Bru'kan or Bearon?

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Basically I "only" got 1600 dust from the thingy today and I was wondering who I should make for my freeze sham Bru'kan or Bearon since I can only make one. I figured Bru'kan might be good since he can fit in more decks but I don't really have the best endgame in my freeze deck right now. So what's your guys' takes?

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    Posted 4 months ago

    I would say Bru'kan of the Elements hands down, because it is indeed multi-functional as you mentioned yourself.

    In Wild, he won me many many games in my Freeze Shudderwock Shaman deck to reach Legend. Such great fun!

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Don't craft anything right now, wait for the new meta after next week's balance changes.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Bru'kan is a lot more versatile as bearon will only ever work in decks that hard commit to freeze synergy. So he is the obvious choice. It may be worth waiting for a bit, as theodrinus said, given that balance changes and an inevitable change in the meta are around the corner.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Almost certainly brukan. Even before this meta, it was clearly the better card. Or at least if both are in the same deck, brukan has the better win rate by far. In terms of late game, definitely brukan. Just more value than bearon any day.

    Still, its perhaps better to wait until 25th before doing anything rash. For all we know, both could be unviable.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    As others have been saying here, go with Bru'kan of the Elements. He's more versatile and fits in more Shaman decks. Also a fun card to play.  

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