Can we talk about Mercenaries?

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    Quote From Pezman

     Threw together 5 level 30s and a level 13, hoping for an easy match vs AI. Nope: got creamed by 6 maxxed out level 30 Mercs.

    This is exactly what discourages me from even trying PvP: I know I cannot just avoid strong opponents by self-harming my own comp, but there has to be some form of compromise in the middle!

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    I used to spend time doing the daily tasks in Mercenaries, and tried to get into the grind for various comps, but just got super bored of it. For the PvP to be fun, you need to have tons of fully buffed Mercs, but getting there requires way too much boring PvE. How many times can you battle the same line-up of Furbolgs or Dragons or what have you over and over before you die of boredom? There's just not enough variety in each run, and I think that stems largely from the fact that the perks you get along the way are just not all that impactful. "Here's a stat buff for your Horde characters." "Here's a little more Arcane damage." Okay, great, but that doesn't really meaningfully impact the choices I make in game.

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    Ok I'm getting really steamed now. I haven't been able to cue up against the AI in weeks, no matter how crappy and mismatched my squad is. So I said, fine, I'll play "fair" and bring my A-game mercs. EVERY SINGLE opponent has maxxed out Lich King who PERMANENTLY slows all my mercs, completely locking me out of every game. I tried various strong comps: nature combos, holy combos, get killed every time. Mind you, I'm playing CASTERS, who can kill the Lich King quickly. It just doesn't matter. By the time he's dead, Cairne comes in and does the same damn thing.

    Either you're a whale who bought the best legendaries, or you've grinded them out with INSANE time commitment. I guess the rest of us are just screwed.


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