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Descent of Dragons
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    Descent of Dragons Logo

    Descent of Dragons is Hearthstone's 13th expansion and is set to release on December 10, 2019.

    Quick Info

    • Pre-order bundles return, with more card packs than usual (60 & 100)!
    • Every class will be getting a legendary Dragon! In fact, this expansion will have the most Dragons out of any set.
    • New Keyword: Invoke - Upgrade the mighty Galakrond! Playing these cards will also cast his Hero Power.
      Galakrond and Invoke cards will not be available in Arena (source).
    • New Keyword: Sidequests - Similar to quests except they don't start in your hand and can be played alongside active quests.
      Sidequests will be available in Arena (source).
    • New Mechanic: Explorers - Dragon cards for the non-evil classes which Discover a Dragon alongside another, class-themed effect.
    • New Mechanic: Breaths - Spells that make use of Dragon-holding mechanics to power-up their effects.
    • A solo adventure will be launching in January 2020. It is linear rather than a dungeon run.
    • More free stuff than ever before including 5 Legendaries.

    Arena Drafting Pool

    The card pool for drafting will change to include the following sets:

    • Basic
    • Classic
    • Blackrock Mountain
    • The Grand Tournament
    • One Night in Karazhan
    • Knights of the Frozen Throne
    • Rastakhan's Rumble
    • Descent of Dragons

    This thread is dedicated to discussing the impact of these cards on the ARENA environment.

    NEW! We are adapting to a new scoring system -1 being the worst and 5 being the best score- to get in line with the general scoring system on the site!

    Click below to see how Arena Mods at Out of Cards rated the cards revealed so far!

    DoD Spreadsheet

    You can read everyones detailed card evaluation by clicking on their pictures.


    Below you will find links for all of the cards that have been revealed so far.





    This is a work in progress!

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    DoD Out of Cards Rankings

    Card NameSintiBoozorAbusingKel(AVG)
    Deathwing, Mad Aspect5555
    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza3544
    Dragonrider Talritha4444
    Flik Skyshiv5555
    Frizz Kindleroost4454
    Galakrond, the Nightmare*xxxx
    Galakrond, the Tempest*xxxx
    Galakrond, the Unbreakable*xxxx
    Galakrond, the Unspeakable*xxxx
    Galakrond, the Wretched*xxxx
    Goru the Mightree


    Kronx Dragonhoof*xxxx
    Malygos, Aspect of Magic5545
    Mindflayer Kaahrj5555
    Murozond the Infinite5555
    Nozdormu the Timeless4555
    Ysera, Unleashed4444
    Valdris Felgorge5455
    Zzeraku the Warped4454
    Blowtorch Saboteur
    Chromatic Egg1322
    Dark Skies1111
    Dragon's Pack*xxxx
    Dread Raven4444
    Envoy of Lazul
    Fate Weaver*xxxx
    Grizzled Wizard3243
    Kobold Stickyfinger1332
    Lightforged Crusader3333
    Mana Giant4444
    Necrium Apothecary4444
    Ramming Speed5434
    Rolling Fireball5555
    Scion of Ruin*xxxx
    Secure the Deck3333
    Tentacled Menace3433
    Toxic Reinforcements2111
    Umbral Skulker*xxxx
    Veiled Worshipper*xxxx
    Wyrmrest Purifier
    Arcane Breath3454
    Bad Luck Albatross5455
    Breath of Dreams2222
    Breath of the Infinite5555
    Clear the Way1121
    Cobalt Spellkin5444
    Corrupt Elementalist*xxxx
    Crazed Netherwing5555
    Depth Charge1111
    Diving Gryphon4555
    Dragon Breeder5444
    Dragon's Hoard4344
    Dragonblight Cultist*xxxx
    Dragonmaw Poacher5455
    Elemental Allies1111
    Faceless Corruptor5555
    Hoard Pillager2333
    Lightforged Zealot1111
    Lightning Breath4444
    Molten Breath4434
    Nether Breath3343
    Phase Stalker3433
    Righteous Cause2232
    Ritual Chopper*xxxx
    Seal Fate*xxxx
    Sky Claw3343
    Storm's Wrath5334
    Time Rip*xxxx
    Utgarde Grapplesniper1312
    Zul'Drak Ritualist3444
    Abyssal Summoner3433
    Amber Watcher5555
    Azure Explorer4444
    Big Ol' Whelp5555
    Blazing Battlemage4444
    Bloodsail Flybooter3444
    Bronze Explorer5555
    Camouflaged Dirigible3433
    Candle Breath3333
    Corrosive Breath5434
    Disciple of Galakrond*xxxx
    Devoted Maniac*xxxx
    Dwarven Sharpshooter5555
    Emerald Explorer5555
    Evasive Chimaera4444
    Evasive Drakonid5555
    Evasive Feywing5444
    Evasive Wyrm5555
    EVIL Quartermaster4454
    Fiendish Rites*xxxx
    Fire Hawk3433
    Grave Rune5344
    Goboglide Tech3333
    Hot Air Balloon3433
    Invocation of Frost*xxxx
    Learn Draconic1222
    Living Dragonbreath4344
    Parachute Brigand2333
    Praise Galakrond!*xxxx
    Primordial Explorer5555
    Rain of Fire2232
    Sand Breath4444
    Shield of Galakrond*xxxx
    Sky Raider4555
    Strength in Numbers4233
    Surging Tempest3444
    Tasty Flyfish3333
    Troll Batrider5555
    Twin Tyrant5555
    Violet Spellwing3333
    Whispers of EVIL4333
    Wing Commander3333

    * = non-draftable cards

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Goru the Mightree Card Image
    Ysera, Unleashed Card Image
    Embiggen Card Image
    Secure the Deck Card Image
    Aeroponics Card Image
    Breath of Dreams Card Image
    Treenforcements Card Image
    Emerald Explorer Card Image
    Shrubadier Card Image
    Strength in Numbers Card Image


    Dream Portal Card Image Claw Card Image Treant Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Dragonbane Card Image
    Veranus Card Image
    Stormhammer Card Image
    Toxic Reinforcements Card Image
    Clear the Way Card Image
    Diving Gryphon Card Image
    Phase Stalker Card Image
    Corrosive Breath Card Image
    Dwarven Sharpshooter Card Image
    Primordial Explorer Card Image


    Leper Gnome Card Image Gryphon Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Chenvaala Card Image
    Malygos, Aspect of Magic Card Image
    Mana Giant Card Image
    Rolling Fireball Card Image
    Arcane Breath Card Image
    Dragoncaster Card Image
    Elemental Allies Card Image
    Azure Explorer Card Image
    Learn Draconic Card Image
    Violet Spellwing Card Image


    Snow Elemental Card Image Malygos's Explosion Card Image Malygos's Fireball Card Image Malygos's Flamestrike Card Image Malygos's Frostbolt Card Image Malygos's Intellect Card Image Malygos's Missiles Card Image Malygos's Nova Card Image Malygos's Polymorph Card Image Malygos's Tome Card Image Dragonic Emissary Card Image Arcane Missiles Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Dragonrider Talritha Card Image
    Nozdormu the Timeless Card Image
    Lightforged Crusader Card Image
    Sanctuary Card Image
    Lightforged Zealot Card Image
    Righteous Cause Card Image
    Sky Claw Card Image
    Amber Watcher Card Image
    Bronze Explorer Card Image
    Sand Breath Card Image


    Indomitable Champion Card Image Truesilver Champion Card Image Microcopter Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Galakrond, the Unspeakable Card Image
    Murozond the Infinite Card Image
    Mindflayer Kaahrj Card Image
    Envoy of Lazul Card Image
    Fate Weaver Card Image
    Breath of the Infinite Card Image
    Chronobreaker Card Image
    Time Rip Card Image
    Disciple of Galakrond Card Image
    Grave Rune Card Image
    Whispers of EVIL Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Flik Skyshiv Card Image
    Galakrond, the Nightmare Card Image
    Waxadred Card Image
    Necrium Apothecary Card Image
    Umbral Skulker Card Image
    Dragon's Hoard Card Image
    Seal Fate Card Image
    Stowaway Card Image
    Bloodsail Flybooter Card Image
    Candle Breath Card Image
    Praise Galakrond! Card Image


    Waxadred's Candle Card Image The Coin Card Image PirateBADCARDNAME

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Bandersmosh Card Image
    Galakrond, the Tempest Card Image
    Nithogg Card Image
    Dragon's Pack Card Image
    Cumulo-Maximus Card Image
    Corrupt Elementalist Card Image
    Lightning Breath Card Image
    Storm's Wrath Card Image
    Invocation of Frost Card Image
    Squallhunter Card Image
    Surging Tempest Card Image


    Storm Egg Card Image Storm Drake Card Image Spirit Wolf Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Galakrond, the Wretched Card Image
    Valdris Felgorge Card Image
    Zzeraku the Warped Card Image
    Dark Skies Card Image
    Veiled Worshipper Card Image
    Crazed Netherwing Card Image
    Dragonblight Cultist Card Image
    Nether Breath Card Image
    Abyssal Summoner Card Image
    Fiendish Rites Card Image
    Rain of Fire Card Image


    Nether Drake Card Image Abyssal Destroyer Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Ancharrr Card Image
    Deathwing, Mad Aspect Card Image
    Galakrond, the Unbreakable Card Image
    Ramming Speed Card Image
    Scion of Ruin Card Image
    Molten Breath Card Image
    Ritual Chopper Card Image
    Skybarge Card Image
    Awaken! Card Image
    EVIL Quartermaster Card Image
    Sky Raider Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Card Image
    Frizz Kindleroost Card Image
    Kronx Dragonhoof Card Image
    Sathrovarr Card Image
    Shu'ma Card Image
    Blowtorch Saboteur Card Image
    Chromatic Egg Card Image
    Dread Raven Card Image
    Grizzled Wizard Card Image
    Kobold Stickyfinger Card Image
    Tentacled Menace Card Image
    Transmogrifier Card Image
    Skyfin Card Image
    Wyrmrest Purifier Card Image
    Bad Luck Albatross Card Image
    Cobalt Spellkin Card Image
    Depth Charge Card Image
    Dragon Breeder Card Image
    Dragonmaw Poacher Card Image
    Faceless Corruptor Card Image
    Hoard Pillager Card Image
    Utgarde Grapplesniper Card Image
    Zul'Drak Ritualist Card Image
    Big Ol' Whelp Card Image
    Blazing Battlemage Card Image
    Camouflaged Dirigible Card Image
    Devoted Maniac Card Image
    Evasive Chimaera Card Image
    Evasive Drakonid Card Image
    Evasive Feywing Card Image
    Evasive Wyrm Card Image
    Fire Hawk Card Image
    Goboglide Tech Card Image
    Gyrocopter Card Image
    Hippogryph Card Image
    Hot Air Balloon Card Image
    Living Dragonbreath Card Image
    Parachute Brigand Card Image
    Platebreaker Card Image
    Scalerider Card Image
    Shield of Galakrond Card Image
    Tasty Flyfish Card Image
    Troll Batrider Card Image
    Twin Tyrant Card Image
    Wing Commander Card Image


    Tentacle Card Image Annihilation Card Image Decimation Card Image Domination Card Image Reanimation Card Image Albatross Card Image

    Core Set 2021 - Year of the GryphonHearthstone Mercenaries
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    DoD Sinti's Rankings


    • Ancharrr (2/5): Great if you have Pirates, not so much without. Not much else to say, still a weapon i guess, so that is always something.
    • Bandersmosh (5/5): Stats are good for the cost and gettin a random legendary in the process is pretty good. Can get access to something you should not have and on T5 no less. This card could easilly snowball.
    • Chenvaala (3/5): Not the worse stats for a 3-drop and has a positive effect plus an elemental tag. It would probably depend on what you already drafted to see value in this. Doubt you will in an average game play 3 spells in a turn, especially early. I guess it could have potential in the late game, where you would have mana to drop this and play some spells, but it just feels too inconsistent in theory.
    • Deathwing, Mad Aspect (5/5): Most likely a full board clear, potentially can leave a body behind. Do keep in mind it attacks ALL minions. That means your minions as well!
    • Dragonbane (4/5): Decent 4-drop with an upside. Mech tag can be relevant and ability that can snowball, if left unchecked.
    • Dragonqueen Alexstrasza (3/5): I almost want to say its worth drafting a highlander deck for this, but then again, with so many discover a dragon cards this expansion and all the other strong cards, probably not. What is going to happen instead, because this is a neutral legendary, it will come from those discover effects and it will crush dreams. Probably still ok to draft for the offchance you can trigger the battlecry, would depend on the other choices in any given time. 9 mana 8/8 dragon … you can do worse.
    • Dragonrider Talritha (4/5): Looks like a pretty good card, if you have any amount of dragons. 3/3 for 3 is ok and it has effect that can do some work.
    • Flik Skyshiv (5/5): Assassinate on a stick. Literally. Very good value and in arena, it could potentially hit multiple minions. Just be sure you are not sniping your own. The battlecry does not discriminate :)
    • Frizz Kindleroost (4/5): Good stats for a 4-drop and pretty decent effect. Tho the effect might not ever matter, so if there are more impactful legendaries as other two options, you might want to pick those.
    • Galakrond, the Nightmare (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Galakrond, the Tempest (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Galakrond, the Unbreakable (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Galakrond, the Unspeakable (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Galakrond, the Wretched (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Goru the Mightree (4/5): The ability is probably going to be irrelevant, but it is a great taunt for the cost.
    • Kronx Dragonhoof (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Malygos, Aspect of Magic (5/5): Decent body for the cost i guess, tho shitty stat distribution. But powerful ability.
    • Mindflayer Kaahrj (5/5): Absolutely ridiculous. An ok 3-drop on its own that can spawn another minion via its Deathrattle. Scales great into late game too. I guess the only downside is the "new copy", which probably implies that it will not retain any buffs. Good thing is, you can target a 6/1 Boulderfist Ogre and spawn it with full Health tho!
    • Murozond the Infinite (5/5): I hate priests in arena. They always beating you with cards from your own deck, often times before you even get to play them yourself. Just an overall shitty feeling. While this is not the case exactly, it still is a great threat that looms over you every turn. And dont think just cause it is a legendary, you wont encounter it that often. One word: Discover!
    • Nithogg (4/5): Can provide nice value, but you need to be in a winning position, since the eggs can be killed off for no benefit by your opponent. I guess the worst case scenario, this is a Shieldmaiden with dragon tag, not a bad deal actually.
    • Nozdormu the Timeless (4/5): I actually think this is a very good card for arena, but as a cheap 8/8 in the late game, not as a 4-drop. You shouldnt try to draft a heavy deck and try to play this on T4, you will probably lose 3 times in a row. Just treat it like a Sea Giant or something. You get a cheap 8/8 to tempo out later.
    • Sathrovarr (4/5): Pretty strong win more card. It does require a setup, but can do a lot for you.
    • Shu'ma (3/5): It is not the best card in the world, but it is a board swarm. I mean there are worse legendaries. If left unchecked, it can actually become quite a nuisance and provide you with free damage to trade into enemy minions each turn.
    • Valdris Felgorge (5/5): The hand size will likely not matter for Arena, but essentially playing Sprint while developing a board? Hell yes!
    • Veranus (5/5): Good stats, dragon tag and a pretty powerful effect that can help you trade up. Obvious combo with Unleash the Hounds, but thats just beginning.
    • Waxadred (5/5): Very good 5-drop that can return for free in the future. Yup, me like. Not to mention the dragon tag.
    • Ysera, Unleashed (5/5): I cant believe they made an even slower version of Ysera, but here we go! Still, it is a pretty powerful effect and 7 cards shuffled means there is a good chance you will benefit from it quite fast on average. It should create a kind of clock on your opponent in which he needs to kill you or be in a very commanding position to not die to this ability.
    • Zzeraku the Warped (4/5): Big dragon that can become a win condition. Basically giving your Hero Power the Jaraxxus HP on top. It is a very slow play and you need to have Health to spare, but even just as a body with a dragon tag should be decent. You can obviously play it for 10 mana to get one drake right away.


    • Blowtorch Saboteur (4/5): 3/4 3-drop with a positive effect, yes please! While the 1 mana increase on HP might seem insignificant and it might be true later in the game, if you can play this on curve, especially vs ping classes, chances are you will force them to waste one of their early turns to play out the 3-cost HP giving you basically a free turn or letting you get better trades without pinging your guys.
    • Chromatic Egg (1/5): While the effect can be quite powerful, i dont think you can afford to play a 5 mana do nothing card and be in a great position. And if you can, you dont really need the value anyway at that point. Better pick something that can help you in more situations.
    • Cumulo-Maximus (5/5): Superb card, if you can get the effect off. Can help you get a lot of done for 5 mana on turns, where you are overloaded. Obviously draft dependent, but even if you need to play it just for tempo, it is still good. Elemental synergy on top of all that. Amazing card.
    • Dark Skies (1/5): At first i thought it was "deal damage to a minion", not random. That would actually be fair and cool. As it stands, its unplayable.
    • Dragon's Pack (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Dread Raven (4/5): With each 3/4 3-drop we grow more and more accustomed to it being the baseline we strive for. But it is still rare enough to get such a minion, especially with random sets getting in each rotation, so the statline is still quite premium. And it has a positive, albeit rare, effect too. Pretty good card overall.
    • Embiggen (3/5): I really dont know how to evaluate this, so i will go with neutral rating right now. I think it will end up being rather strong, since you dont sacrifice any tempo playing the buff and when you do play those buffed minions, even with increased cost, you are probably playing at least vanilla or better stats for the final cost. And having beefed up minions for the rest of the game seems like a very strong effect on paper. Guess we'll see.
    • Envoy of Lazul (4/5): I like this card for arena. It gives you some information about your opponent's deck and also what he might or might not be holding in his hand right now. The information could be invaluable. You will probably get a card less often on average with Envoy than you would with its cousin Curious Glimmerroot, but i think the card will be worth it either way.
    • Fate Weaver (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Scion of Ruin (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Grizzled Wizard (3/5): Good 2-drop with a potential upside. Better in classes like warrior where you can utilize your opponent's hero power against him. Gets better in late game too, since you can use both hero powers in a turn if you dont have anything else to do leaving your opponent with none for their turn.
    • Kobold Stickyfinger (1/5): While i like the card, i dont think it is a good arena card, not to pick it during draft anyway. How many times you actually snipe a weapon with Ooze? Not that often, but it is at least a decent tempo play. This is subpar 5-drop, hell even subpar 4-drop, for the body alone. I would probably pick Nightblade over this if offered. Pirate tag might matter in some drafts to save this.
    • Lightforged Crusader (3/5): In 99% cases, this will be War Golem. If you can get into the very late game tho, you might be able to generate some extra value with this. Unlikely to happen tho, chances are you would need to play it for tempo before that happens anyway, but ok stats with an potential upside is never bad.
    • Mana Giant (4/5): Actually not a bad card for arena, 8/8 for 8 is already ok and decreasing its cost shouldnt be too hard. Obviously draft dependant, but with all the discover effects flying around (among other things), it shouldnt be too much of a problem.
    • Necrium Apothecary (4/5): Draft dependent, but if it can trigger literally on anything, it is super powerful.
    • Ramming Speed (5/5): One-time use of Supercollider. While that card was beyond broken cause without weapon removal, it basically almost negated your opponent's ability to get on the board, this is still strong enough. You can set up the trade and get great value for 3 mana.
    • Rolling Fireball (5/5): Flame Lance that dose not waste any excess damage. Sounds good to me!
    • Sanctuary (2/5): This is a hard card to evaluate. Obviously there are turns in Arena, where you dont take damage. Probably more so than in Constructed and certainly, it can happen early, so playing this on curve or on T3/T4 while having board advantage can help you tons. But it will pretty much never triggers while you're behind, which is abysmal. I dont know, maybe it will become the next Tar Creeper, but until i see it in play, i have my doubts.
    • Secure the Deck (3/5): Kinda slow to complete, and the reward isnt that amazing, but its removal. You probably wont be too sad to have to draft this card, if it will be the best out of the three options, but at the same time, you will always hope for something better. One of the better Side Quests considering Arena, thats for sure.
    • Skyfin (3/5): Draft dependent, cant really be played without the battlecry, but if you can trigger it, it will provide great value.
    • Stormhammer (4/5): Obviously draft dependent, but there will be a lot of dragons in the pool. This card actually looks kinda scary, since if you lose a dragon, you can just wait till you play another one before you start swinging again. There is a comparison to be made with Eaglehorn Bow and i think this has a bigger potential to get more mileage in arena than the Bow, since you dont generally want to pick Secrets nor waste time to play them. Dragons on the other hand, you do want.
    • Tentacled Menace (3/5): You will probably pick this card for the stats and be happy with it. The heavier your deck is (which it shouldnt be), the more chance is you get a benefit from it, tho your opponent will most likely be trying for a lighter deck as well, so in the end, the effect shouldnt harm you too much on average. You can even use this to get some information about the card your opponent drew. The worst part is, your opponent gets a card too. Giving anything to your opponent is not great. At least you are not sacrificing any tempo to do so.
    • Toxic Reinforcements (2/5): I would say this card will depend on your draft. Rather easy requirement to get some tokens on the board that will eventually push 6 face damage on your opponent. But you do have to give up the card and if you get it in the late game, waiting 3 turns to finish this and then probably at least extra turn to kill off Leper Gnomes might be way too slow. And playing this early, you dont want to Hero Power early. So yeah, probably just a bad card overall, but it might fit into a smorc deck.
    • Transmogrifier (5/5): Random legendary is a gamble, but chances are, it will be better than the card you would have drawn. This card can actually snowball hard, if you can play it early and your opponent doesnt have an answer. I dont know why, but im getting Cavern Dreamer vibe when looking at this card as to how can the game be decided on T2, if you get lucky enough
    • Umbral Skulker (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Veiled Worshipper (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Wyrmrest Purifier (2/5): Interesting effect, some classes will probably like this more than others. That being said, usually, most decks consist of a lot of neutral cards, but neutral cards you do want to have. While class cards could be better, they could be worse. I guess it will depend on your draft a lot, if you dont have a cohesive strategy with your deck, you can just flip a coin and maybe get something better, but for now, it seems like this can be just another Renounce Darkness. I dont know.


    • Aeroponics (2/5): You need just one treant to make this an Arcane Intellect, but that still might be a tall order. Card draw is card draw tho.
    • Arcane Breath (3/5): Heavilly dependant on the draft, without dragons, it sucks. With them, its amazing.
    • Bad Luck Albatross (5/5): This card is actually sick for arena. Good aggresive stats for a 3-drop and an effect that can basically negate two draws from your opponent. Sure, it will be RNG if your opponent draws the 1/1s, but it is an ability that can help you win the game. Were it a worse statline, i wouldnt be as excited about it, but since you dont sacrifice any tempo for the effect, just amazing.
    • Breath of Dreams (2/5): Pretty good for dragon decks, but without it, it just cycles itself for 2 mana. I dont think you will draft this without already having plenty of dragons.
    • Breath of the Infinite (5/5): Volcanic Potion that can become even better if you have some dragons. Great card.
    • Chronobreaker (5/5): Another insanely strong dragon. And ofc it is in priest. God, this card will be absolutely disgusting. It already makes me sick. What do you not want to do vs priest? Play slow. What does this card forces you to do? Trade your board off. Disgusting. You'll probably see it a bunch, not only from drafts but via discover effects too. ugh
    • Clear the Way (1/5): Way too draft dependant and probably a bit slow. It can shine, if you do draft a few Rush cards, namely stuff like Swarm of Locusts or Desert Spear, but still, inconsistent.
    • Cobalt Spellkin (5/5): Card generator with passable stats. And ofc a dragon tag. Yup, preeeetty good.
    • Corrupt Elementalist (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Crazed Netherwing (5/5): Abyssal Enforcer 2.0. Pretty much. What makes things worse, you can discover this. I dont like this exists.
    • Depth Charge (1/5): This really is a poor man's Doomsayer. Deals less damage (technically), has lower survivability; the lower cost dost not save it at all. It can work sometimes, same as Doomsayer, but would be very rare to get it go off, let alone to clear a board with it. I mean it would be perfectly fine to trade for a 2-drop with this, but if you dont get it early, it will most likely become a dead card for the rest of the game. I guess 1 mana "heal 5 to your hero" is also a card, but one that no one drafts.
    • Diving Gryphon (4/5): Assuming you have some other Rush minions in your deck, this is basically a Shadow Bolt that draws you another removal. Damn. If you dont have other Rush minions, this is still a decent removal option that can benefit from Attack buffs and beast synergies.
    • Dragon Breeder (5/5): Decent 2-drop with a pretty powerful effect, granted its conditional, but with how many dragons are going to be flying around, id say it wont be that hard to trigger it.
    • Dragon's Hoard (4/5): Very strong card advantage card, but as with its predecessors (Hallucination, Journey Below), it is anti-tempo, which is not exactly how you want to play as a Rogue. So not always such an obvious auto-pick.
    • Dragonblight Cultist (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Dragoncaster (2/5): Obviously if you can get some nice value out of the battlecry, it can be a very powerful card. But you need to have a spell you want to play and a dragon in hand. Might be too much to ask for it to provide consistent value in arena, but if you get draft for it, it can swing games hard.
    • Dragonmaw Poacher (5/5). Ouch. This card will, just by sheer existance, make playing early dragons a huge risk. You thought Dragonslayer gave a lot of tempo? Try 8/8 crushing into your Bronze Explorer on curve. You might as well concede right there. We'll see how often this card appears in the draft, but you should pick it over probably anything.
    • Elemental Allies (1/5): Super draft dependent, even drafts with relatively plenty elementals sometimes have a problem activating their synergies, this needs you to still have at least two after you play it and dont break the chain. Not to mention you might not even have enough spells in your deck (left) to benefit from this. Can work in some drafts, especially when arena drafting pool will be more focused on sets with elementals, but other than that this is a big no.
    • Faceless Corruptor (5/5): So you know how Quest Druid gets carried by oassis surgerBADCARDNAMEs? How about if every class could just do that too? Yikes!
    • Hoard Pillager (2/5): This card is obviously only good in weapon classes and you have to have played and destroeyed one of your weapons already, but the value it can provide is huge. Definitely a great card for warrior for example. Rogues could probably make a decent tempo turn out of this as well, essentially making it a 2 mana 4/2.
    • Lightforged Zealot (1/5): This is just not going to happen. It might in very late game, but with such a shitty stats, you cant play it without the battlecry and keeping a dead card in your hand for a situation that might never come, just skip this one.
    • Lightning Breath (4/5): Shadow Bolt that can become a mini-Flamestrike, and hitting 3 minions is usually plenty. Super strong card, if you have some dragons.
    • Molten Breath (4/5): Pretty good removal option with a potential bonus.
    • Nether Breath (3/5): Draft dependent. If you can activate it its amazing, if you cant, its still a removal(ish).
    • Phase Stalker (3/5): Good 2-drop with a potential upside. Beast tag is always nice in Hunter. Cool.
    • Righteous Cause (2/5): This is going to be a tricky quest to finish, but it can give your minions soft-taunt, since your opponent will not want to leave you with a board to get the buff. But lets be honest, you dont want paladin to have a single minion anyway so that might be a moot point. I think its just too slow and inconsistent for it to be worth a card. Saving grace is that hero power counts toward it.
    • Ritual Chopper (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Seal Fate (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Sky Claw (3/5): Technically a 5/4 worth of stats for 3 mana, but with a very weak distribution. Its not the worst card for its cost and token decks will appretiate it, but nothing to write home about.
    • Skybarge (3/5): Ship's cannon finally got its Mech tag lol! Decent stats for a 3-drop, better in arena rotation with more pirates, obviously; or mechs (what about both? xaxa). Good card that can have an insane synergy in right deck.
    • Storm's Wrath (5/5): Literally reverse powercreep on mark of lotusBADCARDNAME, but in Shaman it is obviously stronger, since the hero power can provide bodies out of thin air. Should find a very nice use in most shaman decks and any token buffer is always nice to have.
    • Stowaway (1/5): There is a little to no chance that you will shuffle any cards in your deck in arena. First of all, there is not that many cards that can do that and second, even if you were offered such a card, those are generally bad arena cards so you wouldnt draft them anyway.
    • Time Rip (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Treenforcements (4/5): Great card, premium 1-drop with added versatility. There also seem to be more and more treant synergy, so that will matter more and more going forward.
    • Utgarde Grapplesniper (1/5): Way too risky. I mean why would you risk losing a game by summoning a big dragon for your opponent? Ofc it might not happen, but it might. Just dont.
    • Zul'Drak Ritualist (3/5): I want to like this card, it is a pretty huge taunt for the cost, but giving your opponent 3 minions, even if they are 1-drops, can come back to bite you. For the next rotation, there dont seem to be many bad outcomes, worst is probably Injured Kvaldir and Flame Imp, but stuff like Spirit of the Dead, Spirit of the Raptor or Spirit of the Rhino could potentially lose you the game, not even joking. Again, i will have to see this card in play to pass my final judgment, maybe it will win you more games than it loses in the end.


    • Abyssal Summoner (3/5): Obviously designed to synergize with the new hand size increase mechanic. Chances are that as WL, you will have cards in your hand most of the game and you need "just" 4 to get decent value. All the new discover effect and Lackey spawners help fill your hand too. This should perform relatively well on average i think.
    • Amber Watcher (5/5): Holy crap. Guardian of Kings is crying in a corner. This card is powerful. Great stats, dragon tag and a huge heal.
    • Awaken! (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Azure Explorer (4/5): Originally, i had this card at 3/5, but with more dragons being revealed, even a crappy body like this is worth it to discover the really strong dragons being introduced.
    • Big Ol' Whelp (5/5): Azure Drake got a little thicc over the years :) Pretty much auto-pick in most scenarios.
    • Blazing Battlemage (4/5): Premium stats on a 1-drop. Misstress of MixturesBADCARDNAME was picked for stats most of the time regardless of the benefit for your opponent (even tho sometimes you liked your heal too, obviously). This will perform about as good, better even for decks that can curve out from T1.
    • Bloodsail Flybooter (3/5): Ok 1-drop, generates some tokens for Combo activators and other possibilities.
    • Bronze Explorer (5/5): Not a 3-drop, lets get that out of the way. Other than that, premium card, great value generator and some healing in one.
    • Camouflaged Dirigible (3/5): Decent 6-drop with a potentially strong effect. It will become stronger in rotations with more mechs, obviously, but its ok even without the battlecry.
    • Candle Breath (3/5): Worse Sprint without Dragons. Beyond broken with Dragons.
    • Corrosive Breath (5/5): Good (early game) removal. The bonus effect isnt important, but i guess it is nice.
    • Devoted Maniac (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Disciple of Galakrond (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Dwarven Sharpshooter (5/5): Love child of Steamwheedle Sniper and Candleshot. Dont ask. Super powerful 1-drop with an amazing ability relevant in any stage of the game.
    • Emerald Explorer (5/5): Insane card. Amazing taunt, Dragon tag and provides card advantage. Holy hell.
    • Evasive Chimaera (4/5): Pit Snake that has a much higher chance to survive vs ping classes and actually kill something. Will often trade up too unless there are tokens. Great card.
    • Evasive Drakonid (5/5): Super powerful taunt. War Golem is crying in a corner and will probably not get over this, ever.
    • Evasive Feywing (5/5): Elusive dragon with good aggressive statline. Great card. Potential to trade 2for1 more often than not.
    • Evasive Wyrm (5/5): Insanely strong card, that has a high potential to trade 2for1. Similar to Argent Commander, but cant go face right away, which trades for better stats and Elusive effect, not to mention dragon tag. A lot better deal for arena.
    • EVIL Quartermaster (4/5): Lackeys are great, they provide decent advanage. The card itself has pretty bad stats, but at least it gives some Armor in return. All in all good card, tho you probably dont want to play it as your 3-drop.
    • Fire Hawk (3/5): It is basically a Goblin Sapper, if you can get it down in the right time and it keeps the buff. Later on, it might whiff, if you get into a topdeck war. Elemental tag gives it added value for some drafts.
    • Fiendish Rites (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Goboglide Tech (3/5): Ok 3-drop that can become super good, if you controll a mech. Draft dependent for sure.
    • Grave Rune (5/5): Yes, you need to have a minion up first, but this card will be such a broken BS. Just you wait, you will cry. While you dont get the great body of Carnivorous Cube, in exchange you get to pop the deathrattle right away, if you play it on a minion that you want to trade away, providing immetiate value and avoding the chance to get the Cube silenced/transformed.
    • Gyrocopter (5/5): Poor Windfury Harpy, she gets shit on yet again. Super easy to trade 2for1 at least, possibly more. Bonus for mech synergy.
    • Hippogryph (4/5): Good taunt with a bonus. Powercreeped Stegodon stuck in a human form.
    • Hot Air Balloon (3/5): Not a bad 1-drop. I would probably prefer a flat 1/3 over this, but mech tag might matter and it can keep buffing itself, if left unchecked. Not like a 1-attack minion would be such a threat, but it is going to be annoying and potential buff target.
    • Invocation of Frost (x/5): not draftable in Arena.
    • Learn Draconic (1/5): This one is actually pretty bad for arena. It would be barely playable, if it was just "spend 8 mana", but on spells specifically? Nope.
    • Living Dragonbreath (4/5): 3/4 statline, elemental tag and a positive effect? Me like. Tho the effect might be largely irrelevant most of the time, it can come in handy to make a sneaky play. Will be a cute combo with Frozen Crusher once both sets are in the pool at the same time.
    • Parachute Brigand (2/5): Can be nice with other Pirates, obviously. Otherwise 2/2 for 2 is not great.
    • Platebreaker (3/5): The ability will be largely irrelevant in arena, most armor gain cards are not great arena cards and armor classes usually have weapons so they dont keep much armor anyway. Stacking up armor is not a thing in arena, not usually. So this card is just an ok 5-drop for the stats.
    • Praise Galakrond! (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Primordial Explorer (5/5): Very good card. Emperor Cobra that lets you discover a Dragon. Cobra was already a decent minion on its own, this one pushes it to the top.
    • Rain of Fire (2/5): It is still an aoe, dont discount that, but WL has other, better options and damaging your board might not be worth it, tho damaging your hero might. This card can shine in some drafts actually.
    • Sand Breath (4/5): Nice little buff that can help your minions survive trades. If you have dragons, this becomes 10x more powerful.
    • Scalerider (4/5): Obviously draft dependent, but with the amount of dragons coming in, this should be a premium card. Basically Fire Plume Phoenix for 1 less mana.
    • Shield of Galakrond (x/5): Not draftable in Arena.
    • Shrubadier (3/5): Good 2-drop and possible Treant synergy. Good card.
    • Sky Raider (4/5): Ok enough 1-drop that generates a card. Yup, me like! Especially with cards like Hoard Pillager in the mix.
    • Squallhunter (5/5): Not a 4mana 7/7, but still amazing. Well above average stats, Spell Damage that can matter and a dragon tag. Yes, overload sucks, but id take that penalty any day for what im getting.
    • Strength in Numbers (4/5): This is actually a decent quest that you can complete in few turns by doing what you were going to do anyway.
    • Surging Tempest (3/5): Another member of the 1-drop family with a 1/3 statline. Nothing too OP, but just a decent card you will not be sad to "have to" pick it.
    • Tasty Flyfish (3/5): Seems like a pretty good card, obviously draft dependent, but should find a target most of the time.
    • Troll Batrider (5/5): Scaled down Bomb Lobber. Still powerful as hell for arena.
    • Twin Tyrant (5/5): HOLY HELL. Rember Bomb Lobber? How about with Brann effect, 8 more stat points and a dragon tag for just 3 more mana? Yup. This card is gonna make you cry, mark my words. With all the discover a dragon effects, you will see this often. And it will hurt.
    • Violet Spellwing (3/5): Decent card. Not a Babbling Book, but you wont be too sad to get this.
    • Whispers of EVIL (4/5): Pretty good card. Can have its use in any stage of the game and can give you options based on the Lackey you get. Lackeys are always good.
    • Wing Commander (3/5): Should be a decent 4-drop, you are most likely have to have some dragons, so it should be at least Chillwind Yeti on average. One problem i have with this card is telegraphing to your opponents you have dragons and how many.

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  • AbusingKel's Avatar Global Moderator 715 271 Posts Joined 02/02/2019
    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    DoD AbusingKel's Rankings



    Ancharrr - 3 - Highly variable score for this, as it could be insane value if your draft supports it. There are some very good, common and rare pirates in the rotation so it'll have it's moments for sure.

    Bandersmosh - 4 - There's certainly big upside, but there are enough lousy legendary minions for it to get a slight decrease in score. Plus it's a tease as a top deck if you have to play it as a vanilla 5/5.

    Chenvaala - 4 - Playing 3 spells in one turn isn't easy, though mage can pull it off better than most. It's strong as a stand alone 2/5 for 3 and has the elemental tag so it looks solid to me.

    Deathwing, Mad Aspect - 5 - Massive stats for the cost and it can be used as a board wipe. The downside (hitting your own minions) is easily mitigated by trading first and that improves your chances of making this big body stick after it finishes off the remaining board.

    Dragonbane - 5 - Obviously not something you want to play on curve but it's still a solid vanilla if you're forced to do so. This is a persistent ability… and an incredibly strong one. Really cool card and concept.

    Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - 4 - Chances are decent that you'll have thinned out duplicates by the time you get her in hand and have the mana to play her. If you can draft a highlander deck she's clearly a 5. Even if you get 2x Faerie Dragon you are dropping a big board with an 8/8 and two 3/2 dragons.

    Dragonrider Talritha - 4 - 3/3 for 3 is ok without a recipient for the deathrattle and it sure seems like there will be plenty of dragons available from this set to go along with lots from Blackrock. Some great neutrals and class dragons coming in for Paladin. List here. 

    Flik Skyshiv - 5 - Remove a minion and develop your board. Great card. It's unlikely you'll worry too much about losing your own copy(s) because the threat on the board is always the more pressing issue.

    Frizz Kindleroost - 5 - Conditional score since it's going to be awesome with the next rotation but could drop precipitously if the spring rotation reduces the pool of dragons.

    Goru the Mightree - 4 - The taunt body for the cost is good. There's not really enough treant support but even one or two cards that generate them will make this very good value.

    Malygos, Aspect of Magic - 4 - Very powerful card. Upgrade spells look good (until I get all garbage options) and the 8 health makes it a solid trader. There's no guarantee you'll have the dragon support in your draft so it's a slight downgrade in the score b/c it's a big hit to the value if you don't get the battlecry.

    Mindflayer Kaahrj - 5 - Great value even with a medium minion but it's crazy good if you can get a really high value minion out of the deathrattle.

    Murozond the Infinite - 5 - Add it to the list of reasons to hate priest. Yet another broken card but at least it's a legendary so it shouldn't be too prevalent.

    Nithogg - 2 - Wow… remember when I called a Anyfin/Everyfin comparison on Amber Watcher? Yeah, this is a legendary that sucks hard compared to that common. Blizz please. 0/3 eggs that aren't deathrattle, but instead need to survive until your next turn. QQ

    Nozdormu the Timeless - 5 - Stupid good card, especially since you drop this massive body THEN it resets your mana to play more around it. This will feel alot like an on curve flappy bird back in Un'Goro.

    Sathrovarr - 4 - Some chance to be unplayable since you must have at least a decent minion to copy. With the cards we've seen released already, it's likely you've got something viable to target, though.

    Shu'ma - 3 - Persistent board re-population looks scary but the 1 attack makes it pretty toothless and easy to kill. I'm interested to see it in action but doubt anyone will ever draft it to find out.

    Valdris Felgorge - 5 - Incredible value. Massive powercreep on Sprint that brings a fun new element to constructed. Cool card.

    Veranus - 5 - Insanely powerful in a class that tends to have decent swarm capability to take down the now-1-health minions.

    Waxadred - 5 - All these legendary dragons are insane. Low cost, high stats, powerful abilities. Old Waxie is right on par with the other class dragons.

    Ysera, Unleashed - 4 - The on-drawn dragons are a huge tempo gain but it's a delayed return and is random. Still, this will provide some trollden moments when players flip 3-4 huge dragons to start their turn.

    Zzeraku the Warped - 5 - The lack of initiative is easily overcome if you are simply patient enough (or not so far behind) that you play this on 10 and have a mean board with the upside to spawn more. Sick.


    Blowtorch Saboteur - 4 - 3/4 for 3 has been the stud stats for a while now. A little disruption to boot.

    Chromatic Egg - 2 - The high cost and big tempo loss will be brutal even for a big cheat on the end value. It'll be playable for classes than can quickly hatch it, bad in decks that can't, and probably broken in constructed (especially warlock).

    Cumulo-Maximus - 5 - A really strong card for an archtype that will probably still be mediocre in constructed. In arena, there are plenty of good cards that have overload to ensure you get this 5 point blast.

    Dark Skies - 1 - Hot garbage, even in constructed.

    Dread Raven - 4 - The 3 mana 3/4 has always been a great one for arena and this comes with an upside that's increased in arena where you could get 3 or more copies.

    Embiggen - 4 - I want to see it in action. On first glance, it looks like a card you love to get early with a mulligan that can keep tempo. Mid to late game it is a solid play to bump the value of everything you draw. Interesting… I could see it being terrible or great, so it probably will be conditional enough to warrant a downgrade.

    Envoy of Lazul - 3 - A solid card but it's not as easy to guess right in arena as it is in constructed.

    Grizzled Wizard - 4 - Interesting card. Basically, it's a solid, aggresive 2 drop that can give you a nice double dip into hero powers later in the game. Should prove to be pretty good.

    Kobold Stickyfinger - 3 - Very unique and cool card. Ok in arena, especially if warrior gets a boost from the dragons it brings back and pushes for a more frequent presence.

    Lightforged Crusader - 3 - You'd have to draft sub-optimal cards and even then you'd be highly unlikely to get all class cards. As Boozor already mentioned, it's a War Golem wrapped in Paldin yellow.

    Necrium Apothecary - 4 - Draft dependent so it can't get a 5. Decent stats for a card that draws and gains an ability.

    Mana Giant - 4 - Big vanilla minion that can be triggered pretty easily with the amount of discover in the game.

    Ramming Speed - 3 - A nice way to remove 1 of 2 big minions but it isn't reliable if 3 or minions are on board.

    Rolling Fireball - 5 - Really cool concept. I love unique entries into the card pool. Imagine how giddy you'll be if someone plays 7 wide and you can control the direction and really wreck a board.

    Sanctuary - 2 - It looks lousy but the reward is really high value for the cost and there's no stopping a quest. It'll have to be alongside some bad cards to draft it but there are ways to protect your face and get the value.

    Secure the Deck - 4 - It's cheap enough that the tempo loss isn't terrible and the payoff for something you'll end up doing at some point through the game is pretty good. A quick, cheap, 6 point swing could very well be the game winner.

    Skyfin - 3 - With the number of dragons in the rotation it should prove easy to trigger. With the variable results in the murloc pool, it probably won't feel worth the potential unreliability.

    Stormhammer - 5 - Top score only for this rotation. It shouldn't be too hard to get at least 1 extra swing and you'll likely get more.

    Tentacled Menace - 3 - Decent body but the ability is too volatile and could easily be the key to your opponent's victory.

    Toxic Reinforcements - 1 - Spend 1 mana to lose tempo in order to gain (some time later in the game) 3 minions you wouldn't draft, in a format where using your hero power is even more tempo lost.

    Transmogrifier - 4 - As with Bandersmosh, there are enough bad legendary minions to dilute the upside. Add in the fact that you could downgrade the card draw if it's one of your late game baddies, and I think there's enough not to like that I could downgrade the score to a 3.

    Wyrmrest Purifier - 3 - Again a very volatile result. In general, class cards are better than their neutral counterparts but it's not an even trade based on cost. Turning all those sick DoD dragons into weenies would suck.


    Aeroponics - 3 - 5 mana for 3 cards is hefty, and there's no way to be sure you'll have treants to trigger it.

    Arcane Breath - 5 - Again a score that is rotation specific, since there will be a ton of dragons to support this for a full rotation. This is likely to be a very broken card.

    Bad Luck Albatross - 5 - Hahaha… what an awesome card. Mess with opponents draw and it has great stats. Common rarity means we'll likely be seeing lots of it on both sides.

    Breath of Dreams - 2 - Constructed ramp druid has always been a personal favorite and I'm excited to build a full blow dragon version. In constructed. In arena, it's a bad card unless you've got a ton of dragons and can snag this late in the draft.

    Breath of the Infinite - 5 - Ugh. Another set, another top board wipe for priest. Thanks Team 5.

    Clear the Way - 3 - If we see more rush support for hunter in this set, I'll be scoring this better. Again, not a big concern with the cheap tempo but it's harder to meet this criteria than it is attacking with Druid. Springpaw and Amani War Bear are back, though, so there are good options already available. Very draft dependent.

    Crazed Netherwing - 5 - The dev team is really piling on the outrageously high value dragons in this set. Thank Yogg the Abyssal Enforcer rotates out!

    Chronobreaker - 5 - Busted. Deathrattle at least gives you a chance to deal with it and trade favorably, but more often than not this will wreck the board, one way or the other.

    Cobalt Spellkin - 4 - Better in some classes but all 9 have a reasonably good pool of 1 cost spells for this rotation. Solid value.

    Depth Charge - 1 - The rare times you pull this off will be hysterical. But very, very rare.

    Diving Gryphon - 5 - Solid removal piece that will pull another rush minion. Very strong, and we've seen time and again that the dev team puts together a theme for each hero in a new set so rush should be well supported now that we've seen a few.

    Dragoncaster - 3 - The upside is undeniable, but you need to have this plus another dragon and a spell in hand. That spell also needs to be playable or you may be playing it in a sub-optimal way. May play well but it looks too unreliable to me.

    Dragon Breeder - 4 - Solid 2 mana play with an upside that can be a game changer.

    Dragon's Hoard - 4 - A narrowed-pool version of Hallucination that should yield a very strong minion.

    Dragonmaw Poacher - 5 - Wowza… this is an auto draft knowing how many dragons we'll be seeing. Absolute punisher.

    Elemental Allies - 1 - Too many conditions to reliably make it work.

    Faceless Corruptor - Found our Flappy Bird! Totally over the top value. Any small or damaged minion can work to trade then you've got a pair of 5/4 bodies for 5 mana. Oof.

    Hoard Pillager - 3 - Weak body but the fact that it equips the weapon will always make up the cost. Would have to be late in a draft or you can't take the risk unless you're rogue.

    Lightforged Zealot - 1 - Lots of fun in constructed but it's trash for arena. As with Lightforged Crusader, you'll have little chance to draft an all-class deck.Lightning Breath - 4 - Already a decent cost for the damage and the upside is a board flipping effect.

    Molten Breath - 3 - Warrior has strong removal options and the armor gain is never a game changer. Good card but nothing spectacular.

    Nether Breath - 4 - Ah, hot dragon breath to the face. What could be better? Oh, right, lifestealing from said face. We know the dragon synergy is going to be there (at least for this rotation) so this has a good chance of being an 8 point flip for 2 mana.

    Phase Stalker - 3 - Most likely a vanilla 2/3 for 2. The beast tag and ability are a decent bonus and it'll be a nice tempo piece in decks that get secrets to support it.

    Righteous Cause - 3 - In a class that can swarm well, it's not terrible. Controlling it to buff more than 1 or 2 minions may be too difficult. Crazy good in constructed wild, though.

    Skybarge - 3 - A beefier, class version of Ship's Cannon, which was also unreliable since you can't ensure you'll have enough pirates to make use of the ability.

    Sky Claw - 4 - 3/4 stats for 3 mana if your opponent can kill it right away. If they can't it's a 5/4 for 3 that has the potential to get even meaner if you have some more mechs.

    Storm's Wrath - 3 - Nice for a class with zero attack totems as the hero power but only viable in drafts that support a swarm strategy.

    Stowaway - 2 - Not sure the support will be there. This looks like a buff to Academic Research constructed decks.

    Treenforcements - 4 - 1 mana 2/2 or a nice buff plus taunt. Versatility is a good thing.

    Zul'Drak Ritualist - 4 - Sleeper alert! Unless DoD brings a 1 mana poisonous minion, this card is looking pretty strong. Very cheap for the stats and the list of 1 drops isn't a group that will take out a 9 health minion. Great for those lame AF big priests in wild, too.


    Abyssal Summoner - 3 - It'll have its moments, no doubt. But arena is not a place where you can lifetap with impunity. Too much time drawing while not developing a board is a fast track to an early arena exit.

    Amber Watcher - 5 - This feels like Anyfin/Everyfin… Shaman will get some total shitbird dragon. Heavy sigh. I long for a time where Shaman gets the good stuff and doesn't suck in arena. At least I'm not bitter.

    Azure Explorer - 4 - Discovering a dragon is great but the tempo loss hurts and the spell damage boost is generally irrelevant.

    Big Ol' Whelp - 5 - Totally blows up the previous cost ratio of cantrips. Powercreep special with the dragon tag included.

    Blazing Battlemage - 4 - A great way to start a match.

    Bloodsail Flybooter - 4 - Good pirate pool and this will allow rogue to continue triggering combos and pirate synergies.

    Bronze Explorer - 5 - Broken. Triggers all the dragon synergy and kicks a discovered dragon to your hand to trigger more. And lifesteal… because it wasn't already awesome as a 2/3 tribe discover. I have always tinkered with dragon pal and will enjoy what he can put together in wild constructed now.

    Camouflaged Dirigible - 3 - Has the making of a seriously strong card… in constructed. Guess how many mechs are currently in the draft pool for the next rotation. I'll take the under. :D

    Candle Breath - 3 - Decent card draw that requires a trigger to be as good as Arcane Intellect.

    Corrosive Breath - 3 - Decent but without the trigger it's just a average card.

    Dwarven Sharpshooter - 5 - Stud 1/3 for 1. I thought the dev team realized long ago that stud 1 drops were a bad thing for the game?

    Emerald Explorer - 5 - Wow. Prepare to face a ton of these. This is Spikeridged Steed level busted.

    Evasive Chimaera - 4 - More powercreep. Getting a little stupid. Should be an easy trade up.

    Evasive Drakonid - 5 - Great card. Big bodied game stalling nuisance that we will see plenty of as a common.

    Evasive Feywing - 4 - Can't be targeted is a good arena ability and this carries the dragon tag to trigger all the bonkers stuff coming in.

    Evasive Wyrm - 5 - Crazy. Evasive should just be the keyword. Anyway, this card is so much strong than previous rush entries.

    EVIL Quartermaster - 5 - Maybe the insane number of dragons will make lackeys feel a bit underwhelming and make me rethink this score.

    Fire Hawk - 3 - Better on curve than late. The ele tag and the sheer volume of discover / cantrip / kickback effects might prove me wrong, though.

    Goboglide Tech - 3 - Mech pool doesn't support it being more than a vanilla 3/3 for 3 for this rotation.

    Grave Rune - 4 - In a value class like priest, I think this will perform well. Maybe to variable to score this high but most drafts will support pulling this off.

    Gyrocopter - 4 - Strong removal piece as a neutral. Upside is great if your opponent can't immediately handle it.

    Hippogryph - 4 - Really strong stats and abilities at this cost. Another powercreep special. Must be the December set. O.o

    Hot Air Balloon - 3 - There are worse 1 drop minions. They get worse scores than a 3.

    Learn Draconic - 2 - Spells aren't always easy to come by in arena so the draft has to support this. It's cheap for a 6/6 some time later in the game but the tempo loss will hurt. I can definitely see this becoming an auto-pick if it finds its way into the bottom bucket, though.

    Living Dragonbreath - 4 - 3/4 for 3 with ele tag. Thank goodness constructed finally gets the counter to Moorabi!

    Parachute Brigand - 3 - Average stats that will probably be great in rogue drafts but that's it.

    Platebreaker - 3 - Most likely a vanilla card. Love that they finally had the cajones to print this card, though.

    Primordial Explorer - 5 - Poisionous minions have always been excellent in arena. This one has a tremendous upside and is a common. Scary little fella…

    Rain of Fire - 3 - Damage to all is generally good in warlock. Ping is always good and this can set up some other pieces of the class's aresnal.

    Sand Breath - 4 - Solid buff that requires the trigger to be a big impact. Still a very good card as a low-cost way to trade favorably.

    Scalerider - 4 - Another easy to trigger ability with the incoming dragons.

    Shrubadier - 4 - Good balance and brings some treant synergy and is in a class that can swarm and buff. Probably going to see lots of these as a common.

    Sky Raider - 5 - Slightly better than 50/50 you'll get a very good pirate and gives warrior a chance at a sick start with Parachute Brigand. Will we get some wondercoding that allows the Raider to rng the Brigand to your hand and then summon it? Tune in Tuesday to find out!

    Squallhunter - 5 - Love this art! Excellent stats and shaman has a decent chance at taking advantage of the spell damage.

    Strength in Numbers - 3 - Easy to reach the goal and it could be a huge tempo gain. Will be a feelsbadman when you get a crap dice roll and pull a small minion.

    Surging Tempest - 4 - 1/3 for 1 with upside makes it one of the few 1 drops you actually want. Strong start to any match if you can get it in mulligan and still offers upside later with the ele & overload synergy.

    Tasty Flyfish - 3 - Average but (not to belabor the point) it should be easy to gain the triggered buff.

    Troll Batrider - 5 - Very strong. Should fit in a sweet spot with the cost/body/damage and be very effective.

    Twin Tyrant - 5 - Bonkers. The dragons are looking crazy strong and this one can easily flip a board. As a common.

    Whispers of EVIL - 3 - Lackeys are solid but the majority come from a battlecry, leaving a body on the board. Not sure I see the value in drafting this for priest.

    Wing Commander - 3 - Meh. Easy to get the extra attack but it tips your hand in the process.


    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    DoD Boozor's Rankings


    • Deathwing, Mad Aspect (5) - 8 mana 12/12 on empty board. Huge come back card, less good if ahead.  
    • Dragonbane (5) - 6 mana, 7 face damage on empty board. Otherwise, better Auchenai Soulpriest ability. Insane card.  
    • Nozdormu the Timeless (5) - Basically a 4 mana 8/8 in the mid/late game. Even turn 4, it's not easy to respond to an 8/8 without minions on the board or removal in hand even with 10 mana available.  
    • Malygos, Aspect of Magic (5) - Upgraded spells are very powerful. Body is fair. Ability should trigger fairly consistently.  
    • Sathrovarr (5) - Lots of Value packed into this card. Draw a card + 2x bodies for 9. Potential to blow a game open.  
    • Waxadred (5) - Over sized body, but weak health makes it more manageable. Deathrattle is solid delayed upside.  
    • Ysera, Unleashed (4) - Lots of value in this card and future tempo, but the initial body lacks is weak for a 9 drop and without initiative makes it less powerful. The value and tempo gained by the 7 dragon draws will make it up if you draw 1, let alone more. 


    • Toxic Reinforcements (1) - Generally garbage, 3 turns of hero powering is reserved for the late game, is this worth a card in the late game? Hell no.


    • Breath of Dreams (2) - 2 mana cycle a card, so pretty bad. Really good if you open with this for ramp.
    • Dragon's Hoard (3) - Will be higher value then other discover cards, although, less flexible if you needed an answer, as opposed to a value minion.  
    • Lightning Breath (4) - Very solid, and potentially a 3 mana mini Flamestrike. Can be insane.  
    • Molten Breath (4) - Good removal card. Armor bonus is less valuable in Warrior.  
    • Phase Stalker (4) - Deck thinning for 2 mana, as well as some value. Otherwise generic 2 drop beast which is good for Hunter.


    • Azure Explorer (4) - Cycles itself and cheap enough to spell damage boost cards in a relevant class. Body is on the weaker side, but the dragon discover is high value.  
    • Candle Breath (3) - Fine card, 3 for 3 is great upside, but not game breaking.  
    • Corrosive Breath (4) - Solid removal for cost, with upside that could matter.  
    • Dwarven Sharpshooter (5) - Premium 1 drop that improves your hero power and protects itself from 2 drops. 
    • Emerald Explorer (5) - Bonkers card. Properly statted with high value battlecry. 
    • Evasive Drakonid (5) - Another bonkers card. There's a reason not many large untargetable minions exist, it blows out games. This will likely do that. It's a common so it will be in Arena a lot.  
    • Learn Draconic (2) - Redeeming factor is you can play this on turn 9 and spend 8 mana worth of spells for a free 6/6. It's controllable to an extent which keeps this from being total garbage.  
    • Primordial Explorer (5) - How did Emperor Cobra get a discover effect. Makes no sense. Insane power creep.  
    • Sand Breath (4) - Busted in the first couple turns. Less good late, but the shield has value in the late game. 
    • Twin Tyrant (5) - A better Multi-Shot attached to a fair 7 drop for 8 mana. Massive threat that will lately win games when played.  

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Welcome to our Descent of Dragons Arena Impact Thread!

    We will again evaluate and go over each card to give you an insight about how we think it might do in the Arena environment. Feel free to join us and share your thoughts on the cards!

    So far we are unsure if Galakrond and Invoke minions, as well as Sidequests, will be draftable in arena.

    My personal opinion is that Galakrond and Invoke minions will get the C'thun + C'thun followers treatment, meaning these will in fact not be in the drafting pool at all.

    Both revealed Sidequests seem like they shouldnt be impossible to complete in arena, Hunter one having a lot easier requirement tho. And with them not being treated as "unique", since you can have more than one copy of them in the deck, so possibly even more than two in arena, i'd wager these will be regular spells in the pool. But we shall see.

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Looking at the revealed minions so far, the Dragons will once again reign supreme in arena and dragon synergy will be a strong one. But even just the new "Discover a dragon" theme gives powerful tools via pretty strong card generators. And some of the new dragons, for example Emerald Explorer, Evasive Drakonid or Twin Tyrant especially, will be a super powerful cards in arena.

    And with influx of new dragons, some old heavy hitters will probably punch you in a gut very often, since there will be plenty of triggers. How about Crowd Roaster, Book Wyrm or Blackwing Corruptor? Yuck!

    Oh and my personal nemesis - Netherspite Historian. I guess i wont no longer be able to be mad about ppl actually drafting this, since dragons will be plentiful.

    I guess the only consolation is, Drakonid Operative isnt going to be around ... this time.

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    Mike Donais confirmed on reddit, that Galakrond and Invoke cards will not be in the Arena, not even the Discover pool. Sidequests will be. Thanks Boozor for asking important questions! :)


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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago

    The dragons are powerful, as they should be in an game because dragons are awesome. Without seeing it in play even once, I'd say Emerald Explorer needs an arena nerf. :D

    Right now the sample size is small but the commons are very strong. Whenever we see lots of strong, common cards in a set, it translates to a big shakeup for the arena meta. 

    I'm very curious to see if the set gets balanced out with more reveals. 

    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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    Posted 1 year, 10 months ago
    Quote From AbusingKel

    Nozdormu the Timeless - 5 - Stupid good card, especially since you drop this massive body THEN it resets your mana to play more around it. This will feel alot like an on curve flappy bird back in Un'Goro.

    Candle Breath - 3 - Decent card draw that requires a trigger to be as good as Arcane Intellect.

    @Nozdormu - are you sure it refreshes your Mana Crystals? Cause based on the text on Mojomaster Zihi and Astral Communion for example, i dont think so. Still a good arena card, but i dont think it works like you suggest, that would be beyond busted.

    @Candle Breath - just a nitpick, it draws 3, so with a dragon, it is better than Arcane Intellect :) Still probably an average rating anyway, since the requirement is draft dependant.

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