Any Diablo deck ideas?

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    I suck at deck building. Especially since I only have access to a PC and can only play on mobile devices it's really hard to get sth. together on the small display. I'm looking for an idea for an Diablo deck. I have only the 3 dmg hero power and fire stomp. My plan was to auto complete a deck, but I don't find the option to do this. Should I build around the WL Questline? I don't have any idea ... 

    As I just plan to play to complete the Legendary quest i could throw in any cards, but I like to have at least some kind of synergy.

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    I chose The Demon Seed and, without much knowledge as-to how to construct that deck, went 6-3 (after starting 0-2). Early on the Questline's requirements were too high given the low Health you start with, but that issue lessened as I got farther in. It's cool to pair the Questline with the Hero Power, since the HP is damage-neutral overall with the Armor gain, and attacking with your hero into a minion also counts as self-damage.

    Pick the Questline, add some damage cards like Knife Vendor, some Warlock healing, and fill it in with the Warrior's Armor gain, weapons, and/or attacking synergies (like the new Defias Cannoneer). Let the Hero Power do a lot of the work early on, in my opinion, to clear out threats while you start racking up the self-damage.

    If you have the time, you should totally check out our weekly Hearthstone card design competitions! :D

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    You may want to wait a couple hours for some ideas...

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