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    R5 Diamond is ~50% Druid for me right now. All the aggro is way more fun since there's a decent chance to beat it. T5 2x Cenarion Ward shenanigans is even worse (and more consistently reliable) than T5 Kazakusan bullshit. Once again ramp druid proves there's nothing less fun than mana cheating. 

    Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey Matt, how can we get back on the right track?" 

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    Quote From kaladin

    Libram Paladin is tempo.  Quest Shaman is aggro/burn.  idk what to tell you.  Neither is a control deck.

    Quest Shaman is not aggro. If you think it is, I would like to know SPECIFICALLY where you are learning your terminology.

    If it were aggro, it would send a lot more damage toward face in the early game. It does not do that. It uses some damage to control the board, and it freezes what it cannot efficiently kill until it can achieve inevitability (often in the form of burst damage). These are hallmarks of a control deck. It's quite literally the definition of control.

    An aggro deck would never use a card like Perpetual Flame.

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