What's the state of Hunter's Beast synergy?

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    As I understand Hunter had three main tools - 1Direct Face Damage,  2Small beast with good upside( as opposed to Druids' big beasts) and 3secrets. 

    Direct damage works in any class, secrets are not that good and Hunters gets outclassed by mage in that field but Beasts are very unique to the class.

    Playing Rexxar the Beastmaster that once said "only beast are above deceit", I expected beasts for Hunters to be what Demons are for Warlocks and it was the case in the past - Crackling Razormaw Houndmaster Kathrena Winterwisp

    Unfortunately the class lacks decent beasts- Krolusk Barkstripper Phase Stalker Augmented Porcupine, things that matters on board.

    Support for beast cards are also just coming back with things like Fresh Scent Master's Call Scavenger's Ingenuity Scrap Shot

    Do you think the Beasts synergies will at any point reach a viable (enough to not die by 7) spot? That's pretty much the only thing that would get me back to the game other than the class miraculously getting Spell Hunter support.


    Disclaimer: I left HS a while ago. I loved playing hunter with a bit of Shudder/meme rogue decks for fun but token decks got stronger and stronger until they released an entire class with strong token cards. I couldn't afford Highlander hunter yet and would have no fun grinding for it; had no intention of joining Aggro Club so I just moved to other games(Mythguard,  Wild Rift). I do watch HS streams sometimes though. 

    ARES summons Erymanthian Huffer.

    ARES declares attack with Huffer .

    Adonis' hp reached 0. ARES wins!

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