Are you enjoying HS now?

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’m just not having fun playing standard at the moment. The game is just an aggro fest and every deck’s only goal is face.

    How do you guys have fun? Should I just switch to Wild which (shockingly) looks more healthy?

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Same here, although I am not so sure it is due to current meta. I think the previous meta stuck around too long and has drained my overall enjoyment of playing Hearthstone. Do not get me wrong, the meta has improved quite a lot with the latest patch, control decks have returned and games last longer.

    Winning games also feel less enjoyable than before which sounds strange.

    Nowadays, I only do the bare minimum of completing daily/weekly quests and occasionally play a few games of Duels.

    Perhaps switching up a few things like play Wild or another game mode for awhile could bring back some fun to you.

    We will probably have to wait another month before the new mini-set arrives.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    Quote From NebuchadnezzarHS

    Nowadays, I only do the bare minimum of completing daily/weekly quests and occasionally play a few games of Duels.

    This is basically me, but swap Duels for Battlegrounds. I'm holding out for Mercenaries to reinvigorate me, 'cause in general my enjoyment of the Hearthstone "platform" has been on the decline over time. I'm right on the verge of quitting traditional-Hearthstone for Mercs: just have to see how I like the new game.

    I wouldn't blame any particular meta-event or what-have-you for my woes - I don't care about the meta - but I imagine it's just a general PvP-fatigue, heightened by my depression.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Polarising metas usually kill the enjoyment for me, and we are currently in one such meta. But as long as I don't meet any quest mages my blood pressure stays relatively normal and the game remains bearable.

    Its sad that the midset has been pushed back at least another 3 weeks, so we're pretty much stuck with what we have right now.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    As Depperdog said, I really hate some decks. Quest mage, for example is something that causes me to turn off the game. 

    This definitely is not a good state of HS for me. 


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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one who felt this way.  I agree with you Nebuchadnezzar and LinkBlade.  I sometimes find myself barely finishing my weekly quests these days.  I'm still hitting at least D5 or legend every month, but last month and this month I haven't had any real drive to get to legend.  The game just doesn't hold the same gloss it used to for me.  The previous meta with Quest Warlock was around for far too long, and I think the devs took too long making adjustments to the meta catastrophe. 

    I've been trying to play Legends of Runeterra as well, but it's also not as fun.  Overall I think the defining characteristic of card games has become too, I dunno...normal?  Rational? I'm not sure the word to use to define it. 

    Overall, I just don't find them as enjoyable as I used too.  I swap between modes daily, trying to fill in my free time but honestly I'm just counting the days until new games on my radar show up... (Namely Darktide, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and a few others)

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I am enjoying HS as much as I normally do. I never worry about the (daily) quests because I can get to 100 on the battle pass without them and both pre-orders are enough to play whatever I want to anyways. I was a little disappointed when The Demon Seed was banned from wild because I was having a good time playing an altered version of the typical 4 giant version which I was able to get a 12 win streak with. To be honest, the game is most boring to me after I hit Legend. I have no reason to rank up anymore and I have already finished within the top 500 in wild before. I just wish there were more ways to have a competitive constructed experience.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Fun and enjoyment are completely subjective. I won't lie, I am still mildly distressed that it has been demonstrated that the powers that be do not playtest their game. They wait for us Strangers who like and play Wild to break their game and are sluggish if ever to respond.

    That said, am I enjoying this meta as of right now? Sure - it isn't Warlockstone, it is nice to have some more variety.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    This hasn't been my favorite meta either OP.  Didn't bother to hit Diamond last month and joined the dark side a bit to hit D5 and regain my star bonus this month.  Despite the downvotes, I've been enjoying this for ladder quests:

    Deck ID Not Found

    Otherwise, I've had some fun in Casual with memes and have played more Arena and BG than usual.  Would love to see them try like a 2 - 3wk rotating labs mode with meta card bans to diversify the experience more.  

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I really don't understand how there's people who think a meta is nothing but aggro decks, every single meta.

    Currently for every 'aggro' deck (pirate warrior, secret paladin, taunt druid, face hunter...) there are just as many 'slow' decks (libram paladin, big warrior, demon hunter shenanigans, Anacondra druid, quest shaman, quest warlock...).

    So no, the standard meta seems completely fine right now and I wish I had more time to play it currently.


    Wild, however, is dreadful. Warlock's two best decks got literally erased from the format with no way of coming back and there's just another warlock that pops up to dominate again. Paired with pirate warrior and odd hunter it's just an extremely boring format with only a few decks you'll ever see.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I haven't played much since the latest round of nerfs, so I can't say for sure whether I really like it or not. But in the few times that I did, I got pissed off quite a bit, especially when I queued against Questline Mages (though in the last time I played, I didn't face a single one, which was weird). That questline really needs a rework because it's just so boring and frustrating to play against, and it must be so boring to play too. 

    The pre-nerf meta wasn't as generally fun either, though I did enjoy playing the different decks with The Demon Seed and Command the Elements. The Warlock decks took some skill to play which I found fulfilling, despite knowing how much of a design mistake the questline really is.

    So while I did enjoy several archetypes from the overall Stormwind meta, I had a bad taste in my mouth the whole time because of the terrible design direction the devs took for this expansion. Seriously, cards like Ignite, The Demon Seed, Command the Elements, Sorcerer's Gambit, Defend the Dwarven District, Battleground Battlemaster, and even Raid the Docks should never have been printed. They're all problematic for the health of the game because of their infinite value (looking at you, Ignite) and sure-win conditions (Warlock, Shaman, Mage, and Hunter questlines) and they're probably going to be power-crept in the future, which will lead to an even more frustrating meta. 

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Overall I have fun with HS right now.

    I swap between Standard, Wild and Classic, so I can play a varity of decks against a varity of other decks. Only playing one game mode become kind of boring for me. In Standard I am Dia 2, in Wild Dia 9 and in Classic Gold 9 at the moment. The mode I least enjoy at the moment is Standard because of Quest Mage.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I'm just grinding achievements and doing daily/weekly quests in wild. It's much better since the warlock quest ban and there's some flavorful decks popping up here and there. I'm not really interested in winning, just want to get more gold for Mercs when it arrives in 2 weeks

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I'm having quite a bit of fun right now. And i do swap between standard and wild quite often, just depending on what deck i feel like playing. 

    In standard i don't have fun whenever my opponent plays Sorcerer's Gambit Mage. But outside of that i have a good amount of fun against most other classes. And most "meta" decks are kinda fun to play. Personally i dislike aggro/tempo decks, but Raid the Docks warrior in standard is surprisingly fun! I'm also having a lot of fun rn with BIG warrior. BIG warrior is not that bad, mainly because The Demon Seed warlock has basically been deleted.

    But most of my fun is in Wild. Wild is a lot of fun for me right now, mainly because we finally got wild back after the The Demon Seed got banned. I can actually play a control deck (Reno deck obviously) and actually have fun... and have a decent winrate, without being absolutely solitaire lvl crushed. I can actually play Bazaar Burglary Rogue (with Maestra of the Masquerade) and Casino Mage again! :) The only deck in wild i have a problem with is (ODD) Defend the Dwarven District Hunter, but luckely i don't actually see that deck that often. Mainly because Wild (at least, around my rank of gold 5) has a huge variaty of decks that people play. I played about 20 games today and yesterday in total, and never came across the same deck/archetype twice.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I'm a Wild-exclusive player, and the meta has been solid so far. While I do play some jank shit mostly revolving around C'Thun, the Shattered, including my Araña mage, it's still has been not that bad. My only gripe is that Questline Druid is pipsqueak weak now. Too bad I have never faced Questline Warlock, but I do think it's overall good riddance even though it had the Jade Druid-eqsue gameplay that's hard to replicate now.

    That also means I never have to face Questline Mage, which people seem to hate with passion. Watching games from guys like Rarran and FunkiMonki, and it seems the Quest endorses so much hatred because of seemingly forced lack of interactivity to not progress their gameplan.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    Quote From Alfi

    As Depperdog said, I really hate some decks. Quest mage, for example is something that causes me to turn off the game. 

    This definitely is not a good state of HS for me. 

    I insta concede vs mages, i dont want to play vs that stupid questline 

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    As previously stated, Questline Mage is that single deck that makes me enjoy standard much less.

    I main Taunt Druid on standard and it's fun and competitive vs almost any other deck, but Questline mage always feels like an auto-loss.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Wild player here: I guess Wild is in a OK state right now. Could be better but overall not too bad. Since The Demon Seed nerf I see a lot more decks, even some Reno variants. People seem to be annoyed about Odd Quest Hunter a bit, but I personally find it is beatable by a variety of decks.

    Btw: Quest Mage must be a standard thing. I hardly encounter any in Wild.

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Well i can only speak for standard because i do not play wild but right now im still having lots of fun. But i also had fun before the nerfs even tough i ran into the same deck over and over ;)

    Since the nerfs i've met a diversity of decks (and also played different decks) and almost all of the games we're pretty fun.

    Also since the nerfs i quite enjoy Questline Warrior - played it from Plat 10 to Diamond 5. 

    So i for myself have fun :) 

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    Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    For me, this has been the least enjoyable meta since Gadgetzan. I hate playing combo decks and I find aggro boring, so I haven't had anything fun to do. The only time I even played this month was last Saturday to finally get the card back and some occasional tavern brawls.

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