While we're waiting on features, here's a quick guide to creating Parties and writing their Guides

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    So mercenaries is brand new and everyone is waiting for features and tools. I've found this website to be ahead of the curve in many respects for mercenaries content, but I had a lot of difficulty in writing a guide for a party. I wanted to help others with how to do just that so we can get more community content out there while we wait on features to get cleaned up and finished (thanks to the devs here for what we have already!).

    So first thing's first, you need to create a party. This step is straight forward and easy, you just go to Party Builder link which is easily found on the mercenaries home page or drop-down menus. Some filters here would be nice but I assume that's a feature in the works. Find your mercenaries for your party and click on them, and then click on the equipment for your build, and that adds that mercenary to your party. The rest of the party basics are straight forward (name, mode, tags etc.)

    Once your party is saved, it will get a chronological numerical unique ID and a link like this:


    You can always find this party by visiting your profile page for the site. I make mention of the link above because it's important when we want to write and then update a guide, but we lack features to make that easy. When at first there is no guide, you do get a prompt to write one, and the link is prepended with "edit-guide/" like this:


    You need to save this link or know how to edit your original party link in order to update your guide once it's written, because the first time you save content to the Guide section of your party, the useful "create a guide" link goes away forever. I'm quite sure a nifty "Edit Guide" button will be added and prominently displayed in the future, but for now, subsequent edits to your guide require you to know how to get there without a link given to you.

    Okay so now we know how to edit our guide (and edit it again and again as needed), let's talk about how to go about writing a guide. One thing I love about this site is the way links and objects are set up, such as for Mercenaries and Cards. Just like for Thrall and his ability For The Horde 1 or his equipment Doomhammer 4

    What makes this a little bit difficult for us though is that the parent mercenary link:


    Lists out all of their abilities and equipment at level 1. If we're writing a guide we obviously are most likely wanting to link to the max level of the ability, or maybe in certain cases actually recommend a lower level of an ability (ex. King Krush might want rank 4 or lower Apex Predator 4 to be slower than other abilities so you can ensure use of the Deathblow). All abilities and equipment are classified here as cards. All ranks of each ability get their own card link. So there are two ways you can link different ability ranks - finding the exact card ID or typing in the name, like this:

    You should be able to copy-paste the ability name with its rank from the top-level mercenary sheet inside the card tags, but just in case, you can find the card ID by going to the Cards search link and searching for the ability name there. Here you can find all the ranks for the ability (or equipment) and get the direct link to it and in the link is the card ID. Also in case you want it handy, I've found that the Mercenary search link isn't always intuitive to get to.

    And that's basically what I wanted to get out there. How to edit your guide after you initially save one, and how to link out to different ranks of abilities which I found cumbersome. From there of course you would create your guide as you see fit. I hope this is helpful and I hope we'll get feature updates that make this guide unnecessary (thanks again to the devs for this amazing resource).

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