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    Did someone know if the interaction with soul fragment is bugged?

    I played against a warlock and he shuffled soul fragment into his deck. He was at 1 HP, and used his hero power. So he goes to -1 and back to 1.

    Is the interaction supposed to work like that ? I remember last time playing warlock and playing a card which deals damage than heals (can't remember which one) but because I was under 0 hp I died and was unable to recover.

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    Yes the interaction is supposed to work with that, and it has for a long time. If im right, the game first deals damage to a players hero, then checks for possible healing, like lifesteal. If there is/isn't healing, and the heros health is still 0 or below, the game considers the hero as "dead" and you lose the game. If the hero heals back up to a positive amount of health, you live and can continue playing. This interaction has been around for a LONG time, and i'm very certain it's intended. 

    I have seen this interaction before with Eye for an Eye. I was at 1 health and attacked a paladin player who apparantly had Eye for an Eye up and i went to like -4 health, and because my 5 attack minion with a lifesteal healed me after Eye for an Eye triggered i lived by healing back up to 1 health. I think the reason this interaction is in the game in the first place, is because it would feel really bad if you lose the game, while seeing your heros health heal back up slightly before the "hero dies/you lose" animation plays.

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    Adding to @Brandon's comment, these are often instances where there are multiple valid ways of ordering the damage and healing. In their Eye for an Eye and lifesteal example, should the lifesteal healing happen before or after the damage from the secret? Both trigger off of the damage dealt, so they should both happen simultaneously, but the game has to show one before the other. So in practice, whenever multiple effects have the same trigger, they will all resolve before the game checks if a minion or hero dies.

    In the Soul Fragment example, the hero power has to draw a card as well as damage you, and either could happen first. So both fully resolve, leaving you taking 2 damage AND healing 2, before the check for the hero's death occurs.

    Tl;dr: the game behaves such that both the healing and damage happen simultaneously, but has to show them one-by-one so people can keep track of what happens.

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    Posted 2 years, 4 months ago

    Oh ok thank you for your answers guys ! I think the interaction I did last time was with armor so it explains why the interaction didn't worked.

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