Blessed Champion is bonkers :P

Ashes of Outland
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    Posted 2 years ago

    If someone told me before, Blessed Champion will find a place in HS decks, I would reply - Sir, you are crazy.

    I'm currently relaxing through low ranks, trying decks like Pirate Warrior and Pure Pally. Yeah, the latter needs draw and a win condition. I'm really having fun with Paladin, 7-4 rn, but this class suffers because of that ridiculous article (fraud) from Team 5 regarding "class identity". Apparently, a general card game mechanic like card draw is a privilege of only several classes. Others get like zero. ...Which means: 1) Unlike other classes Paladin will less likely draw a required answer (inconsistency); 2) Paladin needs to kill c. 3 enemy cards with only one of his own (which he still doesn't really have [a proactive win con...]).

    But, enough of that. I really wanted to share how I destroyed / counter high-rolled Priests with the help of Blessed Champion :). Paladin is actually favored, Priest is also t3 and I usually stomp them, but the current Priest archetypes are, in my opinion, the worst and the ugliest archetypes in the history of HS. They make me angry even if I win. It's like - a part of my soul flies away every time I face them ...because you never know what kind of random bulshit they'll get this time. No clear idea what are the Priest decks.

    So, here's a win from yesterday:


    And here's a recent one. What happened here is that Priest high-rolled and started to do his shit. I tried my best to save the Prime, Murgur Murgurgle, but he stole him with a top deck, then he discounted his hand, sick Sethekk Veilweaver turn, [Hearthstone Card (Mindflyer Kaahrij) Not Found] my taunt, after all that I couldn't remove Skeletal Dragon for 3 turns... etc... he started to bully me (more then trying to outright kill me, he got cocky). In the meantime I casually played Righteous Cause generated by Lightforged Crusader. Fast forward to the situation presented in the screenshots. I was about to concede, because next turn he will Galakrond, the Unspeakable me, and I would never retake the board again.

    My only way out is (now or never) to get some charge from Underlight Angling Rod. I played that, hit him and got Fishflinger, for 1 mana, because of Scargil on the board. Fishflinger gave me Bluegill Warrior for 1 mana, too. Playing both Murlocs completed the sidequest and together with Blessed Champion on the best minion gave me lethal.

    Blessed Champion won me 3 out of 7 games.

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    Posted 2 years ago

    It's kinda false tho that Paladin gets zero card draw.

    After the HoF of divine favour, they've got very little left in the evergreen set, but they consistently received card draw through the expansions, some of which are very good cards.

    Flash of Light, Crystology, Hand of A'dal are great cards.

    You've got Call to Adventure too, which is kinda slow (the card should cost (2) ie Scavenger's Ingenuity), but still decent and reliable.

    Finally, Paladin tends to play for Tempo, turn by turn through good standalone cards (Lightforged Zealot is a clear example), so there's or there should be little room for card draw.

    If anything, Paladin lacks consistency in Tempo, that is, not enough good cards to play each turn, despite having some great ones here and there. That's a much bigger fraud IMHO.

    And that's also why you feel like you could use more card draw: because most of the cards you can play are too weak against the current meta (ie DH, Rogue, Warrior having both better Tempo AND Card Draw than Paladin).


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    Posted 2 years ago

    It's not crazy, I'm also thinking about testing Blessed Champion in Libram Paladin, but I didn't have the time yet. It worked well in a Dragon Paladin deck I played when Dragon Speaker was made available. Big minions + Blessed Champion = Win (if they stay on board xD).

    The pleasure is mine.

    My last standard decks: nothing special right now.

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    Posted 2 years ago

    I"ve not been able to make it work solely because of the cost.  The set up is pretty difficult in a meta focused on removal as well

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    Posted 2 years ago

    Yes, Blessed Champion lets you close games before they get out of hand and the opponent usually doesn't expect it. If you're playing Libram Paladin, you should be running 1 Blessed Champion.

    Bring back old Warrior Control.

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