Standard evolution after the nerf

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    Posted 4 months ago

    what do you thing will happen?

    I am 69 years old and still reach Legend

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Thief rogue will drop to tier 2-3, beast druid will drop to tier 2, quest warrior drop to tier 2, ramp druid might drop to tier 3, handlock

    Poison rogue and mozaki mage are the hardest to judge. Because the winrate is different from high legend to diamond. So I'd say that if mozaki mage drops to tier 3, poison rogue will follow suit. Otherwise, theres a chance it's in tier 2

    Main winners would be libram pally, freeze shaman, ping mage, deathrattle dhunter. Basically any decks that struggle against mozaki mage will come back up to tier 1-2.

    My prediction of the decks the community will end up hating until the midset: Face hunter, libram pally, freeze shaman, quest warrior

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