Achievement Hunting: Alterac edition (featuring bugs from the smol indie company series & Knuckles)

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    it me

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    We're doing this again. This time with some extra spicy bugs that render a couple of achievements either completely broken or needlessly difficult to complete. We also got a lot of grinding to do this time, and it's not the fun kind (trust me, I did most of it already and it was painful). On the flipside, very few of these achievements require you to have a large collection and can be done easily with mostly Standard cards (and a occasionally a few cheap Wild ones). Either way, let's get into the details.

    Demon Hunter


    Pretty simple grind. Sigil of Reckoning is a Fel Spell so if you're so inclined you can run Jace Darkweaver for an extra proc later on. Might take a while to grind, but 40 total isn't that much in the grand scheme. Big Demon DH is also a pretty fun and relatively playable deck (and could improve over time if we find a balanced build that makes the early game more bearable). Try to have fun with this one, you'll get to the pain later.

    ...The Harder They Fall:

    Extremely simple. Just stuff all weapon buffs you can find into your deck and wait until your opponent plays a big minion. Given the abundance of Paladins at the moment this shouldn'T be hard at all. You can add some small Rush minions to soften up the target too.

    Smash that Fury Button:

    Pretty trivial overall. Felfire Deadeye + Expendable Performers into 6-health worth of minions and you've got it. If you don't have Performers you can substitute it with Command the Illidari or double Coordinated Strike since you only need 6 attacks total to get there (don't forget to HP before starting the combo). Personally not sure how competitive token DH is, but you can easily throw together a working list. Just make sure to run enough card draw.



    Tedious and boring but not difficult. Frostwolf Kennels and Dire Frostwolf with a Token shell around it and you even have a playable deck to do it with. Composting is kinda key here to get the necessary draw. This deck is also idea to complete some of the neutral achievements with that involve some of the more "generic" minions.

    Choose One? Choose All!:

    Even more boring and tedious. Use Moonlit Guidance to hopefully tutor and duplicate your Pathmaker. Unfortunately this achievement can't be completed in Standard due to the small number of Choose one spells. Do also note that each of the two effects of a card count seperately so you can use each spell twice.

    Mo Mana Mo Problems:

    Self explanatory. Use Guff. If you want to be a giga-chad like me you randomly generate Guff while doing Rogue achievements and do it that way.


    Krush from Above!:

    Probably one of the hardest one due to the unpredictable nature of the card and how slow it is. There's one combo though. Use Emperor Thaurissan to discount Ichman and two Terrorguard Escapees. This way you don't rely on your opponent to have a board. Alternatively you can just bank on running into a boardfocussed deck at some point and use Dire Frenzy to shuffle a couple of smaller beasts with decent stats in there.

    It's a Trap!:

    Strongly recommend doing this in Wild. You get Cloaked Huntress and a bunch of way better Secrets. I did this before the expansion dropped and somehow climbed to Platinum rank on accident. Petting Zoo is one hell of a card.

    Out for Blood:

    This one'S kinda hard. You have to find the weapon early and then accumulate weapon buffs like Toxicologist and Captain Greenskin. The hard part is knowing when to use the weapon buffs. If you buff too early you might not be able to get honorable kills. Try and get 2-3 early kills and then finish the rest with weapon buffs. Might take a few games to get.



    There's three ways to do this: The easy way, the hard way, and my way. Easy is through use of the plethora of Wild Hero Power buffs such as Daring Fire-Eater or Clockwork Automaton. If you have big balls you can also try doing it Majordomo Executus, but I don't know if it still counts if you transformed into Rag. The hard way is doing it in Standard with the thematically appropriate Magister Dawngrasp, a truly bad card  with very little practical applications.

    Now my way is what you get when you have neither Dawngrasp nor any of the Wild cards because you disenchanted them years ago thinking you'd never need them again. That way you have to use Archmage Vargoth, Potion of Illusion, Wildfire and a variety of copy and discounting effects to get it all together. It took long. It wasn't fun.

    Makes Yogg Proud:

    Relatively tedious and annoying, mainly because Big Spell Mage is a really bad deck right now (at least if you run Towers, I still believe there'S a version of it that cuts all the greedy stuff and just goes for efficient mana cheating). Just keep playing the bad deck until you succeed. You will probably need Clumsy Courier for this, because you can't wait until turn 9/10 to start towering. I'd also recommend running Mass Polymorph if you have it because it's a great stalling tool.

    Do You Wanna Build A Snowtroll?:

    This one was my favourite because I masterminded the entire thing perfectly. What you want is get to 10-mana and have a Celestial Ink Set equipped. At this point you play one of the Snowmen and its second stage. That way you will get a discount on either the 3rd stage of the 2nd copy of Snowman, meaning that on the next turn you can use the 2nd charge of Ink Set to play all 3 stages in one turn. As long as you don't have any other spells in hand this works everytime. Really, getting to 10-mana is the hardest part in this.


    You Are Not Worthy:

    This achievement is currently broken and doesn't register. Other than that it's relatively trivial to complete. Cariel is the one of the better Hero cards and Paladin is currently doing really well so it shouldn't be too hard to just do this one along the way. If you don't have a dedicated Paladin deck to climb with just throw Cariel into a healing deck and just take lots of damage. You'lll be done eventually.

    Not Maroon. Not Crimson. Scarlet:

    Requires a bit of set up to do reliably. Handbuff helps but isn't necessary. What you really want is  Blessing of Authority. That's a fat +16/+16, meaning you onld need 7 more attack, which you can do in Wild through Blessing of Might for instance or really any other cheap buffs. It's not a hard achievement to complete as long as you have the right cards for it.

    Bold and Brass:

    This one was designed by a complete idiot. Since there is no way to consistently manufacture boards with 2-health it's unreasonable to do this the normal way. What you want to do instead is use Animated Broomstick + any Lifesteal buff like Hold the Bridge or the old Lightforged Blessing (which is better because it reduces the need for discounts). Dragon Consort can also be used in Wild for discounts if you don't have Thaurissan or Cariel Roame. Either way, it will take a while to complete. I found that taking damage is actually quite difficult to do without dying. If you still ahve High Priest Thekal, now's his time to shine.


    Salvation Army:

    Pretty self-explanatory. Run discovery for more copies. Also try using small damage spells to set up HKs. This can also target friendly minions so if you really need to you can just nuke your own stuff. This contributes a good amount to the neutral HK achievement so try not grind that one prematurely.


    This one is currently bugged. It took a while to find out what exactly is wrong with it but as it turns out instead of counting the total attack you've given with Bless it wants you to give 200 attack in a single instance...which is virtually impossible outside of Test Subject or Shadow Visions shenanigans. Better wait for the eventual fix. Oh and if you don't have Divine Spirit for some reason this will take you a looong time.

    I Will Remember You:

    i've never been more happy to not own a legendary. This one sounds extremely painful to pull off. Not only is Deathrattle Priest not a great deck atm but you also hav to survive until you get Xyrella and stack a bunch of DRs in the meantime which will always make you want to be greedy and squeeze in a little more which could backfire because you either die or your opponent just gives up. Just put in the hours I guess. Should be significantly easier in Wild thanks to way more deathrattle and resurrection stuff. Just use what you have.


    Top 10 Alterac Betrayals:

    Pretty self-explanatory but Rogue has shenanigans to speed this up, namely Togwaggle's Scheme and Lab Recruiter. Fun fact: While doing this I ended up fighting a Mill Rogue who really did not appreciate the endless horde of identical pandas. Eventually he ran out of removal. I didn't run out of Pandas. Cause of death: Memed into submission.

    Rolling In Their Grave:

    Fuck me this one is garbage. It takes way too long and is just painful. Since this requires you to have DR minions die while the objective is up you'll be tempted to go greedy before playing the spell, which might cost you. Generally it's best to run lots of card draw, small deathrattle minions (preferably ones with stealth like Jade Swarmer and Skyvateer) and Preparation for flexibility with the Graveyard. You'll be doing this for while. Try using Korrak the Bloodrager too, since you can easily complete his achievement while doing this (Note: Korrak will be done in a fraction of the time it takes you to complete this achievement, that's how bad it is).

    Third Cousins Twice Removed:

    This one's bugged and only works with the Legacy version of Chillwind Yeti, so you ahve to do it in Wild. On the flipside it's completely trivial. I even managed to win the game I completed the achievement in. That poor Priest. He got the double Yeti beatdown.



    Similar to Xyrella you just have to grind. Fortunately for you Bru'kan is part of an actually competitive deck and you don't have to be super greedy to pull it off. Just keep playing Shaman.

    Snowball Effect:

    This one is impossible to reliably engineer. However, it's not as hard as it sounds. First of all you play Freeze Shaman for the subsequent achievement anyways (which is not only competitive but also really fun), but also, due to the nature of the deck you'll be locking up boards with Snowfall Guardian and have beefy minions from Wildpaw Cavern. This way you just have to wait until a large enough board comes together and then get lucky with the snowballs. It'll take a few attempts but it'll happen eventually. Just make sure you don't ahve a Spell Damage minions on the board.

    Winter Vacation:

    PLay Freeze Shaman. It'S fun. Additional help you can get with Bolner Hammerbeak and Brann Bronzebeard. Do note that you don't have to freeze an unfrozen minion. It counts stacking freezes to so doing a double-up on Snowfall Guardian works well.


    Dreading This One:

    You can duplicate Seeds of Destruction with Grave Defiler. This one gets done a lot quicker if you have Dreadlich Tamsin but you can probably do without. It'll take a while. Also make sure you have board space because the imps don't count if the spells trigger without actually summoning them. Just throw them into every deck you have.

    Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying:

    Very annoying but manageable. Don't play Zoolock to do this, it's a terribly frustrating deck that relies on highrolling early and has no comeback mechanics. Instead just do a draw-heavy imp farming deck and make sure you have enough disposable minions to get a proc each turn. Mindless grind.

    Get Over Here!:

    Another bugged one, this one doesn't work as advertised. Instead of having to kill a Legendary minion honorably you have to kill it honorably from full health. As such it's a lot more difficult to get naturally so we improvise. Bloodmage Thalnos is a core legendary and we just have to get it onto the opponent's board. You either do this with discounts from Runed Mithril Rod and Silas Darkmoon or you still have a copy of Treachery. Not very hard but still annoying that you can't just outright murder an opponent's legendary.


    What Happens When...?:

    Since I don't have the card I can't tell how difficult this is, but if you put it into Pirate Warrior you'll probably get there eventually. I don't think there's a way to artificially set this up, even with Silas Darkmoon involved. At best you try and get them low and then have Silas  + something like Bloodsail Raider. Since weapon removal is currently rather popular it might be frustrating to try and set it up over multiple turns so you're probably better off hoping for the eventual miracle. Might be easier to do in Duels now that I think of it.

    Uncle Drek Wants You!:

    Kind of a grind, but combines nicely with the next achievement, which I'll detail shortly. Just know that 5-mana minions are the best for this since you get the most value out of them when using double To the Front!.

    My Lair, My Terms:

    Now this one looks tedious but is actually really fun if you are big-brained mastermind like myself. Effectively we're gonna play this as a combo deck. We run double To the Front! + double Guild Trader + Mad Summoner (ye olde MVP for achievement farming) to get a 70-damage proc every game. This is a 10-mana combo so no disocunts required and if you set up Iceblood Garrison a turn early you only need 8. Just build your deck with enough draw and removal and you're good.


    Wrecking Ball:

    One of those achievements not worth farming since it completes itself over the course of the expansion (unless you manage to dodge every HK card). If you do want to farm it you best use Hollow Abomination since he hits multiple targets. With Terrorguard Escapee you can knock this one out somewhat fast.

    From Zero to Hero:

    Similar to above this one just completes itself eventually. Rogue, Paladin, DH and Warlock all have playable and powerful Hero cards.

    The Trees Speak For Themselves:

    Either you play Druid with the Guff hero, or you just gamble at 10-mana. You can also handbuff him in Paladin.

    King Of The Hill:

    Completes itself as you complete class achievements.

    The Everliving:

    Rather easy to do when using the dedicated Rogue deck.

    Congealing Essence:

    No idea if this is worth forcing. I completed it on accident. If you want you can do it in Wild with Alexstrasza on yourself or in Classic by using Lord Jaraxxus.

    Yummy In My Tummy:

    This one's kidna hard depending on your card collection. It's easiest to do by using Treachery, discounted Flesh Giant and of course disocunts from Rod. If you don't have Treachery you need Silas Darkmoon, which is more expensive and thus harder. You'll also need to have an empty board for it to work consistently so Doomsayer might be of help. Alternatively you can try doing it in Paladin by buffing your opponent's minion.

    Look! Holar!:

    Best done while playing Freeze Shaman for the class achievements. Not a bad card at all. Do note that using Bolner Hammerbeak doesn't give extra procs because it's Bolner doing the effect and not the Herald. Brann Bronzebeard works though. I unironically climbed to Plat 5 using an achievement version of Freeze Shaman, it's a really solid deck.

    Snoblind? Sno Problem!:

    Same as the above. You can do it in Mage too obviously, but why would you? You're gonna have to play Shaman anyways.

    Harder, Better, Warmaster, Stronger:

    A good exploit is creating extra copies in Rogue since you get to play them all for 0 anyways. Do note that overcharging the effect doesn't work. Each Warmaster can only get a 4-mana discount (unless you're using stuff like Mana Wraith I guess, I haven't tried that though)

    1600 Dust Bounty:

    Just throw the BOunty Hunter into every deck, it'll come together eventually. You get golden copies of the rewards track so you can always do this one later.

    Big Bird:

    30 isn't a lot but you can make it a lot quicker by using Owl + Commanding Shout and Provoke. Getting up to 14 procs per game is pretty neat.

    Flappy Bird:

    Just put it into every deck. it's a decent card by itself to clear minions while grinding other achievements. In Druid you get to copy it too.

    Gankster's Paradise:

    You can try to get shenanigans rolling with Ramming Mount, but it's unnecessary. 15 is not a lot and usually if you play it on curve it kills something. People don't care enough to deny you the kill.

    Mary Had A Little Lamb:

    throw into a lot of decks, shuffle with Rogue, the usual deal.

    One For All, Marshall For 1!:

    Same as before although you can cheat with To the Front! and other discounts.

    Reflecto Failure:

    Any 0-attack minion will do.

    Snivvle No More:

    Do I even have to repeat myself?


    Sounds hard but is trivial as long as you own Grim Patron. Elven Archer + Patron + Arcanist and it'S done. JUst need to play a class that can discount or gets extra mana. NOte that this will leave you with a clear board and 4 Grim Patrons and the Arcanist once it ends meaning if you have board buffs you might be able to just kill your opponent for extra BM.

    You're In Irondeep Trouble:

    DO THIS NOW BEFORE TROGG GOES TO 2-MANA (or maybe they just have him some regular Trogg's instead of exact copies, idk). It's quite hard to pull off but in Rogue you can do it. As per usual you shuffle with Togwaggle's Scheme. The problem here is that you'd need handspace to hold all them troggs. To get around this I used Potion of Illusion so I only need 4 Troggs in hand. Discounts from Oct-o-bot and Preparation help.

    Final Thoughts

    A lot more grind this time around but also some really fun ones. Ignoring the multiple bugs all of the achievements are manageable given that you have the necessary cards.

    As always, if you have better suggestions or need replacement ideas, feel free to post.

    This took me way too long, I'm gonna go take a shit.






    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

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    For that achievement that requires you to play snowfall graveyard and spammy archanist, you can try Ataturk's method: just play a deck with 1x spammy archanist and 2x kobold illusionist. Backstab the kobold and have the archanist kill it over and over. Finishes both achievement with 2 games (Spammy only blows 30 times max, whatever the conditions). No need to grind heavy for this one.

    Just interested if anyone has a list that more or less completes multiple achievements at once.

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    i will edit this post when i have time.  this are only additions to YourPrivateNightmare


    Rolling In Their Grave:  the Ataturk method on the 2nd reply is the best i saw , in one region i dont have spammy and only with 2 Kobold Illusionist is super efficient ( i put Gurubashi Hypemon and returns to find Spammy Arcanist but no luck ) ,   before i was doing it with low cost deathrattles and with Waxadred , and i noticed Necrium Blade with quest triggers a bug that make Deathrattle trigger x4 


    Winter Vacation:  Brilliant Macaw helps duplicate Snowfall Guardian  + i used quest Corrupt the Waters to duplicate battlecry , ( used Pen Flinger to do quest while using spells to freeze )  this setup helps with other neutral quest that have battlecry minions do something


    * Get Over Here!: Duel Diablo give access to both Hollow Abomination and Lord Barov


    Uncle Drek Wants You!:

    im doing warrior To the Front! with SN1P-SN4P Phantom Militia Walnut Sprite  , 14 progress combo , 16 if you use the magnetic of SN1P-SN4P


    Teamkill: you can use the other Gruntled Patron

    * The Everliving: you can abuse the refund till it ends to craft Korrak the Bloodrager and dust for full


    updated: 15 Dec

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    Good thing is, that you can find/force many epics and legendaries in Duels buckets again, so if you´re missing some of the required cards, I´d recommend trying it. For example I´ve found Ivus, the Forest Lord in the battlecry bucket and did the achievement that way (I was lucky to get the double battlecry treasure too), or Snowball Fight! in the frost bucket, while playing freeze shaman. Sadly, you can´t find Hero cards in pools, but right now I´m trying to find out if I can discover one of the legendary weapons through the new weapon treasure loot.

    Please be kind to each other

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    yeah , i think do achievements without the cards is the fun part , usually i try hard it when i start saving gold for next exp.

    I done the Wing Commander Ichman becouse Resizing Pouch looking for limited 9 mana pool is good , in a deck with poison beasts and some simple beasts , but before doing the combo i keep Serpentbloom in hand .

    I done the Abominable Lieutenant discovered from a Glaciate returning it with Youthful Brewmaster while doing freeze achievement grind

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    Quote From Cece

    I done the Wing Commander Ichman becouse Resizing Pouch looking for limited 9 mana pool is good , in a deck with poison beasts and some simple beasts , but before doing the combo i keep Serpentbloom in hand .

    Hey, good catch, Cece! I wouldn´t think about getting Wing Commander Ichman that way. Cool, thanks for the tip!

    I´m trying to find out if I can discover Saidan the Scarlet somehow now.

    Edit: Kudos for mentioning this too, even I don´t own Lord Barov, I managed to discover him as Diablo and did the achievement on the first try :)

    * Get Over Here!: Duel Diablo give access to both Hollow Abomination and Lord Barov

    Please be kind to each other

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    Since you need a buff deck , Stubborn Suspect + return Youthful Brewmaster , Brightwing in standard

    in wild Wyrmrest Purifier , Prince Malchezaar

    in duels , but im not expert how to force things ..

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    You can work the Snowtroll one in Rogue as well. I did it by discovering Build a Snowman with Wand Thief. Then you play the other spells at your leisure. As long as you don't clog up the pool of non-class cards with more than two others you can play Contraband Stash to complete it.

    Unfortunately, common sense isn't as common as it should be.

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    Quote From YourPrivateNightmare
    Magister Dawngrasp, a truly bad card  with very little practical applications.

    I don't think a truly bad card would become the linchpin of a top-15 deck with a positive win rate, but I don't mind if it continues to be underrated.

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    The start post is well written and thumps up for the effort. What I'd like to see is a short list of all broken achievements, so that I don't try to achieve the wrong ones. Thanks in advance!

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    Quote From aposteljoe

    The start post is well written and thumps up for the effort. What I'd like to see is a short list of all broken achievements, so that I don't try to achieve the wrong ones. Thanks in advance!

    So apparently all Honorable kill achievements only work if the target is at full health (this only applies to those that specifically mention Honorable Kill in their description)

    Cariel is bugged, achievement doesn't progress at all

    Bless achievement is bugged and only works if you do it all at once (meaning you have to do Test Subject shenanigans)

    Yeti achievement only works with Legacy (meaning Wild) copy of Yeti. Core version doesn't apply.


    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

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    Is there any info about Lightforged Cariel being still bugged?

    Anyway, I wonder it could be done without the actual hero card, using Kobold Stickyfinger?...

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    Just wanted to check back and bring a useful tip for the Wing Commander Ichman achievement. Sunscale Raptor's Frenzy effect goes off before Ichman's, meaning that if you set up a big enough raptor in your deck (which isn't hard) you don't actually need 5 beasts in deck because as long as you trigger the frenzy you'll always summon another raptor. This makes the achievement probably a lot easier since you don't have to rely on Dire Frenzy to stack your deck

    I tried having fun once.

    It was awful.

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    I haven't seen anything on this one. It's still bugged for me. I think the Priest "Bless" one is still bugged too.

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    My last discover is that Nobleman is a good deck filler for achievement hunting, can copy achievement key cards.

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