Master Duelist 1.5: The Battle For Alterac - Submission & Discussion Thread

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    Greetings everyone, and welcome to the submission thread of fifth challenge of Master Duelist!

    General Information

    This challenge will begin today, December 10th, and will end on December 31st. During this window of time, you'll have to start a Duels run with a starting deck including at least 6 Fractured in Alterac Valley cards: both class and neutral cards are good!

    Everyone who'll post proof of a 7+ wins run in this article's comment section will be awarded with a different amount of gold, an in-site currency you'll be able to earn from different activities and that will be used to purchase cosmetics in our in-site shop.

    Submission Rules

    In order for your run to count towards the challenge, you'll have to provide an appropriate proof of your feat; otherwise, your result won't count. To be precise, you will have to reply to this forum thread including:

    • a picture of how your run ended;
    • a picture of your starting deck;
    • a picture(s) of your final deck.
    • any other information you want: even though it's not necessary, it may help other players or generate a discussion!
      • you can submit as many runs as you want: we'll always pick the best one. Don't be afraid to show what you experimented with: let's start a discussion here!

    Remember that we have to make sure you actually played following the rules, so please help us in doing so - disqualifying players feels bad, and we'd want to avoid it if possible! No exceptions will be made.

    Challenge Rewards

    Here's a quick breakdown explaining the rewards you'll receive based on your performances:

    Best result (both Casual and Heroic)200

    Time Criteria

    Those which follow are the time criteria we'll use to determine the winner in case of identical scores:

    • An Heroic run will be considered more difficult than a Casual one, therefore Heroic players will have the priority.
      • If you get the best score overall with a 10-wins run in Casual and somebody else gets a 10-wins run in Heroic, the latter will be the winner of the challenge.
    • In case of more people getting the same score, the winner will be decided by the submission time.
      • If more players will get to 12 wins, losses will count as well: a 12-0 will be considered better than a 12-2 or a 12-1. 
      • You could get the highest score on the first day as well as on the last day of the challenge, but if someone submits the same score before you do, then they'll be the winner.

    Closing Information

    If you want to learn more about this challenge, make sure to visit our guide page, where you'll be able to find a couple of starting decks provided by ourselves in order for you to take inspiration for your runs.

    Moreover, don't forged to share your own creations with the community by adding them to our deck database via our deckbuilder.

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    It seems everyone is playing traditional hearthstone after the expansion release :D

    I was trying to make deathrattle priest work in Duels since the Alterac release and I tried to make this deck for a while. This was my 5th or 6th attempt with the same list and been able to reach to 12 win finally. Run is in casual and ended up as 12-2. It's almost the same deathrattle priest list in the last meta report but I went for Mind Tether as hero power instead of the healing one.

    Best cards in deck was Bag of Coins, Korrak, Undying Disciple, and Xyrella the Devout.

    I started this run last week and apparently deleted my first screenshot so I'm pasting my first match's replay instead of screenshot.

    First Bucket:Fireshaper

    Second Bucket:Mummy Magic

    Show Spoiler


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    Unfortunately yes, it appears that the first month of the expansion isn't the best period for a Master Duelist challenge. Not even I was able to have a shot at 1.5: between the (huge) content creation of these weeks and the fact that, you know, I wanted to try the new cards, I think I had just a couple Duels runs.


    Thanks Calemnir for the submission and congratulations for your 12er: definitely an interesting take on the archetype, and I am glad it worked out in the end!

    Spice Lord and self-proclaimed Meme Master.

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