Welcome to the Wild Forum!

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    Welcome to the Wild Forums!

    This forum was created to host discussion of all things Wild. Please use this forum to discuss everything about the Wild format, while keeping threads constructive. Non-constructive, duplicate, salty or troll threads (or posts) will be locked or deleted upon notice and the post owner will be given a warning if necessary. If you wish to discuss the Standard format, please do so in the Standard forum.

    Forum Guidelines

    • If your post contains only an image, or an image with a single line of text, it probably isn't going to foster any constructive or interesting discussion. General threads will be created to keep screenshot or other common posts organized rather than littered.

    • Threads created and found to be a duplicate topic by a moderator will be locked, and a link will be provided to an existing thread to keep all similar discussions in one place.

    • If you are posting a thread with a subject involving a specific class or class deck, regardless of format, please visit the appropriate Class Discussion forum instead. If these threads are found in this forum, they will be re-located accordingly.

    Wild Format FAQ

    What is Wild format?

    Wild format is an alternative to Standard, in which you have every collectible card in the game available to you. This generally refers to constructed gameplay, but it is not the only game mode in which Wild is used.

    What game modes use Wild format?

    • Ranked Constructed
    • Casual Constructed
    • Tavern Brawl
    • Adventures

    Will newly released cards be available in Wild format?

    Yes. All cards that are collectible in the game will be available for all Wild game modes.

    Are Wild and Standard ranks separate?

    Yes. Wild-ranked will have it's own, separate rank from Standard-ranked. Your highest rank between the two will be the one displayed in the friend's list.

    Suggestions to add to the FAQ as well as Threads of Interest or Useful links are all welcome.

    Feel free to suggest or create potential stickies for the forum such as informative guides related to Wild. Quality threads may be pinned!

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