Next expansion thought??? Which Merc could rise?

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    Hello guys,

    Just wanna know what you feel about the direction Blizzard will take on the next expansion?

    will they keep on Adding pirates and murlocs?

    should they add demons which actually is a poor archetype? 

    i personally think they should add some attackers because caster dominate the game 

    i would like to see Grull and Kurtus like type of mercs more often. Specially a human killer.

    the fel class should be reinforced and maybe some frost And arcane abilities which are too rare.

    Some legendary Mercs at the bottom of the E rank should also find party mates to empower them ( Jaraxxus, Edwin, Thrall)

    And I want to see more Dragons : where are Deathwing, Nozdormu, Malygos, Ysera. 

    Balance the race is important too me, Beast , troll, undead, Tauren , elfs... stop adding humans and Orcs. 

    What are you thought?

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    Probably from Alterac, maybe introduce the dwarf tag, since there's clearly Vanndar as a marquee.

    Casters will always be at the forefront because of how mercs operate. Not taking retaliatory damage is significant, even in pve. A typical fire team will demolish just about everything except for winterspring, where a taunt is maybe needed. But an orc team cannot do the same, and very likely you'll end every match with at least one merc at the brink of death.

    And besides, most casters features strong combos, or AoE, which most attackers dont. Nearly if not all the best mercs are those that either summon minions, or those that have abilities that specifically allow them to bypass the retaliatory damage, if not a straight up caster.

    In short, I think team5 really needs to review this portion of the game. Either remove retaliatory damage, or give attackers a higher damage output or at very least more health. Its like if pokemon had the same mechanics, you would literally never see a physical attacker ever again in competitive. Maybe unseat Zacian immediately as the go-to restricted, now wouldn't that be a sight?

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    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    Yes, the balance of physical attackers hasn’t been done properly, I hope they can fix that quickly

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