What You are Looking Forward to Do with Demon Hunter Release

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    Posted 3 years ago

    Well, We finally got a new class in the game, I was waiting for this so long and I had some stuff that I'm looking forward to do when a new class produced.

    I always liked the class interactions with another classes such as like Burgle Rogue and Steal Priest. I'm always a fan to play with other classes cards with another one because there are some weird and funny interactions with their cards. So one of the first things that i will do is building a Burgle Rogue and a Steal Priest to play at first days of the expansion since I will wait for crafting some cards to see how the meta shapes and a lot of changes that Priest will get, it will be quite nice to play at first days and I believe that it feels quite new with Demon Hunter release and Priest changes.

    Secondly; I really wonder how it will be to play Arena with a different class than we had before. I will rush Arena runs with Demon Hunter as much as possible even if it sucks. It will be also quite refreshing after those years.

    Thirdly, I can't do anything unless Blizzard offers it but I really wonder how it will be to play two-class Arena runs with Demon Hunter + Some other class. Demon Hunter + Warlock might be great, Demon Hunter + Rogue could be great aswell. I really wonder how they will interact with each other.

    Fourthly, It is more like a request but I really want a Tavern Brawl Overhaul. I mean, like in Fireside Gatherings, There could be some options and brawls to choose and there are so much kind of Brawls after those years. It will be like choices of 5 that rotates every week. First week for example as;

    1. Randomonium
    2. Cart Crash at the Crossroads
    3. Valeera's Bag of Burgled Spells
    4. 'Servant of Yogg-Saron' Tryouts
    5. Boss Battle Royale

    Cart Crash will be great with Demon Hunter for my tastes for example and Everyone needs to wait Team 5's justifying to play their favorite Brawl. If there would be options and overhaul to the Tavern, it would be quite nice for everyone i guess. Oh, ofc some of you might say that "Who the fuck cares brawl, I just play to get my free pack." it is also another taste of play, I am none to judge you but I find it funny to play extra brawls and some adventure runs from time to time.

    And lastly, Do a lot of Theorycrafting with Demon Hunter, from shittiest to best one. I will try every card of it even if it just crap on paper. I mostly want to try it in Wild with older cards. I really wonder how they balanced the class with older cards (I guess they didn't care a bit but I really don't care aswell because it is wild, Everything can happen in any time. :) )

    So, What you guys are looking forward to do ? Will you skip this milestone of CCGs and keep playing your main classes ? or will you jump the train ? Are you looking forward to do something with new class ? Let us know ! :)

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    Posted 3 years ago

    I'm personally looking forward to making an Inspire deck with the class. TGT was the latest expansion when I got into the game, so it and the Inspire mechanic have a pretty special place in my hearth. And it looks like DH might finally make it viable, especially as an odd variant.

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    Posted 3 years ago

    How does the Odd/ Even element work for Demon Hunter?

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Quote From troY

    How does the Odd/ Even element work for Demon Hunter?

    Odd makes it a 2 mana gain +2 attack this turn. Even does nothing.

    If I recall correctly.

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    Personally I think everyone's plans for Aggro Demon Hunters are too slow, not aggro enough.

    Outcast effects make cards broken, so my plan is to make my deck so cheap that it's almost always easy to get Outcast effects. I'm talking about almost no cards (2) with a mana cost higher than 2.

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    I'll go with a highlander build for the first games because that way I can test a maximum number of cards and see what works.

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    I an looking forward to SMOrc :)

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