Noggen-Fog Generator PSA

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    Posted 11 months ago

    Just quickly pointing out that Noggen-Fog Generator gives a minion full stealth, not just for 1 turn, making it the only option in the game to give any minion quasi-permanent stealth since Master of Disguise got nerfed.

    Most of the time that isn't super important, and it almost certainly won't ever be meta-relevant, but it does open a lot of doors for meme rogue players. Basically any card with a useful 'end of turn' effect, or one that triggers whenever X happens, would love permanent stealth. Shadowjeweler Hanar is an obvious choice to annoy the hell out of your opponents in Standard, while Wild has everything from Sonya Shadowdancer and Spirit of the Shark up to Troggzor the Earthinator and Mayor Noggenfogger* himself.

    * You might need a bit of luck to actually hit him though :P

    Deckbuilding is limited a bit by needing a bunch of SI:7 cards to reach Spymaster Scabbs and guarantee a Noggen-Fog Generator, but they at least provide a functional starting point for the deck, so that's OK.

    That's all I had to say really. It got my creative juices flowing, so maybe it'll do the same for someone else too.

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    Posted 11 months ago

    I actually suspected as much the first time I saw this played on scabbs himself to ensure that not only can you hit for 9 the following turn but also secure a guaranteed Shadowstep reload at any point of time in the game.

    But I'd expect at some point this will probably be corrected, because obviously this is probably broken in wild. In standard, what it amounts to is guaranteed board damage and that's honestly scary knowing how much burst rogue tends to have. At the immediate time, all Im dreaming of is to scam a few games using stealth rogue with Battleground Battlemaster. Maybe that card can be a one off in rogue to cheat games off.

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    For burst and Shadowstep implications, I'm not sure it makes much difference if it is full stealth or only for 1 turn. 

    Meanwhile most decks in Wild will win long before permanent stealth becomes a real problem (especially as you have to jump through SI:7 hoops before you can set it up), or otherwise have the AoE to avoid stealth being a problem at all. There's a reason Akama Prime rarely achieves anything.

    So I'm not seeing a reason for the card to be 'corrected' at the moment. If it was a normal card instead of a token that takes quite a lot of work to obtain, then sure, but as it stands it is no more ridiculous than what the meta already contains.

    By the way, Battleground Battlemaster is a much more perplexing card to me. If one class giving stealth to anything is spooky, then any class giving any 2+ minions windfury - with a collectible card no less - is downright terrifying. That card looks much more likely to get changed than the Noggen-Fog to me.

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