    Note: The class borders are simply for flavor and do not affect which choices the player will get when they play Astra. Players will always get a choice from three of these ten cards.

    Bonus Stuff

    With all Blizzard expansion releases come a plethora of bonuses! Here are my takes on how those would be should this expansion be 'a real thing'


    Preodrer Bonus: Yrel Paladin Hero Skin and 'Lightforged' Cardback (Already in game, but does fit Yrel thematically)


    Celstial Coin: Awarded to Players who have at least one copy of every card in Maiden Voyage of the Exodar set!


    Battlegrounds Heroes: Space travel takes a long time, so some of our guests (and a staff member!) Have joined the Battlegrounds to entertain themselves on our journey.


    Final Author Notes

    Well I hope you enjoyed the Maiden Voyage of the Exodar! I've been working on this project off and on with fellow designer Mega-Pixel over the last few months. Huge thanks to them and their design of the Logo as well as a ton of cards on here.
    Space-based expansions are a rare sight, and I wanted to go for a unique theme rather than Mechs and Sci-fi. Hopefully everyone reading this enjoyed everything it had to offer and found some cards they wish were in the game. Stay tuned as Mega-Pixel and I are working on a mini-set similar to Darkmoon Races.

    If you do like the cards, you can also check out another Expansion Mega-Pixel and I collaborated on: Crusade of Light

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    Hi OP, 

    This looks wonderful and I admire the work and effort you must have put into creating this set and everything around it! (coin, BG heros, Pala hero)

    I believe the power level of the whole set is a little bit too much for my taste, but observing the power creep that has been going on for some time now, I think in like 2-3 years we can get something on the same level of power/balance printed by Blizzard. 

    Could you please explain the idea behind spell dmg = 3 ? Does it intend to mean "all spells deal 3 dmg" or rather "all spells have spell dmg +3, and no other spell dmg modyficators work" ? 


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    Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoy it! I do understand that a lot of the cards are quite powerful, but it is like you said with Blizzard increasing the base power level of cards, and I am just trying my best to keep up.
    As far as Delta Elemental goes, your first assumption is correct, where all spells deal 3 damage and any spell that has a modifier to it set to 3.

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    Hi, Zozoth, first i want to applaud your effort putting it all together well done! :)

    • The set looks cool overall, but as already said, the power level is maybe a bit high.
    • The mechanic, Warped, while definitely a unique one, seems rather weird tho and i dont like it too much. Its basically mostly on taunts, so your opponent can either wait it out or go through a big pile of stats, im not feeling it. I do like the combo with deathrattle, tho some cards with it are questionable.


    • I like Nature's Gift, its technically a pre-nerf Innervate, but you need to have 8 MMana to begin with :)
    • Cenarius, Forest Lord: quite an interesting design. Highly overstated, but with a constant upkeep. I like this direction, it could make for other really cool cards.


    • Steelbreaker Alpha feels a bit awkward with Rattlegore being a thing :)
    • Galactic Tyrant Jerkone: this is waaaaaaaay too powerful, Rush means you get 2x3 dmg right away and it can go face. I think it would be ok, if the Death Rays just targeted minions.


    • Tome Hoarder: wording should be "Deathrattle: Add 9 random Mage spells to your hand."
    • Cosmic Walker: while you dont have 100% control over when the deathrattle triggers, this is just way too polarizing ability. If you are able to kill it off on your turns, chances are you win the game on the spot. Not fun.
    • Tomekeeping: kinda cool mix of Cabalist's Tome and Deck of Wonders. Might be too strong tho, since Discover.
    • Nexus-King Salhadaar: feels like it could be pretty busted in likes of burst mage, pulls 2nd copies of your burst spells from your deck and shoots em at opponent's face. Me no likey.
    • Kiva, Eternal Arcanist: Now this is a cool card :)


    • Divine Order: Super busted, no other way around that. This could probably cost 4 and be playable.
    • Blssing of Zeal: insane card draw potential even without the +1/+1.
    • Pure Pally support looks ok.
    • Lothraxion the Redeemer: Super cool card and i love the effort to purify all those existing Demons :)


    • Shard of Light: way too similar to Soul Fragments. Not sure if you started this before that or not.
    • Crystal Acolyte: kinda a little too easy to heal yourself in combination with this, it could lose some stats maybe.
    • Grand Archaeologist Adarrah: I like this a lot! Cool design :)


    • Highroller's Shiv: cute take on FWA :)
    • Jackpot: I want to say strong, but fair ... but there is always Prep, so ... i dont know.
    • Casino Golem: haha cute.
    • Traveling Gambler: Now this is too strong, it can be abused easily.
    • Secretive Chef: This needs to be a Legendary and even this its probably too good. It gives you 4 cards and with the ability to pick for the situation you are in, waaaay too good. Cannot be anything less than a legendary to not have two copies in a deck imho.
    • Not sure how i like the legendaries, they r both unique in their own way, but can be abused in different ways.


    • Elemental Legacy: Beyond busted, i mean how hard is to fulfill the condition lol. Make it a 4-cost and then maybe.
    • Water Revenant: It can have lower stats, since unless silenced, it will keep coming back.
    • Windcaller: While a cute design, kinda lessens Al'akir a bit, and potentially a bit too strong follow-up with Bloodlust, if opponent cant remove the tokens.
    • Elemental Invocations are strong spells, you treat is as if you get some random willy-nilly spell, meaning you dont account for their value in the generators very much. Each of the generators should cost (1) more mana at least.
    • Zenas: I like the idea of this card, but it might be too strong given the versatility. You have an option to pick a perfect answer each turn, that feels like too much. There would 100% be ppl who would screw the options all the time (hell pick right or left is too difficult for some :D), but for experienced players this would offer an extreme advantage.


    • Seems ok overall.


    • I like Spieshell Brute, not feeling the rest.

    Are you giving each class a "call back card" to previous mechanics or are those "random"? Iv notice a Shrine for Warrior, Hero Card for Shaman, not-Echo for Priest :)

    Anyway, good job and hope to see more from you! ;-)

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    This is looks like the most real custom expantion i ever seen. Congratz on all your work and effort!

    Really enjoyed the keyword and the twist that some legendaries you created.

    Hope we can see more of your work someday.

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