Mercenaries: My First Impressions

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    Quote From FortyDust
    I think you believe the gold cost will be far more punishing than it actually will be. I honestly don't see any of the people in your examples balking at the cost of building a village. The people who refuse to try Mercenaries because of the gold cost are hard-line free players who hold on to their gold with a death grip because they cannot or will not ever spend money on Hearthstone.
    The assumption that Mercenaries will be totally unplayable without spending gold is ridiculous. A brand new player with no gold reserves at all has to be able to jump in and play without grinding gold in some other mode. There's no way Blizzard would make the mistake of excluding fresh blood like that. So it stands to reason that Mercenaries itself will give you a way to earn enough gold to get further into Mercenaries. F2P people who are dedicated to Hearthstone may choose to buy Hearthstone packs with that gold, and I'm sure many will, but I think most people won't mind using it on the village.
    That's the beauty of having a shared resource. You can reinvest the gold in Mercenaries if you like it, or you get a nice "thanks for trying it out" parting gift if you choose to use the gold elsewhere.

    I'm not assuming it will be oppressively expensive. I'm just saying that because it's clear that your village costs gold, there are open questions about the costs of the mode, and that's a legitimate reason to be frustrated by the reveal.

    Based on the reveal, I think the only things we can say for certain about the F2P economics are that a) the mode will cost gold to develop your village, b) there's a separate currency for merc upgrades that you'll get by playing, and c) playing games will reward XP for the rewards track (which in turn will eventually give you gold). That's not much info, and I think it's a major failure on Blizzard's part not to provide more information on that (particularly because of the confusion around the packs in the store that feature Diamond portraits rather than "exclusive" mercs).

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    After watching the complete Mercenaries video series by Regiskillbin, I'm actually quite hyped for the mode and can't wait to play it! It really seems to have some depth regarding team composition and tactics. I'm still concerned about the monetization and I won't preorder anything as long as I can't playtest the mode. I think I'll stick to f2p in Mercenaries and see how far I can get.

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    There's not enough added value in the pre-order, anyway. One free merc with a fancy portrait in each bundle is not reason enough to spend money on a new game mode.

    And that's from someone who's actually excited for Mercenaries!

    I'm not saying people will regret pre-ordering. Most pre-order people would have ended up spending that money on packs anyway. But for anyone who's on the fence, a diamond frame isn't going to push them over.

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    As someone who regularly buys the pre-order expansion bundles, I'm actually quite hesitant to buy the merc pre-orders because they don't seem to have a lot of value, and even if they are's hard to determine the value because the mode hasn't been released.  We don't have a "baseline" value of how good tokens are, etc.

    I think it's a new mode that is exciting and I look forward to playing it.  But I think the way they've presented some info is woefully inadequate.  Hopefully more info gets released as the next month progresses.

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    I look forward to this new game mode, but after the announcement, not only did I not preorder, but I decided to stop spending *any* money on the game whatsoever. And this comes after spending $2k+ on it for the last 7 years. The frequency they started tossing paid stuff around is too much for me to cope up with.

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    It's so weird to me that so many people see Hearthstone purchases as an all-or-nothing scenario. And certainly no confession is required if you choose not to spend your money on a video game. Most people in the world do not feel the need to make public announcements for every purchase they don't make.

    For Mercenaries, it's OK to buy just one bundle instead of all three, or only 10 packs for the guaranteed legendary, or even nothing at all if you aren't interested in the game.

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