Trump's f2p early access shreds haters' concerns

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Quote From FortyDust

    I agree that Zeddy deserves the lion's share of the blame, but Regis and Dexxster both based their videos entirely on his analysis without doing any calculations themselves or considering what information might be missing. To me, that's pretty irresponsible and feels like pandering to the hater-base.

    So, basically, you blame the content creators that they done their assumptions just based on the information available and on the communication of Blizzard?


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    Posted 1 year ago

    Oh boy this seems like a fun thread (sarcasm).

    I'll leave my .02 cents and then hope I don't get downvoted like FortyDust did.  ( I mean the regulars on the forums who actually post and contribute at this point are known, so it's pretty obvious where the downvotes are coming from...this isn't reddit afterall, we aren't a mega-forum here.)

    1) Did this call-out need a thread? no. was it at least founded in some schadenfreude derived from premature hater/cancel-culture behavior?  Probably.

    2) Did many of the people in the thread get off topic with the reward track debate?  Absolutely.  The point of Forty's original post (as I interpret it) is that cancel-culture/hater-train behavior should not be encouraged.  Have none of you ever heard of the old adage "The end justifies the means"? 

    It's not to be taken literally.  It's meant to provoke a thought process that does your behavior (bad) seem justified even if the outcome is good?  That is a subjective through process, but many people subscribe to the theory that the ends DO NOT justify the means.  (Being an asshole, berative, overly-hostile just to get what you want...regardless if it's from a person or a corporation is not civil behavior in this day and age, but hey that's just my opinoiin)

    3) Downvotes are meant to call out caustic/callous behavior that does not contribute to a thread.  Downvotes are NOT meant to be a means of "I don't like your opinion and disagree with it."  (Unfortunately many many many people do this though.) 

    4) Content creators may make their livelihood off of the game, but that does not mean that they are bound by morality to disseminate whatever information they post as legitimate.  In short:  using content creators as an "appeal to authority" that they are the "alpha and omega" of public opinion is extremely naive and short sighted.  They are fallible, make mistakes, make assumptions like the rest of us.  

    To put it another way:  Look at content creators like a game's version of news channels.  Each content creator has a bias.  Is your content creator the "Fox News" (R) , "CNN" (L), or "Rueters" (N) of of that game's content creation?  

    5) No-one is saying you have to agree with FortyDust.  His initial post was probably too tongue in cheek and didn't start the thread off on a good foot, but the rest of his replies were pretty accurate.  Don't allow someone's initial impression (however bad it may be) , make you give up your objectivity.


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    Posted 1 year ago

    Honestly, it is a shame to see you downvoted because you were totally respectful and mostly objective; as long as people think that the downvote button is a dislike button people will alter their opinions because of it. I feel like the best solution to facilitate conversations that are not being influenced by up/downvotes is to put a disclaimer for downvoting posts like Reddit used to do.

    Edit: Not to say some individuals did not deserve to be downvoted as Dapperdog pointed out that some were harassing others.

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    Posted 1 year ago

    Just a couple of notes here:

    First, I absolutely agree with everyone who says Blizzard had done a terrible job of communicating. However, if you think information is lacking or poorly presented, then THAT is what you should complain about. You should not trash the whole game mode or feature based on assumptions you chose to make to fill those information gaps. In other words, "I still have questions about Mercenaries" does not in any way imply "Mercenaries sucks."

    Second, don't feel sorry for me or imagine I care about downvotes. I really, really don't.

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    Posted 1 year ago

    You could, and I'm just spitballing here, wait for the game mode to be released and then have opinions. 

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