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    Posted 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    - NEW CARDS -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Dark Pharaoh Tekahn (4): First of all, you have to get Lackeys to get any value from the battlecry, so solely draft dependant. Then you have to play this before lackeys. Quite unrealistic that you would be able to do all that in an average deck. But it can happen.

    Desert Spear (3): It is not the worst weapon ever, but kinda awkward. You can distribute the damage, that is nice, but still. Im not sure how i feel about it.

    Vilefiend (3): Ok 2-drop. Less stats, some healing, could be worse. Warlock might like it for the demon tag.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARDS -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Pharaoh's Blessing (1): This card will be new T6 power turn, similar to the strength of Spikeridged Steed, mark my words. Obviously same downside as any buff card, you need to have a board, but when you do, oh boy. You will create a huge taunt what will be able to trade into an enemy minion for free. Will trade 2for1 most of the time with potential to absorb even more cards from your opponent.

    Tomb Warden (1): Pretty great play for the cost even without the taunts and mech tags. I dont think you will want to draft any taunt-hand buff cards in arena since they are poor standalone cards, but in constructed, you will probably see this monster grow quite a lot.

    Embalming Ritual (1): Pretty decent card. Look at this as a "Give a minion "Deathrattle:Summon a Magma Rager"" for 1 mana for example. Pretty good, eh? More bonus with deathrattle minions and auras and priest's hero power as well. This card might not end up being something completely broken (even tho it might), but i think it will be just something really solid for most situations and will definitely be worth the cost.

    Pharaoh Cat (1): Good stats for 1-drop for a rogue and creates card advantage. What more can you ask for from a card like this.

    Bone Wraith (2): It is no Sludge Belcher, but it is very close.

    Shadow of Death (5): This is not arena card. You cannot sacrifice a card and this much tempo for a potential gain in the future. Maybe priest or warlock could afford it, not rogue. Not to mention there has to be a minion worth copying in a first place. Just no.

    Mortuary Machine (4): It is a big baddy for 5 mana and the mech tag might make it even scarier. But the downside is quite big. I mean it could work out for you, but only in fast decks imho. If you are goin for midrange/control decks, the stats are not worth the amount of value your opponent can get in return.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARD -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Conjured Mirage (5): Huge pile of stats, it can and probably will buy you a turn, but what of it? You spend a card doing nothing. Maybe it could help you later on to protect your board when you have more mana to play other stuff, but drawing into a "dead" card over and over does not seem like a good solution. Maybe warlock can utilize it, but other than that, dont think so.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARDS -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Siamat (1): Very versatile card with decent stats for the cost given the bonus effects. Rush+Divine Shield would probably be the most common combo, but you can do whatever you need in any given situation. Very powerful.

    Flame Ward (2): Basically Explosive Trap for mage, more damage to minions, but none to face. Can be played around to an extent same way, but 3 damage instead of 2 makes a difference. Not to mention mage hero power and all the other tools in their arsenal. You cant really just wait out the board vs mage as you can vs hunter, you will just give them more turns to draw into another clear and get the board back. Another annoying shit you have to play around/figure out. I hate it.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARDS -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    King Phaoris (4): You usually dont have that many spells in arena and certainly not all of them at once in your hand. This could have potential in certain decks, but it will be a weak play most of the time.

    Sahket Mercenary (2): Im not sure what to think about this card, but i guess it provides some kind of tempo with its deathrattle most of the time, so it should be pretty good.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARDS -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Khartut Defender (3): Decent taunt and heal split among two bodies. Taunt and heal is always nice. It might end up performing better than just an average minion, but we shall see. Reborn has one big weakness in arena and that is ping classes. As much as the reborn minion is nice value addition, vs the best classes it will usually just mean getting pinged by a hero power. At least you get some heals here.

    Wretched Reclaimer (1): Passable 3-drop with an extreme combo and/or lategame potential. Can trigger deathrattles and reborn effects bringing the original minion back. Can heal reborn minions or any minion in general by bringing it back with full health. This card will be annoying.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    - NEW CARD -

    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Wrapped Golem (1): Neutral Obsidian Destroyer that traded 2 Health for the Reborn keyword. Seems quite decent. I think i would prefer the original, but the reborn can bring a different kind of value and survivability, so im ok with the "copy" as well.

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Colossus of the Moon (2): Big dumb minion that will be impossible to removal via minions. Lack of initiative and flexibility makes this card a high average card at best. 

    Plague of Wrath (3): Seems fine, a weaker Sleep with the Fishes type card for Warrior. It's King Mosh's ability without the 9/7 body. 

    Sunstruck Henchman (3): Seems poor, but probably performs similarly to Ogres and their 50% chance to miss effects.  

    Anubisath Defender (3): Tempo minion potentially. Should perform similarly to Arcane Tyrant.  

    Overflow (2): Better then Sprint. The Heal will be controllable to benefit you, so usually to a much stronger positive effect, then negative. 

    Plague of Flames (1): For 1 mana, if it's a 1 mana do 2 damage to kill a minion + trade type of card, it's fine. On the high roll side, it's a 1 mana Twisting Nether, If you get a huge flip with it, you can redevelop with all your mana. It's really strong.  

    Micro Mummy (2): Bit annoying and you'll get some value from this card, if you don't, it's a 2 body pseudo taunt that soaks up some damage.  

    Livewire Lance (1): Great card. The Lackeys generated will make up for the 2 attack on 3 mana.  

    Dark Pharaoh Tekahn (4): 5 mana 4/4 with limited upside? Pretty bad. Not much lackey support so far. More a constructed card.  

    Desert Spear (1): Great weapon for Hunter. It's similar to Perdition's Blade and Piranha Launcher. The split damages help Hunter take care of complex boards and has beast synergies to boot.  

    Vilefiend (3): Slightly average card. Can find some use in classes that need a small heal or a Demon to synergize with.  

    Pharaoh's Blessing (1): Blessing of King + Hand of Protection + Taunt Spare part. It's a great card by itself, but huge buffs can be awkward for Paladin since Spikeridged Steed is rotating back in.  

    Tomb Warden (2): It's a good card by itself, however not as good as Power of Creation for example, but with any kind of hand buffs, this card gets insane. 

    Embalming Ritual (2): Probably a better Ancestral Spirit. For 1 mana it's worth it on almost any minion.  

    Pharaoh Cat (1): Cheap combo card and 1-drop. Generated card always gets value due to the Reborn mechanic.  

    Bone Wraith (1): 4 mana Sludge Belcher. Makes Infested Tauren look like complete garbage. This card (among many others) will spell the end for Aggro this upcoming rotation.  

    Shadow of Death (5): 4 mana do nothing is hard to make work in Arena.  

    Mortuary Machine (3): This card probably works better as a late game Tempo finisher when cards are exhausted or on an empty board as opposed to a mid game play. It's not a trader since the opponent will have a significant value edge, so it's a face card for sure.  

    Conjured Mirage (5): Garbage unless you can silence this. Anti fatigue card in constructed?  

    Siamat (1): Very powerful legend. At worst, its a Warbear, at best it's a 2 for 1 trader, that threatens 12 damage next turn.  

    Flame Ward (2): This is one of the stronger secrets with a nice AOE effect for 3 mana. It further complicates the tests you have to do while secrets are up.  

    King Phaoris (4): Obviously powerful effect, but borderline undraftable, as a condition 10 drop that requires conditions to be met to extract value. In the slowest metas, I can see this working though.  

    Sahket Mercenary (1): Fair statted 4 drop with a built in random Sap. A very disruptive card that requires removal before developing.  

    Khartut Defender (2): Very defensive card, but really weak tempo on the turn you play it. 3 attack does not fair well against minions in the 4-5-6 range. It's a Lord of the Arena card that heals you for 6HP. It has uses and is quite decent as a recovery card.   

    Wretched Reclaimer (1): Fair 3 drop that is a usually a full heal, as well as a well to get additional value from Reborn, Deathrattles, Rush, and Divine Shielded cards. Can be insane tempo and value.   

    Wrapped Golem (1): Insane neutral threat. Generates tons of value, protects your board, and has reoccuring value. It's a bomb.  

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Dark Pharaoh Tekahn - 4 - A very powerful ability but it needs a few lackey generators to be useful. With most of the lackey cards being cheap, I'd be concerned they'll be played prior to this, as well.

    King Phaoris - 4 - Very limited card that needs at least a few spells in hand to regain the lost value of a 10 mana 5/5. Spells are not abundant in arena so this is likely undraftable unless it's one of the last cards in your draft and you know you have lots of spells.

    Siamat - 1 - Mega stud that adjusts to your needs when played. 'nuff said.


    Mortuary Machine - 3 - We've seen variants of this in the past with Fel Reaver and Bittertide Hydra but this is the worst of that group. Reborn will do much more for your opponent than the threat of burned cards or 3 point pings. Still, these massive-stat-drawback minions can run away with a game.

    Shadow of Death - 4 - Huge tempo loss but I can see this being a game changer in games that go long. If the arena meta slows and shifts towards control games this card could be incredible.


    Conjured Mirage - 5 - 4 mana to stall one turn isn't likely to fix the problems you're facing.

    Khartut Defender - 2 - There's a lot packed into this card. Taunt is important in arena and this takes 2 swings to kill it while you gain 6 along the way. Bucket placement matters here, and I have the feeling this may be scored a bit low and become an easy pick.

    Pharaoh's Blessing - 1 - Paladin PTSD is kicking in already. Team 5 obviously didn't consider the arena set rotation when adding this. Spikeridged Steed is back in at set launch. I may just concede when I see a Paladin to save my electronics from rage injuries.

    Sahket Sapper - 2 - Powerful ability and a decent 4/4 for 4. It'll be a decent tempo swing but will depend on the meta a bit. Wide boards nullify it, tall boards make it great.

    Tomb Warden - 2 - Solid twin walls for the price. There's already plenty of taunt support for Warrior so this could be a nightmare in the next meta.

    Wrapped Golem - 1 - Very cool card. It's strong but fair, with health stats that make it fairly easy to kill by T7 or T8. The taunt weenies give it that extra bit of protection it needs. Another candidate for the Kraken of the set.

    Wretched Reclaimer - 1 - Basically a "heal to full health" for a minion on the board at worst. Trigger a deathrattle in the process and you're getting crazy value.


    Bone Wraith - 1 - The stats should be able to handle the minions on board for T4. Another really strong reborn minion. Get ready for boards that never, ever go away.

    Desert Spear - 2 - Weapons are strong in arena and the ability to generate a beast makes it pretty solid despite the 3 cost for 1 point per swing. Ping is important in arena.

    Embalming Ritual - 2 - Cheap way to bring back something that's a pain in the arse.

    Flame Ward - 2 - We knew Mage would get a secret and this one is very good. Secret Mage will be a thing in arena.

    Pharaoh Cat - 1 - Zero downside and adorable. Here kitty kitty kitty.

    Vilefiend - 3 - 2/2 for 2 with a decent ability. Nothing special, though.

    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago


    1=Excellent, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor, 5=Terrible

    Zephrys the Great (3): Probably not gonna trigger very often, but if you get it early in the draft, might be worth trying a highlander deck for it. Otherwise vanilla stats, so regular 2-drop.

    Octosari (2): Interesting card for arena. Huge body and a deathrattle that will basically repelnish your entire hand. It might be too much for some classes/decks, but even if you draw like 5 card and burn 3, that seems like a good value.

    Vessina (2): An ok 4-drop with a pretty strong ability. But it is also very draft dependant. But id say worth goin for.


    Blatant Decoy (4): This card will probably be a bit tricky in arena. Could work out for you, but it could also screw you. The fact that it is a deathrattle gives the opponent some control over the effect as well. I dont think i want to risk this.

    Body Wrapper (3): Below average stats for the cost and ability that can be good, or bad. Dont like it too much.

    Crystal Merchant (3): Interesting card, weirdly enough will probably have more value late game, when you can spare some mana to trigger the effect. Should be decent draw option in general.

    Dwarven Archaeologist (3): Vanilla 2-drop with a nice ability. Cant complain.

    History Buff (1): Great 3-drop with insanely strong ability, damn.

    Mischief Maker (3): Not sure how good or bad the ability will be for arena. Might be an interesting way to get a card from another class, but you are giving up one of your own as well. Probably not worth the risk, will depend on the bucket this falls into.

    Vulpera Scoundrel (1): Without the mystery option, it is an amazing minion, lots of value. The mystery option is apparently a 4th discover option that is a random spell (from any class), so that gives extra potential.


    Dune Sculptor (1): This card is a huge value generator, granted it might be a bit hard to activate it, but it is an ok 3-drop with huge late game potential.

    Garden Gnome (4): This card needs to trigger its battlecry, otherwise its unplayable. Solely draft dependant, but there should be decent options for the spells in the pool, so it has potential.

    Holy Ripple (2): Mini-Holy Nova. The effect seems pretty good for the cost. We sometimes draft arcane explosion, this is a lot better.

    Hyena Alpha (3): This card can be super powerful tempo play, but the condition is quite hard to meet. You dont rly want secrets and if you do get them, it is pretty easy to trigger them. One saving grace is, since it is relatively easy to play around hunter secrets, opponent might leave it up; or be "forced" to pop it before T4 giving you some tempo back for playing a secret in your early turns.

    Mogu Fleshshaper (2): There have to be 4 minions on the board to make this cost efficient, that doesnt sound so bad. Can be played for free in a rly bad situation, helping you get back into the game. Looks promissing.

    Naga Sand Witch (3): Interesting card for arena, the ability can help or hurt. A lot. Stats alone are ok for the cost, depends on what spells you drafted to consider this or avoid it.

    Quicksand Elemental (1): Kinda powercreep on Shrinkmeister. This card is an autopick for any deck and any class. The ability is pretty strong, allowing for safer trades and the body is just a good 2-drop minion. Powerful stuff.

    Ramkahen Wildtamer (2): Good 3-drop that can potentially generate another minion. Pretty good stuff. Draft dependant tho.

    Swarm of Locusts (1): To be honest, i dont think i like all these powerful removal options for hunter that also have a lot of versatility.


    Armored Goon (1): Boulderfist Ogre with a pretty good ability.

    Ancestral Guardian (3): Decently sticky minion that cant rly be too ignored. Potential for some serious healing. Not super great tempo wise tho, so will probably depend on a bucket placement.

    Ancient Mysteries (5): Can help make some spell or secret synergy plays easier by making the secret cost 0, but you have to have secrets in your deck, which is something you generally dont want; and if you do draft some, it is not many, so this will be super inconsistent and definitely not worth a card.

    Beaming Sidekick (2): Pretty good buff card, helping your minions surive the trade.

    Bug Collector (2): Kinda mix between Murloc Tidehunter and Blowgill Sniper. Decent 2-drop.

    Candletaker (2): Arguably better scarlett crusader, cause you cant ping it away both times.

    Clever Disguise (1): Two mana gain two cards - spells - seems like a very good deal.

    Desert Hare (3): Ok for hand buff, token or evolve synergy, otherwise kinda poor 3-drop.

    Faceless Lurker (3): Good taunt, wihout any extra synergy pretty much Fen Creeper. With hand buffs this can get insane.

    Golden Scarab (1): Jeweled Scarab's cousin. Pretty good value generator. Not a 3-drop tho!

    Injured Tol'vir (3): Decent taunt for a 2-drop. A lot better in priest.

    Kobold Sandtrooper (4): Might be decent in an aggro deck, where 3 face damage might be quite good. Otherwise very shitty 2-drop.

    Living Monument (3): It is a pretty good taunt overall, but you are not gonna do anything else in the turn and that is always dangerous.

    Neferset Thrasher (4): I feel like the drawback is way too big. You want to keep it alive, but if you do, you are slowly killing yourself. Might be ok if you draft couple cards that have synergy with damage to your hero, but without healings, this card can very well loose you a game.

    Oasis Surger (1): Extremely powerful card with some versatility. 5/5 rush for 5 mana is quite frankly insane. Spiked Hogrider was a premium card that provided big tempo swings and that didnt even work every time. This does. Granted cant go face, but definitely a great value-removal. Basically Militia Commander for one more mana that keeps the attack buff.

    Penance (2): Great cheap removal with some bonus healing, whats no to like. Only problem is it cant go face.

    Phalanx Commander (3): Not the best stats for the cost, not the worst. Ability that can be relevant from time to time. If you have lots of taunts, this increases in value quite a bit.

    Pit Crocolisk (1): One of the strongest cards of this set, if not the strongest, for arena. One of the strongest cards in a while actually. This card will dictate games and T8 will be once again the turn to win or lose the games off a single card like it was with pre-nerf Bonemare. This card is beyond insane.

    Sandhoof Waterbearer (1): Smaller version of Ragnaros, Lightlord. Good stats and powerful effect, very strong card.

    Sandstorm Elemental (1): Pretty much Twilight Flamecaller for one less mana and with elemental synergy. The overload can be seen as bonus in some cases too.

    Serpent Egg (4): Nerubian Egg where token lost 1 Attack for a beast tag. Same with any egg, if you dont have deck for it, dont pick it.

    Sinister Deal (1): This card is actually super strong due to its flexibility. You are not guaranteed to discover the lackey you want 100%, but chances are very high and any lackey gets great value anyway in the end.

    Spitting Camel (4): Honestly i dont think it is worth it. Extra stats are so you can keep the minion alive longer, but keeping this alive will just keep damaging your other minions, not a great trade off. But if you are desperate for 2-drops, get it.

    Subdue (2): Literally Hunter's Mark+. Paladin doesnt have much in terms of hard removal, so this should be a good pick up.

    Temple Berserker (3): Not the worst 2-drop, not the best. Can be nice if you need some body to stick on the board, but if you cant capitalize on that, it is a slow roll.

    Totemic Surge (3): Interesting card, not sure how well it will work in arena, but can make your totems useful. I guess if you think about it, at worse it is a 2/2 with an ability with 25% to get a naked 3/1 for 2 mana with your hero power, thats not that bad.

    Wasteland Scorpid (2): Good minion with a pretty big body. Can easilly trade for multiple cards.

    Worthy Expedition (1): Very versatile card. Value generator. Good stuff.


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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Octosari - 1 - You could certainly burn a few cards but it's an 8/8 body and a full hand. Yes, please.

    Vessina - 2 - Good stats with an ability that can help you trade more favorably. Being overloaded shouldn't be too difficult but there will be timing/consistency issues so it gets a 2. It'll play like a 1 if you have good luck in your draft.

    Zephrys the Great - 3 - Really cool card but highlander strategy doesn't work in arena. Ok as a 3/2 for 2, though.


    Blatant Decoy - 3 - An interesting card to build around in constructed but much trickier to use in arena. This is a sleeper pick to be a really broken card, though. It could fix a lot of bad situations if you can set up pulling a big minion from your hand.

    Body Wrapper - 3 - Mostly a 4/4 for 4. Vanilla minion, vanilla score. With so many tokens being spawned you could be shuffling a garbage top-deck in. Pass.

    Crystal Merchant - 2 - Druid has better draw options but this one is inexpensive and recurring if your opponent doesn't deal with it. I'm not itching to test it, but think it will be enough of a nuisance with upside to make it a decent card.

    Dwarven Archaeologist - 3 - A very powerful card if your draft supports it. Too draft dependent to score better but it'll definitely play better for those that get a bit lucky drafting.

    History Buff - 1 - Solid on curve minion that's tough to remove and can snowball quickly. If you get him late you can play him then another minion or two for immediate gains.

    Mischief Maker - 3 - RNGesus doesn't like me enough to make this draftable. Do you feel lucky?

    Vulpera Scoundrel - 3 - Discover is strong. Discovering a spell is even stronger. Now you get a 4th option if the 3 spells you're looking at aren't great. Should be a great card in arena.


    Dune Sculptor - 1 - Recurring effect makes this a soft taunt. The lower spell count in drafts could hurt the value a bit and make it inconsistent but it's cheap at 3 mana and can hang out in your hand until you find the support you need.

    Garden Gnome - 4 - Druid does have good spells at 5+ mana but the conditions are still pretty steep and the gain is in the form of small bodies.

    Holy Ripple - 2 - Solid ping AoE that heals your side, making trading more favorable for you.

    Hyena Alpha - 3 - Realistically, this is a 6 drop with a secret first. It's a very good turn 6 but the conditions are tough to meet so you'd have to see this late in the draft and know you've got the secrets to support it.

    Mogu Fleshshaper - 3 - Cost reduction cards have generally been strong in arena so this may perform better than a 3 score card. There's lots of tokens, too. Ultimately, though, you need 4 minions on board to make him a really good 3/4 for 3. Chances are, by the time the board looks like that, a 3/4 for 3 isn't so great anymore.

    Naga Sand Witch - 3 - It will suck when your opponent discounts that Pyroblast but most of the time it'll probably make a Frostbolt cost more. 5/5 for 5 that you have to be careful about dropping... pass.

    Quicksand Elemental - 1 - Solid, aggressive stats and a very powerful impact on the board. Trade more favorably and it's got an elemental tag which may come in handy.

    Ramkahen Wildtamer - 2 - You'll probably have no trouble meeting the 'beast in hand' condition as hunter so you get a top stat 3 drop and an extra card in hand. Love it. It probably deserves a 1 score but there's always the chance you can't copy something.

    Swarm of Locusts - 1 - This is basically removal for hunter. Beast tags on all of them and you can trade favorably and end up with a few remaining on the board. Great card.


    Ancestral Guardian - 2 - Seems a bit too fragile with that 2 health stat line. If you can hide him behind a taunt it becomes a very strong card that can trade well and come back with reborn, all while healing your face. If you can't hide him he could easily be killed, reborn, and killed again same turn by weak minions. Still, restore 8 while potentially removing 2 minions is nothing to sneeze at in arena.

    Ancient Mysteries - 4 - Again, I'm predicting secret mage will have enough support to be a viable strategy in the upcoming meta. It's still tough to like this card taking up 1 of your precious 30 deck slots.

    Armored Goon - 1 - Boulderfist Ogre with an upside. What's not to love? Even if you never get armor out of it you'll be happy with the stats.

    Beaming Sidekick - 2 - It's not a 1 drop but it's solid as a way to improve your trading and makes a nice combo activator.

    Bug Collector - 2 - A slight twist on the Hench-Clan Hogsteed that should be equally effective.

    Candletaker - 2 - We're probably going to get sick of reborn really quickly next week. :D

    Clever Disguise - 2 - Rogue has plenty of 'holding cards from another class' interactions and this nets 2 spells which is strong. Just hope Shaman doesn't rise up so there's no Totemic Might or Totemic Surge to worry about.

    Desert Hare - 3 - 3/3 for 3 with 3 bodies. Not great but can certainly can prove useful. Seems more like a constructed card to go with the new quest.

    Faceless Lurker - 3 - Not quite as good a Sen'jin Shieldmasta and an obvious inclusion for hand buff decks that likely doesn't work out in arena.

    Golden Scarab - 2 - We know discover is awesome and this one gets a beast tag. On curve you give up some tempo but ensure you stay on curve. Later in the game it's even better.

    Injured Tol'vir - 2 - 2/3 taunt for 2 is good. Clearly better in a priest deck but still really strong if you can heal him right away. The 2 mana cost makes it fairly easy to combo with a healer of some kind.

    Kobold Sandtrooper - 3 - Neo-leper that still isn't a card you want to draft.

    Living Monument - 3 - It's big and taunt. Decent if you've got little in the deck as finishers but it soaks up your whole turn.

    Neferset Thrasher - 3 - It could snowball a game for you in the right conditions so I won't discount it. Still, 3 points every time you attack makes it look like Venture Co. Mercenary - ignore it and let the downside work in your favor when your opponent plays it.

    Oasis Surger - 1 - Versatile rush minion(s) that will be very strong in arena.

    Penance - 2 - A solid spot removal option with lifesteal.

    Phalanx Commander - 3 - Taunt minions die first by design so you probably need to be ahead on board to get this benefit. Later in the game playing this with a few small taunts could work out well but it seems like it's a constructed piece that's too situational in arena.

    Pit Crocolisk - 2 - Solid card that, for the third time with the set, makes me mention North Sea Kraken. Not quite that level (9 mana for 16 stats + 4 dmg vs. 8 mana for 11 stats + 5 dmg) but still something we're likely to see tons of at set launch.

    Sandhoof Waterbearer - 1 - Another very strong, recurring ability. 5/5 for 5 and you will likely be able to time it with favorable trading for maximum impact.

    Sandstorm Elemental - 1 - The elemental tag puts this over the top. This is a really nice way to clean up the leftovers from a Lightning Storm.

    Serpent Egg - 4 - Eggs are rarely a good strategy in arena because you can't reliably crack them.

    Sinister Deal - 1 - We already know how good lackeys are and now you can discover the one you need. Excellent card.

    Spitting Camel - 4 - 2/4 for 2 is ok but you're unlikely to gain any advantage from the spitting. Constructed enrage deck? lol

    Subdue - 2 - Inexpensive way to cut down any big minion. Paladins are going to be horrible with cards like this, Pharaoh's Blessing and the return of Spikeridged Steed.

    Temple Berserker - 4 - It's a 1/2 for 2. It'll be dead on the first swing so the enrage ability is totally irrelevant.

    Totemic Surge - 4 - Building a deck based on totems has never even been good in constructed.

    Wasteland Scorpid - 2 - This is one obnoxious poison minion. And it's a common.

    Worthy Expedition - 1 - Here's the upcoming cardpool for druid's choose mechanic: Cenarius, Ancient of War, Ancient of Lore, Nourish, Hidden Oasis, Druid of the Claw, Starfall, Oasis Surger, Keeper of the Grove, Branching Paths, Mark of the Loa, Shellshifter, Mark of Nature, Wardruid Loti, Wrath, Power of the Wild, Raven Idol. So be ready for the infinite Expedition/Idol loop. :D

    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

  • Boozor's Avatar Global Moderator 65 42 Posts Joined 03/14/2019
    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Zephrys the Great (2): Similar to Kazakus in power level and digging ability. It might be even better in some classes that can pull off the highlander deck list.  

    Octosari (2): It's fine - even if you don't full draw the 8 cards, or mill your deck it's still a good value card and a big thing.  

    Vessina (2): Playable stats with a must kill ability. Overload is a bit inflexible at times. 


    Blatant Decoy (4): Pretty bad card, you can set it up in some classes, but overall a 6 mana 5/5 with a mirror effect is very unpredictable.  

    Body Wrapper (3): Delayed value ability. Stats are fair enough.  

    Crystal Merchant (3): I think the card is okay - the stats are playable on 2 in a pinch or you can play it as a draw 1 in the late game with a reoccuring affect. Flexible enough.  

    Dwarven Archaeologist (3): Standard 2 drop with some upside.  

    History Buff (2): This is a good 3-drop similar to Beastmaster in power level, maybe stronger since it can trigger right away and multiple times. 

    Mischief Maker (3): Unpredictable, but will be more favorable for you since you can "control" when to play it.  

    Vulpera Scoundrel (1): Better then Kabal Courier - this is potentially the go to discover card. Stats are weak, but very flexible for option.   


    Dune Sculptor (3): Mana Cyclone as a 3 drop - except for minions. How reliable has Mana Cyclone been ?  

    Garden Gnome (3): There are solid Druid big spells and holding one in hand to trigger this seems like an easy way to cheat tempo early.  

    Holy Ripple (1): Very good small AOE for priest - it's better value per mana then Holy Nova.  

    Hyena Alpha (3): Hard to make work since the secret needs to be played and not triggered. You can play on T6, but playing a secret for the sake of a 2/2 is not optimal use of the secret. 

    Mogu Fleshshaper (3): Probably OK in Shaman, but it's not a huge tempo swing for the requirements. Compare this to Undercity Fence.  

    Naga Sand Witch (3): Playable, and occasionally lead to some insanity on turn 10.  

    Quicksand Elemental (1): It's good - but potentially overhyped a bit. The reduction is better in Priest then other classes. For 2 mana - it's an easy pick if bucketed low.  

    Ramkahen Wildtamer (2): Fine stats with value upside. Hunter should consistently have options for this more then other classes. 

    Swarm of Locusts (2): 5-7 minions is good/great. Anything else is average or worse. It's a catch up card for Hunter that generates minions which is pretty good.


    Armored Goon (2): Better Boulderfist. Helps with weapon swinging. Solid card.  

    Ancestral Guardian (2): Aggressively statted with some healing is pretty nice. Should trade decently as well with both bodies for 4 mana.  

    Ancient Mysteries (4): Pretty deck dependent but a secret tutor to work with your synergy cards could make this viable.  

    Beaming Sidekick (2): Nice card, about as impactful as a tempo 1 drop can be.  

    Bug Collector (2): 3/2 over 2 bodies, with a bit of initative. The ping is going to be huge in the Reborn meta.  

    Candletaker (1): Better then Harvest Golem and better then Mounted Raptor. This card is one of the best 3-drops around.

    Clever Disguise (3): The range of cards is too wide with random spells. It's worse then Violet Haze, since Haze gives deathrattle minions which have value built into the cards. The spell pool is too wide for this to be that good.  

    Desert Hare (3): Slightly worse Microtech controller with beast synergy.  

    Faceless Lurker (3): Small upside Fen Creeper that hurts more from a silence.  

    Golden Scarab (2): Bit of value, will be better in classes with strong class 4 cost cards.  

    Injured Tol'vir (2): One of the better 2 drops around. Great in Priest

    Kobold Sandtrooper (4): Pretty bad 2 drop. OK in aggro drafts. 

    Living Monument (3): Just a big dumb threat. 

    Neferset Thrasher (2): Yeti on T3, into 2 trades is great. It will cost you 6 hp for 2 trades, but that probably saves you more in the long run. Also can be played and silenced or sacrificed without losing hp.  

    Oasis Surger (1): Really nice card. Flexible multi target removal, or a single minion attacker. It can be played as 2x 3/3s for 5 as well on an empty board.  

    Penance (2): Good cheap removal card with some extra healing which might not be that good in the Priest class. 

    Phalanx Commander (3): With the pool of taunt minions in the next rotation, this will find some use, but otherwise it's an understatted 5 drop.  

    Pit Crocolisk (1): Great card, comparable to Kraken, Fire elemental and of course Firelands Portal. Giving neutral reach to all classes will definitely make this a meta defining card.  

    Sandhoof Waterbearer (1): Great card and will break games open if left unchecked.  

    Sandstorm Elemental (1): Elemental Twilight Flamecaller. Really strong card for a class that needs the ping aoe.  

    Serpent Egg (4): A slightly worse Neubrian Egg. 

    Sinister Deal (2): Flexible but lackeys generally don't create much value - paying +1 mana for this spell then +1 mana for a lackey reduces the tempo advantages the Lackeys provide.  

    Spitting Camel (3): Better in slower drafts and classes. Worse in swarmy, aggressive drafts.  

    Subdue (2): Worse then Dark Conviction, but still very decent large removal.  

    Temple Berserker (2): One of the best aggressive 2 drops. 1/2 followed by a 3/1 after it comes back. Similar to Kindly Grandmother in Hunter which is a nightmare to deal with early. 

    Totemic Surge (4): Better then Totemic Might since it can surprise damage, but still pretty bad and inflexible.  

    Wasteland Scorpid (2): Expensive but highly durable body should go 2 for 1. 

    Worthy Expedition (2): Flexible dig for flexible options. 

    #1 Arena Player in North America Aug'18  

    #2 Nov'18, #2 July'19

    Arena Stream:

    Heartharena tier score contributor

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    Posted 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Upping my Pit Crocolisk score to 1 after discussing with Sinti. Same comp was made as Boozor did, with Firelands Portal which was always totally busted. This card is even more predictable. And a common.... get ready to see so many it gets its offering rate reduced. lol

    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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