Dwarven District + Zul'jin Interaction

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    Just for everyone who is interested, I did some science:

    Playing Zul'jin after completing Defend the Dwarven District questline and dropping the reward leads to the following effects:

    >Zuljin's Hero Power WILL NOT keep the [It costs (0)]-Buff
    -> However, Zuljin will recast the quest after which it can progress/complete from Zuljin's re-casts of damage-dealing spells and regain the [It costs (0)] buff
    >Zuljin's Hero Power WILL refresh after a spell is played by you, no matter if the quest reward is played again or not.

    This means that any other change to the Hunter Hero Power after the upgrades, it will loose its cost reduction (and minion-targeting-ability, if at all applicable) but refresh when a spell is played. There is of course the option to wait until one plays for example Deathstalker Rexxar before completing the second step of the questline to create a zombeast factory...

    But yeah, that's all folks! THought it would be an interesting little tidbit!

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