Calling All Big Priests!

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago
    Quote From Xarkkal

    Yeah... I was afraid this would happen. 

    My point was to try and conclude if Blizzard is out of touch. Like someone said, this was along the lines of "don't you guys have cell phones?" 

    It truly seems to me, that Blizzard has put no thought into why the play rate is so high. It seems they think a deck can only have a high play rate for 2 reasons (winrate, and fun). I personally think it's being played so much for a 3rd reason, and I was wanting to hear from BP players to get a sense if I was correct. Maybe it would have been better to create a poll...

    Sarcasm in my initial post aside, the problem with your idea is the audience which you want an answer from. The majority of people who play big priest are extremely casual players. They're not interested in participating in a Hearthstone community so the odds of them seeing your post, let alone responding to it, are extremely low. The same would most likely happen even if you try to take this discussion to a website with more traction such as Reddit or Blizzard's own forums.

    But yeah, Blizzard are completely out of touch with wild, its community and its meta. They have shown this time and time again. It took them ages to nerf Giants warlock and they decided to just butcher it completely. Meanwhile big priest has been left untouched for years. Additionally, they nerfed Quest rogue and Kingsbane rogue because of their polarizing matchups and how they invalidate control decks. Yet here we are, with big priest doing the exact same thing.

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    People who hate the deck just never played it, yes you can high roll but most of the time you are doing nothing around 5 turns just sitting there with a hand full of res effects and big minions with nothing to do.

    the deck isn't op just when it wins it wins hard it's much more frustrating to lose to mech hunter who rush you down in 3 turns rather than a deck that gave you 5 free turns in wild, you can't play your cutesy gimmick deck but that's true about any format.

    in wild most games are decided by turn 5~6 cause the power level is so high.

    It's a deck that a lot of the time comes back from ~10 hp which it's satisfying most of the time.

    I hope people stop bitching about decks in general, people only think about the opponent's broken deck but if you are anywhere past rank 20 you are probably playing something broken yourself.

    For example mage is now 10 times more of a solitary game than priest, it can essentially stall forever and kill you in 1 turn doesn't even need to run the quest but it's so easy to complete now and if you have vargoth it's gg.

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    Well i do not play wild so i can only speak from the experience i had when Big Priest was in Standard. 

    Priest is my main Class - i have the most played games and wins with it than any other class. It was also my first golden class. At the time Big Priest was in standard i also played it. Sure i played lots of different Priest decks but also a lot of Big Priest.

    I played it because i kinda liked the deck and the idea behind it. Sure not everyone is a fan of "Cheating" out a big minion early but it also happend that you never drew Barnes early enough - and if you had a bad start you would've lost most of the time and even tough i do not play wild im pretty sure that it`s still the same ?

    So for the time Big Priest was in Standard i kinda like playing it because i love the Huge Swing Turns you could do - but everyone should play what they like and have fun - and you should not Stop playing something you like just because other people say it´s trash or stupid!


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    I play(ed) BP quite a bit. My honest answer, I played it for the aforementioned reason. Cheating huge minions for minimum cost, and knowing that you're never out of match. 

    The "comebackability' Big Priest has is incredible. And honestly when you're on the ropes against an incredibly aggressive deck and comeback and win there's a certain amount of "living on the edge" feeling you get. 

    Having said that, ultimately I went away from playing BP consistently because of all the reasons. It's monotonous and there's 0 thought to mulligans, early game, mid-game, and late-game. Those facts ultimately pushed me away from continuing to play it. It's a great deck and concept, I'll play it every once in a while, but it does leave you feeling empty about it after the novelty wears off. 

    Go ahead and put me on the 2x4's now, but those are my opinions about the archetype. 

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    I've followed Big Priest for a while.

    The foundation of the deck came from Brian Kibler, who made an all-out anti-aggro priest deck that excelled against trash decks in Un'Goro era. As you may point out, this is before the rez stuff comes in Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds and Catacombs, but the survival mechanics that carry the deck came here.

    Plus, it was the only thing keeping me interested in Hearthstone as Evolve Shaman was a goddamn nuisance, and I find Silence Priest too reliant on the perfect mulligan and Inner Fire combos a crap way to win for Priest.

    Big Priest is a very good deck, but it has limitations. Shaman, Quest Mage, Aggro Paladin, Mill Rogue are decks that do quite well against it IMO.

    Treachery Warlock (which is my personal favorite deck) is a fun deck to go against it, but it's maybe slightly below 50% win rate. Still, nothing like having Howlfiend, Fel Reaver and Doomsayer resurrected by your opponent, and Big Priest can be slow to deal with a turn 5/6 Rin, the First Disciple.

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    Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

    Lots of people play Big Priest...

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    Priest is my favorite class and I only play Wild but I really can't bring myself to play Big Priest in its purest form.  I'm proud to say that I have four distinct Priest decks and three of them have winning records and no resurrect mechanism whatsoever.   My Zetalot-inspired buff deck currently has a 61% win rate.  I did play a Quest Priest which included N'Zoth but with 18 deck slots I've retired the deck for a while.  Amusingly, it had a losing record.

    When I play a game and I realize I'm facing Big Priest I assess the deck I'm playing.  If I don't think the deck is capable of prevailing I usually just quit.  No reason to waste time when the odds are heavily stacked against you.

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    Every now and then I play big priest but I usually end up putting a spin on it like playing spell synergies or zerek. I think the deck actually got a lot more fun to play (and frustrating to face) once vargoth came out. It's just one of those decks that feel powerful even if it's winrate doesn't reflect it. It's very polarizing but ultimately it's like a good "timmy" deck, something that doesn't come up very often. It's like how I enjoyed playing conjurer mage early in RoS. At first you feel like "wow, it feels so strong doing these powerful plays." But it quickly gets pretty repetitive.

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    for quite awhile i didn't care about winning in hearthstone. but recently i wanted to win quite a few times so i started to play big priest and i'm having fun with it. It also helps that priest is my favorite class.

    I think why most BP players don't talk is because they know how much hate they get (i understand the hate for big priest).

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    should i try playing big priest it looks like fun

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