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    Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    The Mage quest is on the same toxic level as Warlock, it blocks any minion based strategies. Everything is here what makes gameplay against the deck feeling awful -

    • massive mana cheat
    • solitaire game mode with board interaction
    • plentiful freeze effects on enemy minions
    • massive card draw
    • soliaire mode

    I just played a game against Warlock where it felt like I play regular HS against a late level duels deck. 

    On turn 6 finished quest, on turn 7 played the reward, on turn 8 the mage killed me dealing 27 damage from hand, drawing 12 cards from the deck and playing cards worth 28 mana in total. On turn 8. 




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    Posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Yesterday i made a big push from Gold 4 towards Platinum 4 rank without bonus stars using Libram Paladin. Surprisingly, my pocket meta didn't feel as awful as in other days. It seems like people are quite sick of the quests in lower ranks and different decks popped up frequently. I only faced two Quest Warlocks (beat one and lost to the other one) and a few Quest Mages. Mage feels worse to lose against. They deal too much damage from hand and draw a lot faster, usually. But their curve is slightly messed up now which makes them a bit slower. I beat quite a few of them but the ones i lost to managed to kill me from near full health every time.

    The other Quest decks are very rare. Quest Shaman pops up here and there and it is very strong. I didn't face any yesterday though. Quest Warrior is too slow even with a lot of pirates and a lower mana curve. Quest Hunter can race quite effectively but they run out of cards every single time. Quest Priest just sucks. Quest DH suffered the most from the latest balance patch and is pretty much dead. Rogue, Druid and Paladin quests disappeared completely.

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