KingsBane is dead.... What works in Wild?

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    Posted 1 year ago

    With all the changes that have come down the pipeline with these new expansions, I have encountered so many fluctuations in deck builds that many of the popular archetypes are becoming null.  Kingsbane being one of them.  I loved using this card in my Mill Rogue builds as the changes in the expansions came and went.  However, recently I have tried to update that deck and it feels that no matter what I try, there are so many different types of decks out there, that it doesn't work at all anymore.

    Of all the decks that I play and have played against, it feels that the only constant in higher level play in Wild is Rez Priest.  I've found a few builds here and there of decks that I like and modified them to my play style, but ultimately I am wondering what everyone else has experienced with some of their favorite decks in Wild with the changing of the environment with the expansions are. Are you finding that your favorite builds and/or decks as a whole are no longer working?  What are you doing different?  Have you abandoned your old builds and gone with something new?

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    old builds? what are u talking about? rez priest? kingsbane? thats so old news. the only decks that have survived through the ages in wild but with different variations due to exps is reno decks and pirate warrior. the big priest u mention is bad today and honestly im facing more of them then i would expect. its so weird how ppl still cling on such a toxic deck despite its power level being seriously lower now

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    Odd Rogue fills the niche that Kingsbane left behind, if you just want to get up close and stab someone. Spectral Cutlass can sortakindamaybe do in a pinch, just keep in mind it will not be as consistent as Odd. Also against Rogues, it will be harder to get more mileage out of it. Mostly cause the really high value 'steal a card/spell from' for Rogue are from your Opponent's class, not a random class.

    The winning move in Wild is nine times out of ten to go for the gusto. Go balls out and pray that your opponent does not have the counter punch. As for which lists (in my opinion) perform well, typically Secret/Burn Mage, Renolock, Odd Paladin, Mech-Buff-adin, Odd Rogue, e: forgot Even Shaman and (sometimes) Pirate Warrior have passable to good win rates.

    Those are the match ups I dread having to go against cause they have insane swing potential or can force me into a  situation I can't recover from as early as turn 4.

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