Master Duelist 1.2: From Zero To Hero - Submission Thread

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    Starting decklist in pictures. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the 8 mana slot... until I saw Violet Wurm! I played on my phone and the only thing I have is the final match on HSReplay which doesn't even show the win/loss totals. Oops. You can see the final decklist in the replay. It was not great.

    No worries, in it for the fun, not the site gold. I'll try to create this deck in heroic if I get a chance. I think it could do well... I just got terrible choices in treasures (aside from Cannibalism) and bundles throughout. Think I went 4 or 5 wins, it was pretty poor. 




    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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    Quote From Avalon
    shaveyou - Wow, you hit 12-0 with that deck? Incredible! I am very glad to give up the lead to someone as creative as you. GG

    Thanks for the congrats, but I'll point out it was 12 - 1. Sadly lost a game at 11 wins.

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    Thank you for taking the time for this even though you are very busy. Good luck with the Exam results ☺️

    Oh btw I have a burning question: Does C'Thun, the Shattered count as 10-cost card or as 4 5-Cost cards?

    Wanted to try a deck with him

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    Cards' cost have to be considered before the game starts. Therefore, C'Thun, the Shattered is a 10-cost card: it doesn't really matter what its effect does, just like Goldshire Gnoll.

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    Quote From Avalon

    Revaz142 - Unfortunately, your Questline Priest submission is not valid. I can see that you could've really built your deck in order to respect the restrictions, but the initial screen rule should not be broken. I try to be as flexible as possible, accepting HSReplay replays and such (even though I shouldn't and, to be correct, I won't from October), but if I were to let this slide then everyone would do the same. Again, I am sorry, because not recognizing someone's efforts feels pretty shitty, but I have little to no decision room here...

    No worries, i know and agree that it's not a valid entry reward-wise. But i already have one valid 12-2 with big druid, so it's okay :)

    Just wanted to share. :)


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