Pack opening statistics and saltiness

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    Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    I got 5 legendary from 100 packs (all bought with gold) 

    - quest lock, quest mage, quest DH, quest warrior, and quest pally

    The numbers are average i think (1 in 20) but all are quest (which some are nerf-worthy) so i won't complain. I got enough tools to play around with. 

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    Quote From WiseWolf
    Quote From Alfi

    But there is one thing that bugs me. Although I have all 25 legendaries the Achievements tracker is stuck in 24/25

    Same here. I recently read in the Blizzard Bug Report forums, that this is a known issue that is caused by Flightmaster Dungar. Unfortunately I can't find anything official regarding this.

    FYI: They fixed it! At least it worked for me - i logged in today and saw that i have an Exclamation Mark at the Achievements - after i checked it showed the correct number of cards - full Collection :

    Challenge me ... when you're ready to duel a god!

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    Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    opened 30 packs, got;

    Lost in the Park

    Sorcerer's Gambit

    Rise to the Occasion

    Command the Elements

    got Defend the Dwarven District at 20 lvl and I've crafted Find the Imposter

    Now only 4 quests are missing which is ok for me, I had only 2 quests at start of Un'goro and I'm happy with that I got almost all from 30 packs, lol.

    Also, Epics were generous this time. This might be the best 30 packs since the beginning of the Open Beta.

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    So I blew the entirety of my saved-up gold this expansion (haven't done that before, usually save a few thousand) because I knew there was a lot of legendaries I wanted. In 170 packs, I got 9 legendaries...and I didn't want any of them except one. The only one I was interested in that I got wasAnetheron. Wanted about half of the questlines and only got the Druid one. My legendaries were: Grand Magus Antonidas, Auctioneer Jaxon, the Rogue quest (that one I got off the additional free legendary off the reward track at lvl 20), the Druid Quest, The Rat King, Highlord Fordragon, Bolner Hammerbeak, Lothar, Cornelius Roame and Varian, King of Stormwind. I play Wild. All of these cards are useless.

    So I then had to follow that up with blowing all of my saved-up dust (10k) to craft the questlines I actually wanted. Still missing the Warrior questline (from the ones I want, otherwise I'm also missing Mage), and realised I don't have enough dust to craft Il'gynoth, so I crafted the DH quest for nothing.

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