Problem disenchanting extra classic cards

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    Does anyone knows if there is a way of de some extra cards that are in classic set?

    When I try to de there is warning that doing this will also de its classic version.

    I do not want to use mass disenchant button though. 

    It is bugged for sure. No sure if it only displays wrong number of cards. I don't want to hurt my classic collection and get some dust ;)



    Well.. Looks that I have found solution. Ofc its Blizzard way. Changed collection collection filter to CLASSIC cards and then there is no warning and it seems it won't remove the classic cards (tried by disenchanting Faerie Dragon..). However one have to be careful because you can disenchant all copies and there is no warning about having less than 2 left. Undo works but after confirming there is no coming back.

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