Is there any way to lower my MMR effectively?

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    Posted 4 months ago

    I am so sick of playing against these T1 decks over and over again...

    I see you!

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    Posted 4 months ago

    The best recipe to destroy your MMR:

    1. Start off with a drizzle of concedes
    2. Proceed with a sprinkle of concedes
    3. Finish it off with a dash of concedes

    Voilà, less Tier 1 decks served 😂

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Unless you're planning to be in bronze I don't know if that would even help.

    Fact of the matter is, that in nearly every tier above silver everyone would be playing to win i.e. playing good decks. The only remedy is to improve our own play, and use decks that can actually win games. I like to meme myself, but even I know if ranking is the game, I'd play a tier 1-2 deck.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Tuesday should bring some shakeups, and certainly some other fun things to try in Duels, Battlegrounds, and Mercenaries. 

    Maybe hunt some achievement XP until then? 

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    Posted 4 months ago

    You can play with friends if you want some fun games

    This ain't no place for a hero

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    Posted 4 months ago

    Not sure if you play standard or wild, but consider the other mode if you don't play both. Chances are you will have a low MMR on the mode you don't main. Play that mode, when you face a meta deck, just  concede. Repeat until you find a match you enjoy.

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    Posted 4 months ago

    When you hit legend, the actual ranking of the opponent is displayed. I'm hunting achievments and noticed that the most I lose games, the lower are the rankings of my opponents. But I don't know if the same is true when we've not hit legend, since the rankings are not displayed and I haven't noticed any decrease in the rate of T1 decks I was playing against, even losing a lot of games when I was in Diamond 5-1.

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