Watch Post And Learn - Card Design Competition Discussion Thread

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    Posted 5 days, 13 hours ago
    Quote From Alfi
    Quote From Wailor


    If it was completely defenseless against melee targets it should have zero attac

    That's true, but I felt having a pair of buff dudes have 0 Attack made little sense in the context of Hearthstone. I guess Hearthstone and Warcraft have different ways to translate the fantasy of a particular character via its mechanics.

    More feedback:

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    linkblade91 I like Enrique more than the Wardrove, both flavor-wise and the end of turn instead of start.

    Karmin The effect is kinda cool, but the artwork isn't good. I'd also put it in Rise Of Shadows, since it makes sense both flavor-wise and because of its similarity with the Twinspell keyword.

    shatterstar1998 I prefer the Temple, Velen is a bit uninteractive. If you go with the temple, I think the wording should be "Discover a Corrupt card and Corrupt it".

    Pokeniner I'd just make it damage all other minion instead of non-Watch Post ones. I don't know, I feel it's a weird way of pushing Watch Post synergy.

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    Posted 5 days, 12 hours ago

    Feedback round 2. This comp definitely seems to be slower than the previous one.

    I already mentioned it on Discord, but I definitely like this a lot better.

    I appreciate that artwork for this comp is probably difficult to find, but the art on the card could definitely use an upgrade. Aside from that though, the card is fine.


    Not quite since there are quite a few characteristics that separate the two.

    But onto your cards, Velen looks a little too "weird" and it might look your opponent, but it can technically also be played around easily by just placing minions on the left or right-most sides so that the minions you want to attack with can attack (and the ones that can't attack couldn't attack anyway due to summoning sickness).

    I prefer Temple of Y'Shaarj. Good flavor. My only concern is the potential to be extremely swingy if you manage to pull a Strongman or Carnival Clown.

    Watch Post synergy is pretty neat. The idea of the ability is nice, but I fear that it basically creates a Lord Godfrey-like effect that any class can access with relative ease and is also easier to chain.

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    Posted 5 days ago

    "Now watch, and learn, here's the deal..."

    Is this considered a 'passive' effect?


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    Posted 4 days ago

    It is, but I can't figure out if this card is incredibly weak or incredibly annoying. Can't be worse than Harbinger Celestia.

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    Posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

    Yeah, I changed it to 2 Mana, because it's like a worse Sap but can be played multiple times.


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    Posted 3 days, 1 hour ago

    Forgot to submit before the deadline D:

    was waiting for the “less than 24 hours to submit” message, lesson learned I guess

    Make The Cow King an alternate Warrior skin plz 

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    Posted 1 day, 11 hours ago

    Congrats to demonxz95!

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    Posted 1 day, 4 hours ago

    Congrats Demon! What a cool card to win a competition with :D 

    When I first saw your card, I was worried it might be too powerful in Paladin and Mage in a Flamewaker / Pen Flinger kind of way. But as it turns out, you've kinda applied the Pen Flinger nerf with Sheep Cannon! Once there are no more minions to hit, the Sheep are guaranteed to go face, so they don't die and voilà: the potential face damage is capped at 6 (as long as you don't kill your own Sheep. Which you wouldn't. Only a monster would do that.). Genious!

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    Posted 13 hours ago

    Little slow on the uptake, but congrats to Demon :)

    If you have the time, you should totally check out our weekly Hearthstone card design competitions! :D

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