🤟🎵 Rock in Azeroth - A 173-card Heavy Metal themed custom expansion + Miniset! 🎵🤟

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     I'm back again, and I greet you! Oof, it's been a while since I posted something here, but that is for a veeeeeery good reason, I'm working on a custom Hearthstone year, the Year of the Wolf! Three expansions with mini-sets and lots of extra content, and they're taking a good chunk of my time (since I'm working alone on this), but enough about teases, let's get to the first expansion of the Year of the Wolf, and now I present to you my second full custom expansion: Rock in Azeroth!!!

    Set Introduction

    Rock in Azeroth is a 135 cards expansion + a 38 cards miniset with lots of references to the Heavy Metal universe in the Heartstone installment. Differently of what the name suggests, the expansion focus entirely on Heavy Metal and its Sub-Genres, which is tied to the classes of the game (but not completly), so if you got fooled and was expecting classic rock here, sorry to disapoint you, but as the philosofer Detonator once said, "Metal is the law, the law is the metal, metal the law is" (Also, a tip for people who likes making logos for their expansions: Finish the expansions BEFORE making the logo, you might change some ideas aloung the way, like I did.)

    Keywords and Mechanics

    There's two new keywords and a new mechanic this time




    • Solo -  Does something at the end of your turn if you control no other minions
    • Band Members - 2-Cost minions with a combination of standard keywords who are generated from other cards, similar to Lackeys, except they are not random and stupid game changers, see them below.
    • Stages - Spells that cast their effects at the start of your next (X) turns, also, we have a Legendary neutral spell in the form of a Stage in the mini-set. Note: They were made before Sigils.




    Full Set and Miniset + Class mechanics and Themes Guide

    Here's the full set with a small text to guide you through the expansion, and for the first time ever, no typos, no wrong formatting, no lack of watermark, no bullshit, just refined content ahead. The show is about to start, get ready to rock! (If you just want to see the cards though, click here)

    Demon Hunter

    Let's start the show with one of the most famous and loved Metal sub-genre, Thrash Metal, which is represented by Demon Hunters here, aggressive, fast and heavy, very fitting for the class. Mus'taine, the Demon Hunter legendary got reject buy his former band members, now he must gather new members to show that his better then them. On the other side of the stage, rumors says that James Heatfiend is influciencing his young audience to make sacrifices and summon demons, is the rumors true? Watch the show and find out!

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    Next "band " on the line is Druid, with the most modern and popular genre nowadays, New Metal, or Nu Metal for the intimates. Heavy and slighlly melodic, and this will be represented by cards like Drai'man, who will eventually pack a punch on your ears with his music, and also Malakian, who'll show the crazy side of the show.

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    The good old Heavy Metal, who came before all the labels, represented by Hunters, who are just as aggresive and straight forward as the class. Ozzywix, Rustwix brother's, is leading the show now, but a random person throwed a bat at the stage and he ate it! Help him to vomit the bat away before its too late. On the other stage, Eddie the Beast is turning fallen beasts into zombeasts, are they real or just animatronics? See below

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    Mage's is going for a more progressive vibewith their Progressive Metal, playing long songs which avoid repeting the melody by not playing the same cards over and over, and eventually play a powerful riff who'll wipe all enemies from the stage, and Paul Me'under is keeping the song on with his amazing guitar skills.

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    Power Metal! My favorite music style who will be portraited by paladins, with fast and melodic songs about heroes and dragons, and speaking of Dragons, Hermangonos arived at the stage to show the force of the Dragons, while Kai'han's band will show you the real power of metal.

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    And here we have Priest, hanging in the balance between Light and Darkness, with their dark and yet beautiful Symphonic Metal. The beautiful and epic side will be represented by the Nigth Priestess Tarja, while the dark and mysterious side will be portraited by Therionna, the shadow dragon who created the genre and are more than whiling to play it for you.

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    No time to writte, Rogues are playing their Speed Metal too fast here, Yngwie is playing some unbelivible fast solos, while Stump is leading the audince to Headbang in the music's rhythm and...Oh! I guess someone broke their neck...anyway, the show must continue!

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    The next one on the line is Shaman, playing their Folk Metal with two completly different flavours. First we have the god of the north Týr (not to be mistaken by the Titanic Keeper) bringing the cold winds of the north to the stage. And then we have Captain Morgan, who's making everyone on the audience drunk with his Storm of Ale.

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    Here we have Black Metal, dark, obscure and menacing, like the average Warlock, my favorite class mixed with my least favorite genre period, what will come out of the combination of them? Let's find out. The stage has turned dark, a mist is slowlly growing, them Virg arived and killed one of his band members! Well, no way this is real, it must be just part of the show...wait, now demons started to appear on the stage and...OMG! Look at the size of that demon! It's Abbath, the immortal, someone get ride of him before he destroys the stage, or THE WORLD!

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    And to end the show with style we have Warrior and Death Metal, super heavy and aggresive, and do you know what rhimes with Death Metal? Deathrattle! Either flavourly and how they sound. Chuck is trying to kill his enemies by playing the most aggresive riffs as possible, and the final presentation will be lead by Alissa, who'll show how heavy her music is in the most painful way.

    Show Spoiler



    Show Spoiler


    This is Rock in Azeroth, pre-order now and receive 80 packs, 5 Golden packs, Tavern Tickets and a Warlock skin 100% Designed and drawn by me: Mattheus Darkreign!

    Also buy the new Tavern Pass to get 7 new skins and a Diamond version of Kai'han, the Hallow, the new Paladin legendary.

    Nah, there's no pre-order of course, but we do have a Pack Opening simulator this time! Just go to the "Miscellanous" section below.



    The show has ended, but there's a lot more content here for you, take a look at them before leaving.

    Flavour Texts

    Here's the flavour text for the cards, I'll colorize them later, but you can read them now if you wish.

    Show Spoiler

    James Heatfiend- James control his demonic army with prowess, like a master of puppets
    Mus'taine, the Vengeful- he got rejected by his former band members, now he'll show that he's better than all of them… when his new band members sticks for more than a week.

    Blood Reign Slayer- Dururu, dururu, dururu, dururu, dururu, dururu, dururu…
    Seek and Destroy- They founded the one, and now they'll pay for their unforgiving crimes.
    Madhouse's Glaives- Drop a bit of Anthrax on the floor, and the demons will come.
    Elimination- Just try not to overkill the target
    The Big Four- Overkill should be there imo
    Tornado of Souls- "Hello? Yes, this is Mus'taine" the end.
    Rattlehead- never saw, heard or tasted anything in his life, but he's still jealous over Eddie
    New Members- They wont last a turn in your hand.
    Agent Green- It's not a fire spell, but it's still known as "the fire that doesn't burn".
    Demonic Kreator- Jaraxxus is real!
    Exodus Commander- Every illidari is doing the toxic waltz.

    Draiman- He's not inside the fire, the fire is inside him
    High Guitarist Malakian- "High guitarist" doesn't stand for his skills, but it still a fitting title
    Rage Machine- No matter how hard you hit it, you can't destroy The machine.
    Roots bloody Roots- Blood for the Bloody Roots!
    Castle of Grass- It was made of glass once, but it got destroyed and rebuilt after the death of the king.
    Linkin Owl- Crawling in your deck, there are spells that cannot be drawn.
    Open Air Stage- Everyone is welcome, as long you pay.
    Toxicity- Why don't heroes fight the war? Why do you always send the minions?
    Slipknoted Ancient- It can't attack, just reminding you before you forget
    Psycosocial Summoner- He might be antisocial, but he is still loved by teenagers
    Bull on Parade- Sent to the parade the mushroom people, or maybe it does but never paid attention to it.
    Five Finger Death Punch- Five fingers, one punch.

    Mushroom Head- Under the mushroom, lies the place where the sun doesn't shine

    Eddie, the Beast- his real stats are 6 mana 1/6, but 6/6/6 looks cooler.
    Ozzywix- Wait, the Black Sabat was real?
    Night crawler- Beware the Beast in Black
    Number of the Beast- Even after death, they're still screaming for vengeance.
    Leather Rebel- Made with the purest lether available
    Zombie Trooper- You may take his life, but he'll take yours too

    Bark at the Moon- WAOOOOOOoooooo
    Rotting Stage- Don't worry, they are just plushes… right?
    War Pig- Does the pig actually carry a band member with him, or is the pig just paranoid?
    Bark at the Moon- WAOOOOOOoooooo
    Black Sa'bat- You might become a living legend if you eat it, but most likely you'll just die.
    Lone Wolf- Don't pet it, there's a good reason people leave him alone.
    Dio Darkrainbow- A legendary monster born in the Dark Raibow, who've been watching since you been gone.
    Hunting High and Low- It's a lot easier to hunt when your bow is unbreakable

    Paradise Lost- It's not lost, you just can't access it anymore
    Paul Me'under- Paul Me'under, Paul Me'under, Paul Me'under another day.
    Progressive Barrier- Can't touch this! Oh, wrong genre, nevermind.
    Fireworks Blaster- Fireworks are always used to celebrate, even if the situation says otherwise.
    Paradigm Shifter- The main attraction of the Dream Theater.
    Lyrics Book- Yes, they still write their own music.
    Unleash the fire- Also know as "Inferno"
    Sonata Arctica- No matter how cold it is outside, don't lock the open door.
    Odd Father- Best friend of Baku the mooneater
    Panic Attack- They are paralyzed, but so afraid to die that they still run into the enemy hand.

    Hermanmu- His guitarist skills are astonishing for a Dragon, just don't watch him playing live.
    Kai'han, the Hallow- Oh, it's Halllow's End!
    Draconic Ruler- In this land she was defending from all things dark and cruel, now she commands the land once dragons ruled.
    The Bard's Song- Come friends, and let's sing the bard's song.
    King of Fools- He's no king, just an Edgy guy.
    Spread your fire- That spell is GLOOOOOOOOOORIOUUUUUS.
    Hammerfall- Don't hold it, let the hammer fall!
    The Power Within- The spell that marked a new era.
    Gamma Ray- Yes, it can make you stronger. No, it won't transform you into a green monster.
    Dawnbreaker- The first sign of a dawn of victory.
    Holy Thunder Herald- We fight against the wind,for the glory of the king, and defeat the evil enemy!

    I Want Out- Leave my life alone!
    Divine Sabatons- Those who wear this sabatons instantly starts to sing about war for some reason.

    Night Priestess Tarja- "I walk alone in winter storms, hoping to one day attend to the night's wish"
    Therionmu- The rise of dragons, reveal the gnosis of Borora.
    Enchanted Stage- A simple change of notes can transform any music into a wicked symphony
    Moon Cryer- "You cannot hide yourself behind the hero's hand forever."
    Spiteful Guitarist- Don't leave him alone, else he'll blow up the studio!
    Wish i had a Healer- For my moment of low health.
    Nightwish- "I wish to find nemo".
    Judas Priest- He've got another thing coming.
    Lacuna Coil- If your spells look like horrific skulls, let's be honest, you should… Oh wait! Wrong coil.
    Scalebound Justicar- He used to be a Paladin, but he switched classes due to his twisted mind.
    Sensorium Master- Wailling your sorrow is only his way to comfort you.
    Nightfall Drake- Night falls, while he corrupted and shamed us all.
    Temple of Shadows- Nations battle on the field across the land, with an epic soundtrack playing on the background.

    Speed Mesiah Stump- blullulublublubulublublublubululul
    Yngwie, the Swift- His music might sond like a turkey, but trust me, it's just his guitar.
    Speed of light- "They are just dubing"
    Relentless Magnum- Gotta go fast!
    Super Combo- Congratulations! You got an FC!
    Black Diamond- "How many diamonds do you extract per day?" "I extract a lot"
    Shredlord- Not to be confused with Edgelord
    Rising Force- The lightning strikes, trapped in the night, it feels like never before!
    Headbanger's Stage- To this stage there is no plane, to this stage there's only one bus. Get a taxi? There's no way. Headbangers, come with us!
    Vicious Headbanger- Suffer from constant torticollis.
    Master of Confusion- Which is real? The one in the hand, or the one in the board? Hhhmmmmm.
    Eagleheart Assasin- Wanted to be a shaman, but he kept being rejected by the elements.
    Mercenary Hiring- "Bodyguards wanted, Payment: To be discussed."

    Tyr, God of the North- He could put the minions at the Sunrise Shore to unfrozen them quickier, but no, he insists in using the Sunset Shore.
    Captain Morgan- "We are here to drink your beer! And ste" *Proceeds to stumble.
    Ale Storm- " And that is how i went rich" Bartender Bob.
    Northstar Bassist- "How he doesn't freeze his fingers while playing?" "He uses gloves" "Oh, i see… but how does he play with gloves?"
    Ensiferum Mead- In my mead i trust
    Drinking Stage- Press "F" for the cleaners
    Iced Earth- I had a friend that died in a tragic night, but now he watches over me…inside the ice block.
    Leviafin- Here comes the water
    Drunk Sharkrider- "I'm telling you mon, whales are like trucks, dolphins are like bikes, and sharks are cars!".
    Heathen Hammer- Hold the Heathen Hammer high, for the battlecry… and the deathrattle.
    Northsea Veteran- North pirates are a lot thougher than the rest, i mean, would any of them be shirtless during snowstorms.
    Andrematos- A once powerful and talented spirit who left us too soon, that lives a fairy tail between the forests of the world.
    Ice Extract- I see the winds and frozen high rocks of my country.

    Abbath, the Immortal- "You can't ressurect yourself, therefore, you're not immortal!" "Hahahahahaha, die"
    Virg Vakernes- "Don't worry, it's just ketchup"
    Darkthrone Commander- It's dark because of the Shadow of his horns.
    Demonic Ritual- "Oh good, now they're sacrificing people to summon demons, because burning temples wasn't enough, apparently."
    Mayhem- "Excuse the Blood."
    All Shall Fall- "…i mean, MOST will fall."
    Dark Stage- "It's dark so people don't realise that the goat heads are plushies.
    Rotting Behemoth- He taunts, and solos, he's a beast.
    Dunkel Misstress- When night falls,she cloacks the world.
    Death Crush- The damage comes from the ears.
    Mattheus Darkreign- If you're still reading this, reply with "Potato"…What? you were expecting something special?
    Deal with the Devil- There's actually no deal nor devils, they are just talented.

    Filthcradle Devotee-  The copy is but a ghost in the fog

    Chuck, the Eternal- Little matter if he's dead, the voice of his souls will echo for eternity.
    Morbid Angel Alissa- Arch enemy of those who pratice immortal rites.
    Malevolent Soloist- Apreciate his heartwork.
    Face Smasher- Please, not in the face, so it doesn't mess with the funeral.
    Cannibal Corpse- In live, he created the Face Smasher, but as you can see, he was the one who got "Face Smashed".
    Blood Revenge- The best almost death experience there is.
    Maggot Filled Skull- Filled with the maggot responsable for the eviceration plague.
    Sepultured Horror- Always refusing to resist.
    Brutalize- Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora,Ora…
    Spirit Crusher- A voice capable of crushing souls.
    Children of Bodom- He's not dead yet.
    Bloody Stage- It's raining blood!
    Flamefury Berserker- Not taking the hit is only for the weak.

    E.T.C, Solo Master- Every talented musician goes on a solo career eventualy.
    Metarus, Aspect of Metal- A dragon aspect from another universe, where the red eyes dark dragons came from.
    The Sparkfender- The best solos are performed by two, as controversial as it sounds.
    Stage of Legends- Here, the best musicians of all time gather to play their music, so if you don't like, you msut be def.
    Geezer, the Old School- "I'll show you kids how real music sounds like!"
    Undead Slasher- Soft as a rose, deadly as a gun.
    Band manager- "Er, you were supposed to give coins to us, weren't you? Hey! come back here!"
    Metal Totem- "That card is bad because it can generate Totemic Might".
    Show Announcer- "My work here is done", "But you did nothing!"
    Blind Guardian- You don't need eyes when you're on the dark age and into the storm.
    Substitute Musician- Sometimes the substitute turns out to be better than the original member…Sometimes.
    Power Wolf- They drink your blood, when the midnight sky is red.
    Powerslave- "Because i played Paul Me'under last this turn"

    Iron Maiden- Using the same defensive tatics for a lot of years, and they're still very effective.
    Heavy Metal Manic- Just another generic rocker skeleton.
    Angel of Death- Monarch of the kingdom of the dead.
    Egocentric Soloist- You can't get'em out of the stage? Fine, i'll do it myself.
    Show Openener- Are you ready to rock!?
    Stage Checker- "Everything's ok on the stage, the chance of something falling and killing someone is just 85%."
    Old Metalhead- "Black Sabbath is still the best band ever!" Sure granpa, now take your medicine.
    Holy Diver- Gotta get away!
    Twillgiht Thunder God- That title might be to much for a commoner, but remenber, he killied a giant snake with just a hammer filled with sparks.
    Keeper of the Seven Keys- If you want out, you should ask for the key to him.
    Darkwing Stell Dragon- Dark wings are real, spread your wings, and you'll feel the pain I fell.
    Crazy Train- All onbord! Hahahahaha.
    War Machine- A mech created by ex-band members to fill the "Cleaver" and "Elusive" rolls.
    Novice guitarist- Solos aren't meant to be performed by beginers, but he has all eternity to pratice, so why not?
    Annoying Drummer- To represent all drummers who like pratice in the middle of the F#%@ing night!
    Drunk Spectator- "If everyone is drunk, then no one is drunk!"
    Cowboy from Hell- "Yes, Walking Panthara, i'm talking to you"
    Walking Panthara- "Are you talking to me?
    Hamstein- You, You have, you have bacon.
    Ancient mariner- Hear the rime of the Ancient mariner.

    Fishy Thrasher- Can you Headbang if you don't have a neck?

    Dark Master Janoor- All the darkness int the set shoud've come from someone, and there she is.
    Dark Lurker- Those who dewel in darkness, shall forever perish in even more darkness
    Neon Knight- A little of light can revel the darkest secrets.

    Queen of the Night- Your spells shall not pass!

    Band Leader- Every band needs a leader, to unite the band, and then bring discord and rant that eventully dismantle it.
    Queen of the Night- Your spells shall not pass!
    Big Destroyer- Fell the rage of the Destroyer!

    Lamb of God- This lamb won't let heroes laid and rest.



    Tokens + Gezeer's options

    Show Spoiler

    Yes, he gives Twinspell to minions, there's not a lot simple options in older sets you know?


    Battlegrounds Heroes and Cards

    Here's some cards as Battlegrounds heroes, not sure if they're balanced or not, but this is just a Bonus, don't take it too seriouslly.

    Show Spoiler

    Mattheus Darkreign's Full art

    As I said above, the card and Warlock skin Mattheus Darkreign was drawn by me, I got inspired by the Concept Art and Fan Art Spotlight articles and I've decided to make card artworks for my sets from now on. As you can see, I'm still a shitty amateur, but as [Hearthstone Card (Sparing Master) Not Found] says: "Pratice makes perfect". Also, feel free to use it on your custom cards if you wish.

    Show Spoiler

    Battle Pass in Detail

    The battle pass features the following : Fel Illidan, Outcast Illidan and Final Form Illidan for Demon Hunter, Iniciate Malfurion, Archdruid Malfurion and Wild God Malfurion for Druid, Biker Thrall skin for Shaman, Skull Coin and Diamond Kai'han, the Hallow (if only I had the empty template to make the animations...oh well).

    Show Spoiler



    Here's the achievements of the expansion, the expansion may be fan made, but there's some achievements you can actually complete! Take a look.

    Show Spoiler

    Demon Hunter

    The Actual Big Four
    Draw James Heatfiend, Mus'taine the Vengeful, Blood Reign Slayer and Madhouse's Glaives from The Big Four. - 30

    Master of Puppets
    Summon 30 demons without playing them as a Demon Hunter. - 20

    Symphony of Destruction.
    Gain all possible Keywords from Mus'taine the Vengeful's Outcast effect. - 20

    Everybody is doing the Toxic Waltz
    Summon 100 Illidaris. - 10


    Down with the Sickness-
    Draw 20 spells that Casts When Drawn .- 10

    Shuffle 30 10-Cost spells into your deck. - 20

    F*&% the System
    Draw 5 cards and gain 5 mana crystal in the same turn. - 20

    Wrong side of Heaven
    Destroy your opponent with your hero's attack 10 times. - 30


    Craft 666 Zombeasts. - 50

    Bad Ingestion
    Eat a Black Sa'bat with Ozzywix Batbourne's battlecry .- 20

    Dance with the Death
    Ressurect 10 friendly Beasts. - 10

    A Rainbow in the Dark
    Steal 10 minions as a Hunter. - 30


    Great Start
    Trigger 50 start of turn effects. - 20

    Final Symphony
    Deal 30 damage with Paradise Lost at once. - 30

    Dream Theater
    Destroy the enemy hero with Fiery Stage effect. - 20

    Play 15 different Mage minions in one game. - 10


    Through the Fire and the Flames
    Cast 8 spells with Hermangono's Battlecry at once. - 30

    OOOOOOOOh, it's Hallow's End!
    Cast 30 1-cost Paladin spells. - 20

    Let the Hammer Fall
    Attack with a 10 Attack weapon. - 20

    Leave my life Alone!
    Make the same minion go Dormant twice. - 20


    Wish i had an Angel
    Summon 30 Dark Angels. - 20

    The Rise of Dragons and Shadows
    Cast 10 spells while they're at your deck. - 20

    Breaking the Law
    Add 10 Band Members to your opponent's hand. - 20

    Temple of Hate
    Summon 3 copies of a friendly minion at the same turn. - 10

    Capricci di Diablo
    Return 10 cards to your hand with Yngwie the Swift's effect at once. - 20

    Speed Metal
    Play 20 cards in a single turn. - 20

    Hard Headbanging
    Play the same minion 8 times in a game. - 20

    Huge Bodyguard
    Summon a 10-Cost minion with Bodyguard Hiring 5 times. - 30


    Winds of the North
    Summon 30 Frozen minions. - 20

    Strong Drink
    Miss your attacks 3 times in a row. - 30

    I said FREEZE!
    Freeze 8 minions in a single game as a Shaman. - 20

    Fairy Tail
    Summon 30 Spirit Wolves. - 10


    Impenatrable Darkness
    Destroy 20 Band members. - 10

    Dark Soul
    Ressurect 15 Demons that costs (5) or more. - 10

    Ultimate Sacrifice
    Summon 7 Infernals in the same turn. - 20

    The Best Member
    Deal 64 damage with Lifesteal at once. - 30


    Trigger the Deathrattle of 15 friendly minions without destroying them. - 30

    Painful Death
    Deal 20 damage with your hero power as a Warrior. - 20

    All feel my fury
    Deal 50 damage with the Face Smasher. - 10

    In Flames
    Summon a 9-Cost minion with Flamefury Berserker. - 20


    All Bands Together
    Summon 50 Band Members-10

    The show must continue
    Trigger 30 Solos. - 10

    All Guns and no Roses
    Summon 20 minions drawn by Undead Slasher. - 20

    Destroy 30 minions with Evil Papagali. - 10

    High Skills
    Triggers 6 Solos at the same time. - 30

    We're taking over this Town
    Destroy 7 minions at once with Cowboy from Hell's battlecry. - 30

    Full Combo
    Play all Power Chord cards. - 20

    From Rust to Gold
    Give +20/+20 to Nocive Guitarist through its Solo effect. - 20

    End of the Show…or is it?
    Trigger a Stage effect 30 times. - 10

    Oldschool > New School.
    Get all possible options from Geezer the Oldschool battlecry. - 30

    Dark Plot
    Summon a 8-Cost minion with Dark Master Janoor's deathrattle. - 30

    Who's a Turtle Now?
    Destroy a 9-Cost minion with Dark Lurker. -20

    The Best Achievement
    Give an Upvote on the "Rock in Azeroth" guide. - 100

    The Second Best

    Leave a comment on the "Rock in Azeroth" guide. - 100

    Pack Opening Simulator

    Here's the pack opening simulator, just click on the pack image to get started, how many legendaries can you open?

    Final Considerations and Next Expansion Spoiler

    And that is it, thank you for giving a look at all this, it was 5 months of work + 2 months of refinement done just by me, I really hope you've liked it, feel free to leave a comment with your opinions, I'll try to respond to everyone this time. And before leaving, I want to drop a spoiler for the next expansion of the Year of the Wolf below, but be careful, there's some pretty dangerous stuff down there. And now, I'll take my leave, tchau!

    Show Spoiler

    Do you also like Elden Ring? Then you should check out my Elden Ring inspired Duels Heroes!

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    As a fellow metalhead I can only congratulate you for this awesome expansion. The amount of detail you have put into these cards is crazy, the art is super flavorful and streamlined, the additional stuff at the end super cool (pack opener!). I'd gladly preorder just for the flavor!

    There are some typos left and quite a few cards that look scary at first glance, but I will try to find the time to give you detailed feedback on these points. Great work!

    I notice I am confused. Something I believe isn't true. How do I know what I think I know?
    Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres, hpmor.com

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Holy moly! 

    Awesome job and I wholeheartedly respect the amount of work you put into this. 

  • eazy's Avatar
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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    WOW :D Thank you for creating this and sharing with us, it was a real pleasure to read it all and analyze your ideas! I used to listen to rock / metal a lot, so many of your cards brought back some nostalgia. Flavour-wise this is probably the best custom expansion I have ever seen! 

    I am looking forward to your next expansion and am really curios to see how you have your whole year planned. 

    The overall power level is very high, but the set is so cool, that I do not want to go into details of that. (also if everything is broken - nothing is broken, right?)

    One suggestion only - I would remove Twinspell from Geezer's options because it was spell-only effect originally and having it on the minion hurts my sense of integrity. On the other hand I would add Adapt. Is there any particular reason why the latter is missing ? 


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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Glad you've liked it, and I appreciate the comment. Yeah, I see I've missed some typos, it just wouldn't be a expansion of mine without typos rights? I'll fix them later. About power level, yeah, it's pretty high, but that is totally on pourpose. I like high power level,  and on my last expansion (Dawn of the Apocalypse) I felt like I holded its power level too much  and ended unsatisfied, so on this one, I just said "You know what? Fuck it, I'll leave them as they are and nerf later if necessary" ( just like developers are doing on recent expansions,lol). Anyway, thanks again, and keep rockin!

    Do you also like Elden Ring? Then you should check out my Elden Ring inspired Duels Heroes!

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    Best custom expansion I’ve ever seen. Great stuff!


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    I mean this is fantastic, if you couldn't tell by my name I'm a fan of a certain rock band, so this expansion really spoke to me. I love all the references to song names or band names (Black Sa'bat being a particular favourite of mine. The power level is dangerously high, and so it should be, we're designers first, balancers second. I love all the extra bits you've included and the art you've made yourself, truly spectacular job you've done here. Well done!

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    Thanks everyone for the comments, I'm back on my PC so I'll respond to some of them

    Quote From <a title=
    I am looking forward to your next expansion and am really curios to see how you have your whole year planned. Quoted Text

    Here's a "funny" curiosity for you: The expansion tease in the spoiler was supposed to be the THIRD expansion of the year of the wolf, the actual second was something like "Fast and Furious" inside Hearthstone. The features would be: New tribe, Vehicles, minions with low attack who would gain bonuses when  played into a Pilot, a keyword of the expansion, also another keyword: Turbo, which was basicly "This deals damage first" and maybe a third keyword named "Tuning", which was similar to Adapt. But sadly, everything got scrapped due to lack of good and fitting art, I might come on it later but it's not garanteed. But don't be dissapointed, the next expansion will be just as exciting!

    Quote From eazy
    One suggestion only - I would remove Twinspell from Geezer's options because it was spell-only effect originally and having it on the minion hurts my sense of integrity. On the other hand I would add Adapt. Is there any particular reason why the latter is missing ?

    Adapt WAS part of the pool! It got removed for two reasons: 1 - The keywords featured in the Band Members are simple, unique, and work on their own. Adapt though, is not a singular keyword like the rest, it's a keyword attached to a Battlecry, so I thought it was a bit desonant from the rest. 2 - Most of the options are already featured in the Band Members and would feel a bit reduntant. But I don't know, I might add Adapt again, it will depend on feedback.

    and I already answered the power level issue to Archorm4n, so I think that's it.

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    I really enjoyed your expansion, even if most references flew over my head.

    Spectacular job!

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    This aged very well :D

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    HELL YEAH!!!!


    Do you also like Elden Ring? Then you should check out my Elden Ring inspired Duels Heroes!

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