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    Welcome to the Solo Adventures forum! The home for discussion of all single-player content released in Hearthstone. Use this forum to discuss strategies for defeating bosses and puzzles, or ask questions if you get stuck.

    Adventure Summary


    Curse of Naxxramas

    The first adventure for Hearthstone, Naxxramas is a collection of memorable experiences with OP rewards. Navigate through the Ghouls and Abominations on your journey to defeat Kel'Thuzad. This set has a total of 15 bosses and 30 collectible cards to be unlocked. This adventure can only be purchased from the Blizzard store, outside of the game.

    Blackrock Mountain

    Trouble stirs beneath Blackrock Mountain in Hearthstone's second adventure. Within this content you can collect a total of 31 cards locked behind 17 bosses and many challenges. This adventure can only be purchased from the Blizzard store, outside of the game.

    League of Explorers

    Treasures and relics await in Hearthstone's third adventure. Embark with the League through ancient ruins and dangerous jungles to acquire a valuable set of 45 collectible cards. You will experience 13 boss encounters and 9 class challenges. This adventure can only be purchased from the Blizzard Store, outside of the game.

    One Night in Karazhan

    Everyone is invited to a magical party at Karazhan in Hearthstone's fourth adventure. Medivh must be found, and along the way you will also find 13 bosses and 45 collectible cards. The prologue is free and will grant you two of these collectible cards. This adventure can be purchased from the Blizzard Store, outside the game.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne - Icecrown Citadel

    Hearthstone's sixth expansion was the first to feature additional solo missions for free. This adventure consists of eight encounters, including The Lich King. Completing the prologue awards a random Death Knight Hero Card. Each completed wing rewards you with one pack from the set. The Lich King will play differently against each class. If you manage to complete these missions with every class, you can unlock the Prince Arthas paladin hero.

    Kobolds & Catacombs - Dungeon Run

    Hold on to your candles, Hearthstone's 7th expansion introduced us to a new type of single-player content, Dungeon Run. This is a free roguelike experience introduced alongside Kobolds & Catacombs in which you build a deck as you progress through 8 of many possible boss encounters. If you lose at any point, your run is over! There are no rewards for playing this mode, aside from fun!

    The Witchwood - Monster Hunt

    Journey with four different heroes on a quest to defeat Hagatha in Monster Hunt, released alongside The Witchwood. This is very similar to Dungeon Run. Each hero features a different strategy and hero power. Win with all four and you can unlock a special card back!

    The Boomsday Project - Puzzle Lab

    Deep within the Netherstorm, Dr. Boom's Laboratory has been staffed with some scientists of questionable intent. They have designed some tricky puzzles. Don't worry, they're perfectly safe! There are four different types of puzzles: Lethal, Mirror, Board Clear, and Survival.

    Rastakhans Rumble - Rumble Run

    You begin your run as a troll, Rikkar, at King Rastakhan's Arena in Straglethorn. You will choose a shrine associated with a class and a particular starting deck. You will then be challenged by the other 8 classes. Shrines are permanent fixtures on your board, which somewhat differentiates this mode from previous content.

    Rise of Shadows - The Dalaran Heist

    Arch-Villain Rafaam has meticulously assembled a league of menacing and megalomaniacal supervillains to undertake his most audacious caper yet – stealing the magical city of Dalaran! As a low-level operative in Rafaam's League of E.V.I.L., you'll rampage through the streets and sewers of Dalaran ensuring that every part of the plan succeeds. Or, at the very least, you'll provide the distraction they need to accomplish their devious goals.

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