Open Letter to the Ppl who Made and Play QL Mage and Warlock

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    To their developers: Wow, do you even bother to test what you release? We have here two insanely easy to complete quests that result in non interactive damage to the face. Draw, mana cheat and generation are all rolled into one and all you need to do is throw in all the obvious fits in and these two decks play themselves. You're absolutely helpless to beat them with anything else.


    To the fanbase: How do you sleep at night? Every victory you achieve Is no different THAN A PARTICIPATION TROPHY. you are playing a deck that requires ZERO skill and you are so insecure that you only play it because your need to win is more important than actually EARNING glory. Youve jumped on board to everything that makes this game suck and the sane reaction to winning with them would be guilt or emptiness. 


    Thanks for viewing!


    HS Needs Mirror Mode: Make Any Deck, 50% You Play it Versus Itself or Play Someone Else's Vs Theirs.

    Please Help Support This Obvious and Needed Idea. Stop Playing With 1% of your Collection.

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    I really don't mind people ranting because everyone needs to release some pent up anger at something and it might as well be a written piece in the internet than the house cat. But really, this sort of thing belongs in the salt thread. Just use it, you'll find more sympathetic people there than you would making two (for some reason) new threads doing the same thing.

    Also, while I share alot of despondence about the current meta, I wouldn't call it low skill exactly (apart of quest mage because Im absolutely convinced you can build a bot to man the deck and still manage a positive win rate).

    Devs are meeting on tuesday to make some changes. We'll all just exercise some patience until then.


    But seriously: Use the salt threads. It'll be a happier experience I assure you

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    If you really hate Q Mage and Warlock so much just go and play Glide DH. I’m bot kidding, it actually completely destroys both of them. Only problem is that it loses hard to aggro deck

    This ain't no place for a hero

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    It always boggles my mind when people try and win in a competitive game by doing everything they can to win. Kind of reminds me of the Olympics. Why do they try so hard?

    Your face is already dead

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    I don´t play for the entertainment of my opponent. Don´t be so self centred. It is a competitive game. People play surprisingly to win! 

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    Sure, you can imagine you're above everyone who plays the decks you don't like, but you're just fooling yourself. Everyone has their own reason for playing the game, and your's isn't any better or more noble than anyone else's. It's a video game. Get a grip.

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    Well, can't realy say what others haven't said before :) 

    Everyone who plays the game can and should play what they enjoy - even if it is a deck that doesn't agree with you or you often times lost too. 

    Most people play to win or simply have fun - and if their fun means playing for example Quest Mage because they maybe enjoy or like it they are allowed to do that. 

    Sounds very entitled and self centred - and like mentioned above - belongs in the Salt Thread.

    Challenge me ... when you're ready to duel a god!

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    You could just play Handbuff Paladin - it currently has a crazy high win rate against a wide array of decks, including most quest decks (even though everyone seems to want to spend their time hating on Quest decks).

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