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    Posted 3 years ago

    I'm trash at this game (hardstuck rank 10 if you must know) so perhaps this is obvious, but please bear with me.

    Dinotamer Brann reads "If your deck has no duplicates, summon King Krush. My question is, why is Highlander Hunter so strong if there are literally only 2 cards that benefit from it? I understand that [Hearthstone Card (Zephrys) Not Found] is insanely good, but is the combination of it's and Brann's value so good that it's worth running only single copies of cards? Or is there some other reason as to why the deck works so well consistently? Is a 2 mana discounted King Krush plus [Hearthstone Card (Zephrys) Not Found] enough to warrant cutting half your deck?


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    Posted 3 years ago

    Thing is, Zul'jin and Subject 9 already push you towards Singleton (if you want to maximize them), so the consistency cost to build a Highlander Hunter is further compensated.

    It's not just Zephrys and Brann.

    And yes, a charging 8/8 on turn-7 is THAT good.

    It's not like Highlander Hunter will be the best Hunter forever, but the above is the reason why it is good.


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    Posted 3 years ago

    Adding onto this, Zephrys perfectly fills in Hunter’s lack of board clears. Usually if your opponent gets a big board against you that’s just a loss, Zephrys can instead give a Twisting whenever you need it (along with pushing for lethal if you get the chance)

    Who needs consistency when you could have fun?

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    Posted 3 years ago

    It has a pretty good curve filling all stages of the game, has some good removal, good board presence, it ticks a lot of boxes and can switch gears between more control style and tempo depending on the match up. 

    On HSReplay currently secret hunter is only just behind it so if you don't have the cards you can still make an effective and similar non-highlander deck. 

    As RavenSunHS said though, by removing a few copies of secrets gives you two cards that win games by themselves and doesn't affect the consistency that much.  

    Don't Read This Sentence.

    You Rebel. I like you. 

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    Posted 3 years ago

    Brann is strong and very to the point. It does what all the other cards in hunter want to do, reduce the opponents life to 0.  Pally and Druid's HL cards are a lot more roundabout and not as easy to extract game winning value from even though they're very strong in a vacuum.  Whereas Brann is just drop on 7 and smash.

    Hunter highlander works because of their cardpool.  Hunter has a lot of generically powerful cards that generally want to do the same thing, win on board and hit the face.  The secret package even as singleton is pretty large and takes a lot of deckspace, and Subject 9 is a powerful power spike with the Hyena being super strong too.  They have Zuljin and it's spell package full of removal and proactive board cards that get replayed along with all the secrets.  Zuljin is often a 10 mana win the game card that other highlander decks don't have access to.  The mech package is just strong.  Throw Siamat and some class/neutral beasts with synergy and you have yourself a deck. 

    Druid and Pally just don't have the cardpool or direction to support a strong highlander deck.  Mage even after the Luna nerf is still much better than them because Reno has similar power to Brann.  It just does a powerful thing that is consistent and you want to do in pretty much any game.  


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