Your F2P best friend: Heroic Air Elemental

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    Are you sad that two days into Mercenaries and your Rank 2 Xyrella can't compete with those filthy whales Rank 5 max item one? Well, say no more, because Air Elemental is here to do some fast grinding for you.

    How, you ask? Well, let's just use my example. I am fully f2p right now (didn't even buy the 5€ welcome bundle), but I was pretty lucky that my first pack gave me Anduin Wrynn, a pretty good legendary that was one of the cornerstones of my story mode team.

    So, naturally, I thought of ways to get more Anduin Wrynn coins to make sure he stays in top shape and the only place that has a "guaranteed" chance of dropping those coins is in Lord Banehollow (and LB Heroic). Now, the quotation marks are there for a reason, I grinded the LB bounty 8 times and in only 3 of them did I get Anduin Wrynn coins (on the other hand, I got like 300 coins for Bru'kan and he became beefy now). Naturally, I was pretty disappointed at how things turned out, I spent a lot of time grinding and I barely got enough scraps for a rank 3 Holy Nova. 

    But how does Heroic Air Elemental help? Simple. He's the first bounty that guarantees a random event tile (I'm not sure the normal version also has one but just a lvl 30 merc should be enough to beat Heroic). And those random events can get you those sweet tasks that always nail you those sweet Anduin Wrynn coins.

    So, let's talk optimization:

    1. You need the Merc you want to grind (in my case, Anduin Wrynn). Make a party with him and 2 (only 2, no more than those) lvl 1 Mercs you want to pump some levels in.
    2. Go to the random event tile. You got Mysterious Stranger? Good! That's why there's only 2 other Mercs on the party, to guarantee you'll get the Anduin Wrynn task.
      • If you didn't get the Mysterious Stranger, just retire, you're wasting your time finishing the bounty unless you're planning to grind Cariel Roame coins (they're one of the rewards to finish the bounty and Cariel Roame is also top tier).
    3. Now this is the tricky part. If you believe you can finish the Task before you get the chance to get another Mysterious Stranger, then just do it. If you can't (for example, Anduin Wrynn has a task that involves visiting 4 Spirit Healers; naturally, you can't do that in just one run), then add a 4th member to your party, this one being someone that you want to also grind Merc coins on (in my case, Blademaster Samuro and Xyrella; I added Blademaster Samuro first since he's lagging behind a bit in the coin department).
    4. Don't forget to swap those underleveled Mercs once they reach level 30.

    In case you're wondering, this is a terrible grind and, quite frankly, a boring experience. But since the game decided to hide your tasks behind the Mysterious Stranger tile, this is the fastest way to find them. 

    PS: Mercenary Whales, you're not filthy. You're adorable too.

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