Shadowcloak - Aggro Stealth Rogue

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    I know it is a bit early to claim anything about any decks. I could afford stealth cards after openning my packs and wanted to try it out. I got 9-1 with this deck on plat 9. Maybe someone got these cards from packs and can't afford any others right now so wanted to share it out.

    If you want, you can replace Wand Thiefs and/or Blackjack Stunners with Backstabs and/or Sinister Strikes, I won't completely suggest that tho because Blackjack Stunner gives you the ability of getting rid of fat taunt minions and Wand Thief gives you some burn spells and also Evocation.

    Also, If you don't have Shadowjeweler Hanar, You may want to replace secret package with some aggro tools like Cold Blood and/or Sneaky Delinquent. I wouldn't suggest that neither because Bamboozle is great with your 1 health minions and they stick to board thanks to new Robes of Protection and also Ambush is great for getting rid of some sticky taunt minions.

    I couldn't get Secret Passage for now, It might be great to go lethal with searching Eviscerates from your deck. As soon as i crafted them, I will test it in this deck.

    I hope you like it and Any suggestions + replacement advices are appreciated.

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