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    Dmg bg

    I'm dead serious .. I got hella lucky.. char choice plus picks... This took massive consideration , insane patience, and hella fast picks. . The amount of tokens and the perfect picks with the char had me moving at Goku speed. All jokes aside I felt like I was playing chess in central park.... >_> ... All said and done I fought the last battle 4 times .. he was supered up on Demons .. he changed tactics every battle... We were last two and Pretty much at full health... I wasnt expecting him to adapt... Every round.. it was interesting.. that last round after Macaw and Boravine have everyone pretty much 50/50 + my mechs go off Flawless both are magnet with max bombs... Like I said GOKU.. I BROKE HIS SCOUTER.... AND THEN.. I HAVE TO FIGHT KELTH..... I won he didn't quit... Machine gun kelly didn't stand a chance either.  It was bombs everywhere..

    Post your GANGSTA.. let me see your DMG .. I'll keep the thread up.

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