Duels Competition in Alterac Valley for prizes!

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    Hello there! As everyone knows, 'Fractured in Alterac Valley' is approaching us with brand new cards, archetypes, and meta!
    Meta handshake is expected in Standard, Wild, and... Duels! Sorry Classic 😦

    Twitch streamer Nosferatu_old_one (also available here as Nosferatu) announced a competition for duelists and just all
    who like theorycrafting and creativity!

    !Important! Nosferatu didn't ask me to translate announcement and not affiliated with me!
    I made this for my own will.

    From 5th to 12th Dec Duels competition will be conducted with theorycrafted decks! However, don't be intimidated
    as its appliance rules are easy, and Duels starting deck consists of 15 cards and 1 Treasure.

    Video on Youtube (Russian)

    Show Spoiler

    To participate, follow these steps:

    • create a deck;
    • send it to Nosferatu or any moderator from Discord server (link below);
      if it conforms to requirements, your deck appears in a special channel in Discord;
    • Once decks submission's window is closed, all decks will be published in a special channel;
    • Everyone can vote for any number of decks just sending a smile under the post with deck;
    • Three decks that received the most likes will be selected for competition regardless of deck
      power or how it suits the current meta! Nosferatu will play each deck three times, and the winner
      will be determined by an average number of wins.

    Now in more details:

    • Deck must contain at least 3 cards from the 'Fractured in Alterac Valley';
    • No changes to a deck or Hero Power/starting Treasure are allowed once the deck is submitted;
    • Decks are accepted till the end of Dec 8th;
    • Discord members vote on decks from 8th to 10th Dec;
      From Dec 10th, Nosferatu will play each deck with rotating a deck after Duels run to bring randomness in total deck's results;
    • For each deck, an average number of wins is calculated, and this will be a deck score;
      There must be at least 0.5 difference between deck scores to pick a winner. For example, the shaman deck
      has avg 7.7 and the mage one 7.4, so the difference is 0.4. In such case, Nosferatu play with both decks
      one more time, and new deck scores will be calculated, and the winner will be chosen based on the new
      scores without re-runs even when if the difference is still <0.5;

    Competitors will challenge for money equal to Hearthstone goods - the cost of 40/15/7 packs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.
    Please note that Nosferatu is from the RU region (from Hearthstone perspective), and money prizes are 2799, 1099, and 599 RUB sent
    to winners' Battle.net Balance. So EU and US players, be aware of the price difference!

    Discord invite - https://discord.gg/Yqu7rrA8
    Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdcAkcADhfNFme_nxdd49-w
    Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/nosferatu_old_one

    Good luck!

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