New Mage Hero - The Amazing Reno

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    You can just override the hero power with the quest... which is the first thing i plan on trying. arcane breathe, magic trick, ray of frost and conj already provide you with 8 spells (or more) for the slots of 4. combined with board clear, you can easily come close to completing the quest, just before you use the hero to wipe the board.- since you don't really care about completing the quest early.  Most people tend to fill up the board just before you complete the quest out of fear of losing a value game so it's also a perfect bait.

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    Quote From Neoguli

    Hmn... do I always remain specitcal? Maybe, but I remain slightly optimistic for Reno. I think Mage decks might run him mainly for his mass removal, be it either functioning like Vanish or Plague of Death, but probably the latter, as the usual balance for Hero cards is 2 mana for the Hero Power, 1 mana for 5 Armor and the rest for the Battlecry - this one mentions a Passive HP, so it could account 9 Mana for Plague and 1 for 5 Armor.

    Plot twist - Battlecry gives all minions stealth instead killing them :P

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    Rogue Galakrond

    Shaman Galakrond (at least pre- nerfs)

    Warrior Galakrond


    This garbage.

    Here's hoping the other hero classes get hero cards that are actually useful.

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