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Looking For Decks Suggestions...

  • Prudence94's Avatar Eevee 185 21 Posts Joined 03/21/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    I'm left with 4 classes to turn golden (Druid/Hunter/Shaman/Warrior) but I can't find any Deck from those classes that intrigues me so I'd be happy to see some Decklists or even just Deck ideas from you guys.. It doesn't matter whether the Deck is Wild or Standard and the cost isn't a problem either... Just please do not suggest Aggro or Tempo Decks because I can't play those properly and don't find them interesting in the slightest... Combo Decks are what I like the most but I wouldn't mind Control either as long as it's not fatigue based...  


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  • DelkoHS's Avatar Child of Galakrond 365 463 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    All those classes have solid decks to ladder with in standard, but looking at your desires i'd go:

    1) Heal Druid is a combo/ control deck based around Lucentbark. You use Flobbidinous Floop, Faceless Manipulator and Gloop Sprayer to get infinite boards. Token Druid is more solid overall I think, but you have options if you think that one is too aggro.

    2) Midrange Beast Hunter is a good deck to climb with, but you could add Nine Lives or run a more midrange-y Mech package with Mechanical Whelp and Oblivitron if you'd like. Bomb Hunter is decent as well but, again, is aggro which you don't like.

    3) I climbed to rank 5 this season with Muckmorpher Shaman, it's not the strongest Shaman deck there is, but it's fun if you like big minions. The new token Shaman is also pretty popular at the moment, with the buff to The Storm Bringer. Control Shaman might also be viable if you're good with the deck.

    4) Both Bomb Warrior and Control Warrior are solid decks to ladder with, no need for a tempo version per se.


  • iWatchUSleep's Avatar 530 641 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    I'm on my phone so can't easily link decks but for the wild side of things:

    Jade druid is a great control-style deck.

    If you want a combo druid deck then basically anything with Aviana/Kun is still somewhat useable, although significantly weaker. I believe the Togwaggle finisher is the most consistent one.

    For Hunter I would suggest Dane's reno hunter or Renojackson's deathrattle hunter.

    For Shaman Shudderwock shaman is still a viable combo deck. Malygos shaman could also work.

    For Warrior you can try either odd warrior or Dead Man's Hand warrior as control decks. The former being a much better ladder option.

  • anchorm4n's Avatar HearthStationeer 580 727 Posts Joined 03/13/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    Jepetto Hunter is really nice and was doing okay for me before the buffs. Haven’t played it much since but it’s definitely fun and the consistency of the combo is okay

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  • linkblade91's Avatar Global Moderator Draconically Dedicated 590 938 Posts Joined 02/09/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    I don't know how competitive it is, but I've been playing a Jade+C'Thun hybrid Shaman deck. Pretty fun and can go either-way depending on how the cards fall, leaning more into C'Thun or more into Jade. Dropping Shudderwock feels so good, watching your C'Thun skyrocket while the board fills with Jade Golems.

    Again, I can't vouch for viability, but at least it's different to everything else I'm seeing.

    If you have the time, you should totally check out our weekly Hearthstone card design competitions! :D

  • PinaColada's Avatar 0 4 Posts Joined 06/12/2019
    Posted 1 year ago

    Hunter Midrange -> I find that deck really fun and I feel its really good against most of the meta decks.

    Hunter Secrets -> Is a bit hard but once you learn to adapt against each matchup it will be really fun without doubt, if you can craft this deck you too can craft midrange because most of the cards are used in both decks.

    Druid -> Heal druid but I doesn't find it too strong right now its too slow for the actual meta.

    Shaman -> Control Shaman could be the option but I doesn't find the reason about why you should be playing control shaman instead of control warrior, you too can use the overload shaman that feels a bit aggro but I find it a bit more midrange kind of (is my personal thought about that)

    Warrior -> Control warrior is expensive and the matches will take too long to you, you need about 10k-13k for craft a control warrior and expect to be at least 10 minutes for match, maybe the bombs could be fun for you.

    In my personal opinion the most versatile and strong deck of this list is hunter secrets, I had played about 100 matches in the last week with only that deck and I still feel there's too much room to improvement, with that deck you will be having a hard time against warrior and druid tokens, but at the end it will be worthy because is too fun.

  • Esparanta's Avatar Supporter HearthStationeer 345 295 Posts Joined 03/26/2019
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