The Hearthstone Class Master Championship (tournament test runs)

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    Welcome to the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs

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    What is the Hearthstone Class Master Championship?

    "...Hearthstone Class Master Championship, aka HCM, is a new concept of a championship where players choose 1 class, for example Warrior and they enter a league of other Warrior players to compete with each other for the best warrior of the league. Same applies for the rest of the classes."

    What is the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs?

    "...these are some vital tests that we need to run before we officially launch the HCMC where we are to assess player experience and levels of player participation. The tournament test runs differ from our final product in many ways but the core idea of the championship which is non other than to bring players of the same class to compete with each other for the title of the best of the class, is there!"

    What is the first class to open the tournament test runs?

    "...We open with the Shamans showdown and we will continue with the rest of the classes. Do not worry, unlike HCMC where a player chooses to play one class only, in our tournament test runs you can play with all classes, one at a time."

    Who can participate in the tournament test runs?

    "...You need to:

    • Play the current competing class (for now Shaman)
    • Reside in Europe
    • Have 3 wild decks ready

    You can read more of how to play in our simple description of the tournament test runs"

    Does it involve any rewards?

    "...Yes it involves a price pool money reward but it is a very small symbolic amount. When our main title opens, the price pool money is of course expected to be significantly higher."

    Where can I learn more of this project?

    "...You can learn more in the Hearthstone Class Master Championship Facebook page and of course we would be more than happy if you could drop us a like, follow our posts and participate in our efforts with your constructive criticism."

    Where do I sign in for the current tournament test runs?

    Shaman banner

    "...We will be more than happy to see you getting involved in our newfound family! Welcome to the Hearthstone Class Master tournament test runs! May the best Shaman win!"

    I've been dealing with myself lately while also dealing my cards in Hearthstone, I didn't think it was much of a deal to be honest, until i realized that I was actually dealing damage to myself... but I couldn't change, I just kept dealing.

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