"trash" fight characters

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    Though I can only name 2 mercs that do extra damage based on race, (off the top of my head), being able to prep for the possible trash fights can save some time in a bounty.

    there are a couple of databases with the base info for the trash characters, but I can't find any info on which bounties they usually appear on. and they all show the level 1-30 info.

    does anyone know what the system is for possible trash fight for a certain bounty?

    (also, the 2 I can remember that deal specialized damage aregruul, Kurtrus Ashfallen

    I think there was one that I can't remember the name of)

    if there are more I can't think of, please name them

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    Pretty much only Kurtrus and Gruul deal additional damage to specific enemy tags. Nearly everyone else synergizes with tags on the same team.

    Kurtrus deals additional damage to demons, which are nearly all in felwood. Gruul deals add damage to dragons, which are nearly all in blackrock mountain.

    But honestly, there's really no need to use any of them if you're farming boss chest. Fire teams will beat nearly everything in turn 1-2 except specifically against elementals that resist fire. So if youre thinking of farming, just use a fire team. Or use arcane team if you dont have Geddon.




    Millhouse/Blink fox/Any other AoE merc


    Beats every normal pve team easily. The only time you'll ever need to sub them out is against specific bosses and against merc fights.

    Most important merc is geddon. If you have him but not the other fire mercs, you can play Millhouse/tavish/Geddon, for a turn 2 finish.

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    Posted 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    It's kinda funny actually. im not new, I have plenty full 30 teams. I just overcomplicate it too much. always saying, "ooh, a new Merc, I should start a whole new team at lvl 1 based around it"

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    I would say pretty much the same, for farming I use Cairne Ragnaros Geddon antonidas Tavish Diablo. Except against elementals I go freeze. 

    Cairne and Jaïna are good because of reborn and ice block in pve, you almost never loose a Merc during a run if you know how to provok a focus fire on one of the

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